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EDM Pop Duo NOHC Are Good Company With “Be Alone”

New Single Out Now


Long Beach, California – September 18, 2019 – Gone are the days where every artist can fit tightly into a singular box thanks to artists like NOHC (pronounced Knock). Fusing the pulsating charisma of EDM with the undeniable charm of pop, NOHC is proud to present their latest single, “Be Alone.”

“Be Alone” comes after a steady flow of dynamic releases that have pushed NOHC into the forefront of the EDM meets pop scene as it follows past hits such as “Wheels Fall Off” and their 2018 EP, Oh Hello. Both of the aforementioned released in 2018, “Be Alone” marks NOHC’s first single of 2019 captures attention within seconds of pressing “play.” The vocals captivate while they guide the action as the intensity of the music that surrounds them build and elevate the entire listening experience. A definite P!nk meets Tiesto vibe,

Deezy Gottem Puts His Plans Into “Motion”

New Hip Hop Single Out Now


Lithonia, Georgia – September 19, 2019 – Humble as they come, Deezy Gottem has always been a fan of music and spent much of his life thinking about pursuing it but it always got put on the back burner because well, that’s how life is sometimes. But now he’s ready and focused on putting everything he has towards making a name for himself in the hip hop game with his single, “Motion.”

Deezy Gottem always put his loved ones first. Taking care of them and making sure they had what they needed. Throughout his selfless acts, music was just something he continuously thought of. Then five years ago he decided to start tinkering around with is even more, but again – reality has a way of getting in the way of dreams. That is until recently when he sat back and realized how far he’d come, the losses he’d overcame. He realized it was time to really set

Gerry Smoot Presents ‘The Inquirer’

New Smooth Jazz Album Out Now


Evansville, Indiana – September 18, 2019 – Gerry Smoot is taking on 2019 with the release of his third album, The Inquirer.

It has been several years since Gerry Smoot released a new album. Just For You had to hold fans over for some time, but now he’s back and still going strong with the release of The Inquirer. 15 tracks deep, his third album presents a myriad of jazz wonders fans of Brian Culbertson and George Duke would appreciate. Songs such as “The Announcement,” “Dressed to Impress,” and “Living the Crazy Life” showcase such variety from this talented maestro of jazz who has been working on his musical endeavors for what seems like forever.

His fingers first touched a keyboard when he was only two-years-old. By the time he was nine, he had taken on his second and third instruments; drums and bass. A few

Insyde Proves He’s Got “Something Real”

New Single Out Now


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – September 19, 2019 – The willingness of one’s will to not only survive but thrive when faced with constant hurdles only makes them stand taller. With that, Insyde is one of the tallest artists out there. From his time in foster care to his Asperger’s syndrome diagnosis at a young age to the haters, Insyde has overcome them all and is still shining bright with his latest single, “Something Real” featuring Hennest and Tot.

To date “Something Real” has been streamed almost a quarter of a million times. Which is a surprise to no one as his debut single, “Sometimes,” has been streamed over two million times. But with all the love, came the inevitable internet trolls. Their vicious comments towards Insyde’s wonderfully crafted soulful pop meets hip hop track made the young artist shy away from social media for a while. H

Assay Announces Release Of New Progressive Rock EP ‘Interim’

Album and Music Video for “Distance” Out September 27


Kansas City, Missouri – September 17, 2019 – Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Assay is gearing up for the release of his 4-song EP, Interim, as well as his up close and personal music video for “Distance.” The lead single from his upcoming release, “Distance” as both a song and video shine a bright light on what Assay can do as both an artist and a creative force.

Interim, out September 27, features four tracks. “Distance,” along with two other tracks all stand alone as perfect pieces in a puzzle that come together for the final track in which they play seamlessly together. As if telling a story with absolutely no chance for pause, that last track showcases Assay’s storytelling ability through song. That, and his pristine talents on every instrument he takes on. Something showcased heavily in

Sean Dampte Brings The Heat and “Energy” With New Single

Nigerian Afrobeat Artist Pops with New Release September 27, 2019


London, England – September 18, 2019 – Serving up Afrobeat on new levels, Sean Dampte has been repping his Nigerian roots since the start of his career with his African meets pop sounds that have sent waves through the industry. With more than a dozen releases in 2019 alone, he’s adding another to the cascade of hits with his latest single, “Energy,” out September 27, 2019.

“Energy” follows the longstanding tradition Sean Dampte has when it comes to going above and beyond what those around him are doing. His 13th single of 2019, “Energy” will help round out Sean Dampte’s stunning 2019 with the help of his last single of the year, “Happiness.” With this release fans and critics alike continue to rush towards Sean’s glowing light. The Nigerian Tribune noted of his “Energy”

Impactfull Inspiration

Cleveland, Ohio — Tuesday, September 17th, 2019 — A powerful voice and artist, Gavin White, returns with an uplifting, soothing, and powerful single “Who’s Gonna Love You’”Both Impactful and Inspiring in a way not usually done. Finds a way to locate the keys to your heart. His Music does exactly what music should do. Reach into your soul and make you feel good. Listeners have said that this music moves them. Some say it heals the broken heart. They say it simply makes them feel good. Feel it for yourself.

A powerful voice and artist, Gavin White, returns with an uplifting, soothing, and powerful single ‘Who’s Gonna Love You’. The Minister and Chaplain turned artist delivers an inspiring Gospel/R&B single that features a slow soothing beat, uplifting vocals, a melancholic chord progression, and an anthemic vocal performance by Gavin White. The groovy bassline paired with the slow beat adds vibrant energy. ‘Who’s Gonna

Mick Southerland Drops Solo EP ‘A Night Divine’

New Indie Electropop Music Out Now


College Station, Texas – September 17, 2019 – Critics and fans alike have been raving about Mick Southerland’s A Night Divine calling is confident, catchy, and memorable. Formerly of Southernayers, Mick Southerland is branching out on his own to embark on an indie meets electropop wave that has people feeling like they’re listening to the ’80s elevated to modern times on his solo debut.

As the titular single, “A Night Divine” presents a charismatic look inside what the rest of the album it shares its name with is all about. Much the in the same wheelhouse as the likes of Bastille, Mick Southerland lays his heartfelt and at times soulful vocals atop a myriad of electropop so that in the end there is this beautiful balance between two styles seamlessly coming together whether it’s the emotive expressions of “Slumber” or t

Jonathan Scott Drops New Single “Let Me Tell You”

New R&B Star On The Rise


Little Rock, Arkansas – September 17, 2019 – Jonathan Scott came into this world singing, his initial cries at birth in tune. So it was a surprise to no one when he started to work towards his dream of being an R&B singer. Now he’s strapped with his latest single “Let Me Tell You.”

“Let Me Tell You” falls into line with the likes of Bobby Brown and Keith Sweat in that it’s not afraid to get a little naughty with the lyrics. Trading the heartfelt for the more sensual romance, the lyrics are more for grown folks who’ve been there and done that in terms of love. Featuring Kamrion Cruz and Chris Chambers, Jonathan Scott put in the work on this track and it shows.

Performing since he was a child, he got his initial break when he and a friend were chosen to sing the National Anthem on a local radio station in elementary school. That&

Chuck Anderson Presents ‘Chuck Anderson Original Jazz Works’

New Jazz Album Out Now


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – September 17, 2019 – Chuck Anderson has almost half a century of experience to his name, and one would think he’d be tired of making music. Those would be wrong. He’s still going strong with 14 original new songs on his latest release, Chuck Anderson Original Jazz Works.

Back in 1974 when disco was all the rage, Chuck Anderson was focusing on the timeless sounds of jazz. A style that never well, goes out of style. Then he teamed up with Al Stauffer (bass) and Ray Deeley (drums) for the debut, Mirror Within a Mirror. After a few years, the guys went their separate ways. All the while Chuck kept his engines running and in 2011 he hooked up with a new bassist and drummer; Eric Schreiber and Ed Rick. Together they focused on the basics, that pure instrumental jazz that takes listeners to a myriad of places. Over the years they’ve done e