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Montasia Breathe New Life Into A 1966 Hit With New Single

“Sunny” Featuring Bobby Hebb Out Now


Reading, England – September 24, 2019 – Longtime friends and music partners Chris Emerson and Donald Poole are making waves as the EDM duo Montasia with their genre-fusing signature style that has critics and fans alike raving, especially over their latest single, “Sunny” featuring Bobby Hebb.

For those thinking “Sunny” sounds a little familiar, that’s because it was a hit a Billboard hit back in 1966. Montasia wanted to bring the song into the 21st century. So they gave it a Montasia makeover, added their friend Bobby Hebb to the mix, and voila! Perhaps the 2019 version of “Sunny” will find its way onto the Billboard Chart once again. It wouldn’t be the first time Montasia had a hit on their hands. Chris Emerson found himself with a Billboard smash with “All Because of You” in recent years.


No Small Matter Take Big Swings With A Pair Of 2019 EPs

Far Away and No Small Matter Available Now


Abington, Massachusetts – September 24, 2019 – Two men by the name of Zach and one known as Gordon connected over a shared love of music in the midst of 2016. A year later they had one song to their name, but all that changed in 2019 when they dropped their self-titled debut EP in March and soon after followed that up with Far Away at the end of July.

Three-songs deep, No Small Matter quickly established what this trio was all about; lyrical transparency intertwined with chords that make audiences want to move about. They get a little heavier on Far Away, with arrangements that give Queens of the Stone Age vibes. With influences that range across the board, fans of everything from ’90s alternative rock to ’00s pop-punk will enjoy what they hear from the press of play on No Small Matter’s Spotify playlist.

Regulars on the

Ben Ryan Metzger Reps Cleveland Football With “Baker Mayfield Shake And Bake” 

New Single Out Now 


Williamsport, Ohio – September 24, 2019 – Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Dancer, and Martial Artist Ben Ryan Metzger premiered his song “Baker Mayfield Shake and Bake” in the home of Rock and Roll Cleveland Ohio on CBS Sports Radio to celebrate the new NFL Season.

Last year Ben’s first Brown’s song “Dawg Pound” was played on the radio airwaves to inspire Believeland just hours before Baker Mayfield led the Browns to their first victory in 635 days! His newest music video is an exciting medley of “Dawg Pound” and “Shake And Bake” showcasing his high energy dancing and powerful martial artistry with his super bow staff while singing his songs about helping people and inspiring everyone to love each other to build a better land.

Ben’s newest music release is a groovy pop-rock single “Big League Beat” and all his

DJ Frankie French Takes The World “Just By Storm”

New Single Available Now


Chicago, Illinois – September 24, 2019 – DJ Frankie French is one of the leading entertainers in the Chicago area with performances nightly across the city he calls home. With fans flocking to see his sets, he’s going to have to increase capacity when people hear his latest single, “Just By Storm.”

“Just By Storm” is the latest from the dynamic Frankie French. With a heavy bass that sweeps in beats for days that will have audiences from the club to the festival scene moving all night long, “Just By Storm” is the ultimate house track that won’t quit. Even at last call, it’s still going strong until the wee hours.

Producing for 12 years, performing for 10, Frankie French delivers what the people want and that is why his name has become synonymous in the Chicago scene. So those looking to add the power of Frankie French to the


New album out now, for immediate release. Hamilton, Bermuda – September 22, 2019 It’s all in the name when it comes to the latest from Denzil Johnson. His 2019 release, Reggae Pop is self-explanatory when it comes to what to expect on the surface but there’s more when you dive deep inside this beautiful blend of sound.

Denzil Johnson was born with Reggae in his soul when he came into this world at the start of 1976. Growing up he was inspired by not only the natural Reggae sounds that surrounded him but the American pop imports that were coming through the radio. (Album is at and will be at all digital stores October 20, 2019). From the late greats such as Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston to the hitmakers of today like Backstreet Boys and Bruno Mars, each and everyone has played a part in inspiring how Denzil’s latest release went from just another Reggae album to one that stood above the rest

New hot & upcoming rap artist Boss TJ releases his new hit single “Mobbin”.

Chicago Illinois — Friday, September 20th, 2019 — “Mobbin” is one of Boss TJ’s best single to date. He manages to please with his collaborative hits & hooks all while maintaining artistic integrity with his more introspective tracks. TJ is a gifted songwriter and vocalist, not just someone who’s singlehandedly dominating the sound of modern rap. But that’s the beauty of TJ as a complete artist; he puts out a surplus of varying sounds and vibes that merge all rap styles together seamlessly. TJ doesn’t waste any runtime and gets to the hits right away.

In his own words “I’m the coldest and hottest,” says Boss TJ, “I make real, authentic music that my fans can relate to .” Boss TJ (whose real name is Thomas Williams) 26-year-old Chicago native is an independent artist who spent majority of his life in Chicago. His signature sound is what captivated most supporters. He is making his way up to the top with his latest

Lennox B Sends Out ‘Love Vibrations’ With New Album

New Reggae Album Out Now


Los Angeles, California – September 19, 2019 – Lennox B is both thrilled and proud to present the next chapter in his life with his new album, Love Vibrations and it’s stellar lead single, “You And I.”

Lennox B is far from new to the music industry. He got his start as Buppy Brown years ago after spending time as a cruise ship entertainer. Once in Los Angeles, he caught the attention of producer Trenten Gumbs. After that he went on to record five albums, be featured on numerous soundtracks including Blade 2, and even start a movie career – one that is still going strong today. His latest film, Road To Zion, was featured in various 2019 film festivals.

While Road To Zion makes the rounds, Lennox B is heavily focused on his new musical efforts with Love Vibrations. He notes, “The release of this album is the beginning of

Hottest artist from FL- Sizzle

Jacksonville, FL — Friday, September 20th, 2019 — Sizzle is here to revivify Hip Hop. Sizzle has paved a lane of his own in this music era, staying true to real music with message and connection within. His ability to harmonize and rap flawlessly within one track is remarkable. Sizzle lives by the motto of God First above all and Selflessness second.

Sizzle’s music is available on all major platforms. His number 1 streaming service is Spotify.

To touch one and teach one is the greatest gift we can offer one in life. His fans will always remain the flames that keep him lit.

Sizzle has released a new EP, named Timeless that reached more than 9,000 streams within the first few weeks. He released a number of singles including Outta Control, that was released earlier part of 2019 that has reached 30,000 streams, God Showed Out, and 2 B Loved, which was made in the sense of relating to the current view of relationships.


You May Find The Hottest DJ In Chicago Tonight

Introducing DJ Frankie French


Chicago, Illinois – September 20, 2019 – The night is really beautiful when you turn on the lights, music, beer and start dancing with a flow. The present generation is obsessed with DJ culture. Friends, co-workers, and neighbors drag you to their favorite place to party. Ever heard life without amusement? It is empty. In some cases, you miss the party as you got plenty of stuff to do, so you simply turn on the radio or go to the Soundcloud and listen to your favorite tracks. No matter you do party offline or online, DJ Frankie French is everywhere!

If you live in Chicago, we’ve got great news for you. DJ Frankie French attends events often. “He performs and rocks our world,” says Robert; a regular local party lover. In Frankie’s hood, everyone loves him for his professional attitude, and the beats he produces regularly on his official website. Recently, he produced

FunNesse G.A.M.E is a hip/hop & R&B songwriter hailing from Houston, Texas. He started writing rhymes and making beats at the age of 13 years old after his mother was diagnosed with Lupus. Although music was his first love, the street life halted him from seeing the type of notary that a person with his type of skill and talent deserved. After a few stints in jail and several near death experiences, he decided to take his talent to the booth and officially make a career out of talent. With influences like Snoop Doug, Tupac, Jay Z, T.I, R.Kelly, Isley Bros, and Marvin Gaye. It’s no wonder why he sounds like a fusion between Trap Music and soulful music that will make any new listener, ask “Who is that?

Dallas, Tx — Friday, September 20th, 2019 — If you haven’t heard of FunNesse G.A.M.E, HOT Single “The Exit” Freestyle available everywhere that streaming takes place. Already Over 100k plays on SoundCloud since its July 13 release. The official video has just dropped with over 5,000 views in its first week. This guy is an underground Monster, Already slated for a September 20, release “The Exit” Ep will be something Hip Hop has not seen in quite a while.

FunNesse G.A.M.E is a hip/hop & R&B songwriter hailing from Houston, Texas. He started writing rhymes and making beats at the age of 13 years old after his mother was diagnosed with Lupus. Although music was his first love, the street life halted him from seeing the type of notary that a person with his type of skill and talent deserved. After a few stints in jail and several near-death experiences, he decided to take his talent to the booth and officially ma