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Singer/Songwriter engages in political message

Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain — Thursday, April 25th, 2019 — Paco G. Seignon releases a new single with a political message against abortion. Survival of the Fetus is an ambient song asking the million dollar question: how many of us?

Whether you are in favor or against abortion this clearly is a tune that should make you question this practice. Women have the right to decide today, especially in the West, however, there are also people in greater numbers who now contest this act saying it is comparable to murder and that the numbers are too high year after year. Paco G. Seignon has just released this controversial new single which you can hear and online  (YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon).

“@jazziepacoz was the one who got me into jazz in 1999 Australia! Great compositions like Hey! Victor, the other half. C u for new episodes!” Paul Richards

No other independent artist is perhaps more underrated than Paco G. Seignon. Luckily

Tamar’s Class of Soul Presents Intellectual Soul

Being Me Out Now

Prince George County, Maryland – April 25, 2019 – At only 14-years-old Tammie Ingram had a dream. As she got older it shifted into a vision that she was ready to see become a reality. With that, she transformed into Tamar’s Class of Soul, a neo-soul artist with her latest album, Being Me.

Being Me comes after her 2012 debut, Textures of Emotions. Comparable to Sade and Jill Scott, her debut was her introduction into the world with an old-school feel. Over the years she’s had time to grow as a person, as an artist and really come into her own. Being Me is a musical representation of her growth over the past five years, and features more lively tracks rather than the ballads she started her career with.

The vocalist and lyricist of her music, Tamar’s Class of Soul also works alongside James Proctor (guitar), Antonio Brown (drums), Gary Smith (bass) and Ant

Snowman releases new EP

Lisbon, Portugal — Saturday, April 27th, 2019 — Snowman releases new EP “Inner Light”. A journey about life, people and hope. They’ll kick things off with a record release show for their new EP and spend the next months on the road promoting the album.

In addition, Prog Magazine is currently streaming “Leave it all behind” the new single from Snowman. This new release is also available for purchase and stream on all major online platforms.

“We have tried to create something new, not by moving away from the influences of each one (Riverside, Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree) and exploring the musical side of the songs, […] Betting clearly on the melodies and avoiding the complexity of progressive themes but with the delicious and magical touch that only the progressive have” the band state on Prog Magazine’s website.

Snowman releases new EP “Inner Light” available for purchase and stream on all major online platforms

Meet The Wesley Rogers Band. A Unique Encounter With A New Sound Not Roots, Not Rock, But Rockn’Reggae. Special Treat Sly And Robbie.

Camden New York — Thursday, August 1st, 2019 — The Wesley Rogers Band CD “Strong” will introduce the incredible voice of George Wesley. It is Reggaefied Rock. Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare make a special guest appearance on “Terror In The Streets” and “Angel Of Mercy”. Don’t miss it.

Over 25000 listeners have heard the CD “Strong” on radio stations around the world.   This is an exciting musical invention that goes beyond Roots Reggae, and many new fans are tuning in to it.  You can find Wesley Rogers Band “Strong” on Jango Radio, Radio Airplay, CDBABY, and you can find it now.

Fans have commented, “Good in the style of early Police”, “Very authentic work, keep up the good work”, “GREAT reggae words and music”, “A really great New Wave band”, “Nice song. The lead singer reminds me of Bob Marley”.


Original Is the Album For The Ages

Bridgeport, CT — Tuesday, April 30th, 2019 — Khaleel Mandel produced his debut album ‘Original‘ entirely by himself. The reason being, him hearing exactly how this body of work needed to sound top to bottom before he even began production. A formula Khaleel doesn’t see himself staying away from anytime soon.

 On October 12th, 2018, Khaleel released his debut self-produced album Original independently. The album is an intricate combination of genres such as Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Reggae, Funk, Indie Rock & Avant Garde. There’s versatility from the hard-hitting rap centered title track, to the orchestral ballad containing Harpsichord, Acoustic Guitar & Strings, ’Snow On a Monday’. The album is definitely as Khaleel puts it, a “storm” of his thoughts for two years. 


Playen For Keeps Records Presents Hit-Man Slade

Slade World Wide Out Now

Brooklyn, New York – May 1 2019 – Playen For Keeps Records proudly presents hip hop’s next household name, Hit-Man Slade and his 2019 release, Slade World Wide and soon enough he’ll have the world singing all over again in 2020 with Scorpio.

Hit-Man Slade wears multiple hats as the man behind Playen For Keeps Records, a member of The Bang Bang Boyz, and a solo artist responsible for the 2019 release, Slade World Wide. The 2019 album features seven lucky tracks that showcase both his skills with the mic and the pen. Songs such as “Ride or Die,” “Rockstar,” and “Boss” stand out as dynamic hip hop joints that fans of fellow New York artists like Jay-Z and Nas will appreciate.

Playen For Keeps Records has more on the horizon that’ll soon join Slade World Wide. Hit-Man Slade plans on dropping another solo record, Scorpio, in 2020. Alo

Good God Father, Living on a Prayer at The Midway

Salem, OR — Wednesday, May 1st, 2019 — Stealing the stage in a fearsome frenzy, Good God Father aligns the stars to take the stage at The Midway in Salem, OR, June 1st, 2019 for an all-ages crowd, starting at 7:30 pm to put in to practice the long hours of planning spent to present a deliberate act of musical conviction. Fronted by Sean Lewis (alias, Swan Solo), and teamed by fellow musical monastics, this American rock act fuses the folksy archaic deliberation of storytelling, with the ever-progressing advent of modern music arrangements to summon out of deep sleep, giants of old with clever hooky riffs, droning and somber guitar and synth arrangements for an evening of fully stimulated senses.

Midway Music with an agenda against socks, has invited the world to join in their campaign to Rock Your Socks Off!
From their Facebook bio:
We want to bring musicians together and build a co-op and reference community of all kinds of musicians and bands. We wi

The Sins Country Release Third Studio Album ‘Nowhere Oklahoma’

On Tour Now

Nashville, Tennessee – May 2, 2019 – The Country world has been rocked before by husband and wife pairings in the past with Garth and Trisha, and even Faith and Tim, but The Sins Country are more than a couple of songs. Kristen Welch and Joe Sins are a bonafide duo working together through and through. Showcasing their beautiful Country partnership on their third studio release, Nowhere Oklahoma.

A new EP for Country fans near and far, Nowhere Oklahoma features half a dozen stellar tracks. To the striking title track to Kristen’s powerhouse performance in “You Own Me,” every track delivers more than the last. By the end, fans will be yearning for more. Which they can get with The Sins Country’s previous records, and out on tour. They’ll be playing in Tennessee and Montana from now throughout the fall. Check her

ViennaCC Drops Video For “Sunny Day” With Fans’ Help

New Single and Video Out Now from Tie Break


Vienna, Austria – July 29, 2019 Indie pop artist ViennaCC dropped his latest music video for “Sunny Day” off his 2019 release, Tie Break. What makes this video stand out from the rest is that it was made 100% possible thanks to fans who submitted their sunny-inspired moves from all over the world.

What could be better than a “Sunny Day” in right smack dab in the middle of the summer? An excellent pop song and video that celebrates such a thing, that’s what. ViennaCC has done just that with the latest single and video from his 2019 release, Tie Break. “Sunny Day” was penned just moments after the sun broke through after what seemed like an endless stream of rainy days.

ViennaCC notes that he swung open hi

C-Reed Is The Next Best Thing Coming 2 Rap

Bryan, Texas — Wednesday, July 31st, 2019 — Upcoming artist “C-Reed” is on a journey to be the missing link to what the rap scene needs. Being one of many talents coming out of the Bryan/College Station, TX area, C-Reed awaits to take the music industry by storm. Touching in on real-life situations most fans can relate to, from making drastic decisions just to be able to provide, to living lavishly in paradise.

C-Reed can hand down be a household name for anyone who’s a music lover. But truthfully, his core fans are those who have been impacted by hard times, those dealing with deep depression, and those who need that sense of empowerment. C-Reed is all about everyone “winning”, as he portrays in his most recent single “We Can’t Lose”. Which can be found on YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music,  etc.

Nowadays we face