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“Welcome Mat” by Roger Brantley is an awesome track; it streams with smooth and calm acoustics but delivers a powerful punch with an intense message.

Shreveport, Louisiana — Saturday, October 5th, 2019 — Roger Brantley is a songwriter from Shreveport, Louisiana who has used his passion and creativity to write a song inspired by his hate for all the unnecessary violence in America.  “Welcome Mat’ has calm, smooth acoustics but packs a powerful message that will touch the hearts of all the listeners.

Disturbed by the concept that someone has to turn to violence and bloodshed because of not being satisfied with their present circumstances,  Roger has used his artistry to get his own thought-provoking message out to the public. ‘Welcome Mat’ is now available on all platforms such as Itunes, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

Thousands have listened and enjoyed Roger’s new song. Teachers have especially appreciated the attention that this song gives towards the dangers the students and teachers face daily just by attending school. The words in this song are written with

Witness Starchild, bewitch and “Put a Spell”, on his audience on all Hollows Eve, October 30th, at “The World Famous”, Whisky A Go Go!

Los Angeles — Tuesday, October 22, 2019 — Starchild is LA’s hottest witchiest new up and comer to the LA Pop Scene. His Performances have been mystifying audiences since his debut in July, and he is ready to take on Whisky for the third time as one of the headlining acts! He set’s out to use his Witchy powers to create a night of thrills and chills, dance and laughter, and of course Halloween!

This performance is going to be everything one needs for the Halloween season! Come out to enjoy a night of music and drinks as the doors open at 8:00 pm. And at 10:15 pm, witness, Starchild, using his melodic voice to enchant his audience, taking them down a mystery ride to the center of the universe! Be the first to say, “I got to witness, Starchild, the future of pop, for only 10 bucks!”. Then be the first to report to the music world, “Starchild is the Witch to be on the lookout for in 2020!”

“StarChild glides effort

G-Funk Meets Southern Crunk As New American Rap Artist Soco Fa Sho Bursts Onto The Scene With His Style Switching Lyrical Content And Unique Southern Draw, Get Ready…

San Diego, CA — Friday, October 11th, 2019 — Soco Fa Sho is that new artist everybody has been looking for! He’s an OG rapper from the south but living it up on the West Coast. This combination makes for a unique sound and style that the game is in need of Fa Sho. His no-nonsense approach combined with the lyrical content of his flow has these songs standing out not just for the beat, but the beast that’s on them.

Influenced by the late Pimp C, along with Bun B, E-40, Too $hort, Everlast, 8-Ball & MJG, and many more; Soco Fa Sho takes country rap tunes back to his Southern roots. His intelligent wordplay, lyrical content, and vocal individuality are on display in the variety of music released and available on all major music platforms. Soco Fa Sho makes music for every situation, from laid back stress relief songs like Not Caring and High to the hardcore in your face bangers like Prey on a Predator and Hard to Find<

Mdaath Announces Release Of ‘Something 2 Look Up 2’

New Album Out November 11, 2019


Cleveland, Ohio – October 9, 2019 – Last year Mdaath introduced himself to the world via his debut, MXD Pt. II. Now he’s got the follow up ready to go as he has big plans when it comes to dropping his sophomore release, Something 2 Look Up 2 on November 11, 2019.

Something 2 Look Up 2 takes what Mdaath did the first time around with MXD Pt. II, and cranks up every aspect past 11. One listen to the lead single, “Talkin,” is proof enough of that. The November 2019 release also features the late great Aaliyah and Great Static Major. Not to mention a guest appearance from a new up and coming artist by the name of Lorenzo Asher that’s pure fire.

“One that can not be easily compared to the artists and sounds that rival him.” – Virginia Bangerz

Rapping for a decade now, this Ohio-based emcee ha

It’s time To Bring Rap Back. Neva Had Shit By Zonouzi Featuring Donny Bravo! & KID

Atlanta, GA — Friday, October 11th, 2019 — 1122 Records is a recording and music production studio/label based in Atlanta, Georgia. The label might have just been established in 2019, but the artists in the label have been active for much longer than that. Zonouzi, the founder of the label, gives you one of the many reasons you would love ‘1122’ with the song “Neva Had Sh*t (Feat. Donny Bravo! & KID)”

The label was originally founded by Zonouzi, a Persian Atlanta based rapper who moved to the United States from Tehran at the age of 13. Inspired by Persian rappers and artists such as Hichkas, Erfan, Behzad Leito, and Zedbazi, his main motive from creating music became to inspire more people like him. “To encourage and help people”, as he described. Now days inspired by many great and legendary American rappers such as the Compton rapper, Kendrick Lamar, the Dreamville founder, J Cole, the great soul Mac Mill

Electric Valley releases his 3rd album, “Green Like Gold” and over 50 other tracks in less than a year of making music.

Dallas, TX — Saturday, October 26th, 2019 — Dallas Singer/Songwriter, Electric Valley, Releases Third Studio Album Of The Year

Only 9 months after purchasing a piano, Dallas native, Riley Sears, known to most as Electric Valley (or EV), has released nearly 70 songs, along with 3 studio albums. The most recent, “Green Like Gold”, set to be released on October 10th. The album will debut on Soundcloud at 8 pm on the 10th and will appear on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc. on October 21st. A full visual album will be released on Youtube on the day of the release as well, featuring psychedelic visuals composed entirely on an oscilloscope.

One of the most important things I’ve ever learned from a fan is, “As long as you find a passion that you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life”.

Electric Valley is known mostly for his hit single, “I Just Need A Break” that was mixed and mas

Shannon Ell Brings It With Solid Debut Album

Running From Crazy Available Now


Willows, California – October 10, 2019 – Singer-songwriter Shannon Ell has been giving his all to audiences for over four decades. After so much time on stages here and there, he decided it was time to make his mark with his official debut. 2019’s Running From Crazy hits the mark as an intense, emotive ride.

“It has been said that life has a funny way of sneaking up on you just when you think everything is ok. This has certainly been the case many times in my life! The songs on Running From Crazy reflect some of the most powerful and intense moments in my life. Recording this CD has certainly been musical therapy for me. I hope my music touches your soul in some small way!” – Shannon Ell

Honest in his words and delivery, Running From Crazy is a solid record from start to finish. From the opening chords o

Capo2G Delivers Hip Hop With Afrobeats On New Single “HAAIA”

New Single & Video Out Now


Las Vegas, Nevada – October 8, 2019 – In a time where every genre is borrowing from Afrobeats, Capo2G is taking his birthright as an African artist and pushing through the crowd by taking what he’s known all along and effortlessly blending it with hip hop on hit records like “Pull Up” featuring Kirko Bangz and his latest single, “HAAIA.”

“HAAIA” is the latest from the Afrobeats/hip hop artist known as Capo2G. Meaning Hottest African Artist in America, the video for “HAAIA” is as eye-catching as the artist himself. Vibrant, energetic and full of color, “HAAIA” is not only a treat for the ears but the eyes as well as it features all of the above as well as some celebrity guests; B2K’s RazB, Snoop Dogg’s manager Big Percy, and comedian Red Grant.

Those interested in brightening up their playlists

Anastasia Wembolua Inspires With New Christian Song “I Belong To You”

New Music Available Now


Matthews, North Carolina – October 10, 2019 – A self-proclaimed servant of the Lord, Anastasia Wembolua wants nothing more out of her time on earth than to uplift others and minister while encouraging those around her with song like her latest single, “I Belong To You.”

Singer-songwriter Anastasia Wembolua’s “I Belong To You” has a beautiful contemporary arrangement but the heart of the song comes when she comes in with her heartfelt lyrics that showcase her devotion to her beliefs. Writing and recording for a little over a year now, Anastasia presents herself as a veteran of song with her vocal range and control throughout this serene song that would be a great addition to Christian radio.

Anastasia Wembolua hopes others can connect to her latest single and find strength in it. Those intere

7IFE with a 7 we aint takin’s L’s

Charlotte, NC — Monday, October 7th, 2019 — TONY 7 has released yet another project to follow up behind “SPRINGS” entitled “NORF SIDE (MIX)! This upbeat featured filled project is in stark contrast to the more personal “SPRINGS” released earlier this year. Highlight songs of “NORF SIDE (MIX)” include “FAKE” featuring ALIEN 704, “SCOTTIE PIPPEN” featuring $HO-G & LORG G, and “COOKOUT” featuring T-Solid. Both “NORF SIDE (MIX)” & “SPRINGS” are live on all platforms, links can be found at

With Charlotte and the Carolinas gaining more spotlight in the music industry, the world is seeing an untapped market and talent base come to the forefront. TONY 7’s “NORF SIDE (MIX)” is a blend of the cultural melting pot which is North Carolina. There is something for everyone: whether you enjoy