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NRVT Explodes Into The Universe With Sizzling New Singles 


London, England – January 17, 2020 – The versatility of London entertainer NRVT goes on with two new releases; “Blink University” and “Virtual Dance.”

NRVT says he doesn’t have on a pair of Valentino trainers or a Gucci watch, or one of those £20’000 tracksuits from New Bond Street in London, England but promises he’s happy with his “Lion of Judah” tracksuit as he peers up at midnight sky like some mongoose from Jamaica with a smile from Aruba living in London, England.

NRVT believes in soil science, sticking his fingers in the earth and feeling what’s there is also in the cosmos. A sort of near and far science nobody has heard of in yoga class. One of the local churches had a speaker from LA and NRVT wanted to be there. NRVT says the take-home message was, “People will steal your joy, people will steal your joy.” So NRVT ponders the relevance

Peter Frank Santovito Fills The Void With “Empty Man”

New Single Out Now


Miami, Florida – January 17, 2020 – If there’s one power-pop ballad to listen to on repeat this year it’s Peter Frank Santovito’s “Empty Man.” With the help of a true friend and hitmaker Rudy Perez, Santovito hopes to take this single to the top of the charts and then some.

“Empty Man” is the latest single from the American Award-winning songwriter Peter Frank Santovito

Murder Generation Bringing An Indictment Of The Status Quo Framed In Stripped Down Punk Rock

Milwaukee, WI — Wednesday, January 15th, 2020 — Murder Generation is primed and ready to set out for the East Coast in May in support of their self titled debut album. They will be sharing the stage with The Murder Junkies, Like No Tomorrow and others throughout their nine-night run.

Many other events are slated for the lead up to their tour dates, including a feature on the “Jess The Ska Kid” webcast and a featured position on 91.7 WMSE’s Local/Live radio program. The band is also playing local gigs nearly every week, tightening up the set, and preparing to bring their songs to the road.

Their live performances inspired producer Paul Kneevers to capture that same energy in when they recorded in his studio at Kneeverland Productions. Described as “raw ’80s inspired punk”, their 10 track album is available to fans for free across many streaming platforms, with vinyl copies available at their shows. The response from this

YSN G Proves He’s In The Winner’s Circle With ‘No More Losses Vol. 1’

New Album Out February 2020


Bennettsville, South Carolina – January 17, 2020 – There’s no shortage of hard work when it comes to YSN G’s name. He’s been grinding for the past several years, pushing albums, making moves, and working on becoming more than an artist. Today he’s not only an emcee with a new album on the way but a new album from his own independent label, G3musix. Hip hop fans can catch G3musix’s debut release ‘No More Losses Vol. 1,’ out February 16, 2020.

Born and

AK 500 Florida’s Newest Rapper On The Rise

Daytona Beach, Florida USA — Friday, January 17th, 2020 — Coming from the Daytona Beach, FL area AK 500 is a recording artist, songwriter, and head of his beloved camp (newly indie Florida label) Trappas R Us Entertainment.

AK 500, released his debut single “Bossy” in May 2019 with great reviews. The single has been streamed and downloaded in many countries outside of the US as well as major and rural areas here in the US.
It became a regional radio hit staying consistent on the air for 6 months. He later in July of the same year dropped his debut mixtape “9 Piece” with a grand release party at PinUps of Daytona. The mixtape was released on DatPiff, YouTube, MyMixtapez, and Spinrilla with singles being included on all other major platforms.

“AK is the lifestyle, 500 is the movement”

He is hard at work on his new mixtape entitled “500” with a new single &#8220

My name is Bittah Dreamer, I’m 20 years old rocking with the current Hip Hop scene in Jefferson County, Tennessee and I’m here to say: I’m already the best and you know it.

Jefferson City, TN — Sunday, January 12th, 2020 — The name is Bittah Dreamer, currently from Jefferson City, TN. The 20-year-old rapper, told mom when music pops off that she doesn’t have to worry about how hard life is anymore.

Bittah Dreamer is a name that anyone should think of when they’ve lost hope. Or when they’re wanting to have a good time. The name should bring a certain individual out of any kind of slump they’re in. If you stand with Bittah Dreamer, you stand for hope.

Nathanael (cousin) passed away when he was 15. Not long after grandmother passed. Aiden (friend) committed suicide not long after Nathanael passed. Hope seemed like it was just a word. With no meaning, then one day it felt like everything was changed. Saw a pen, picked it up and started writing again.

It doesn’t matter what someone is going through. They’ll get through it. That’s what Bittah Dreamer and the music is for. It’s for anyone wanting to have fun,

Virtual Cloudland Pioneers a New Kind of Musical Creation Using Existing Technology

New Single “Delish” Out Now 


Fort Worth, Texas – January 16, 2020 – Virtual Cloudland spent years tinkering with existing technology to deliver this debut, ‘Imaginary Crisis,’ and their first single, “Delish.”

The band the brainchild of Sarah Sisson, a professional Texas-based singer/bass player/composer known also for her inspirational poetry and can bring about emotions among others. By her side in this venture is Paul Layamon (dr

Rod Maine Sees Things Clear With ’20/20 Vision’

New Hip Hop Album Out Now


Mobile, Alabama – January 16, 2020 – Rod Maine has been in the game for well over a decade and in that time he’s released over a dozen albums, played to crowds that have reached over 10,000, and garnered over 11 million – yes, million – streams and views across the board. Now he’

Hot New Jazz & Neo – Soulful Funk Singer /Songwriter

Winter Park, fl — Wednesday, January 15th, 2020 There is no sound more soothing than the sound of jazz, and For over her forty-four years of life, Yolanda Nollie has mastered the art form. Drawing inspiration from some of the icons of the genre like Gladys Knight, Sting, Aretha Franklin, Louis Armstrong, and Eartha Kitt, Nollie has developed a unique take on smooth jazz that blends equal parts neo-soul and dance house funk to create tunes that have immeasurable replay value.  Her latest release, “A Moment Into Time,” is a five-minute masterpiece displaying her incredible vocal range and her ability to riff over lush piano melodies. She enjoys bringing the energy of her recordings to the stage for live performances and can be spotted next at The Abbey in Orlando, Florida, on January 9th. Her next single, “So UnReal,” will release on February 15th, 2020 and show off the more energetic side of her personality with

Introducing Singer-Songwriter Tommy Raphael

New Music Available Now


Somerset, New Jersey – January 15, 2020 – A storyteller at the core, Tommy Raphael is an aspiring singer-songwriter with a batch of new songs available for purchase, streaming, and the airwaves out now.

“In every song, there is a story to tell either happy, sad or something between,” this prolific songwriter notes as he looks at his discog