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E. St. Mac Proves To Be A ‘Game Changer’

Big Boot Records Rapper on the Rise


Nashville, Tennessee – November 25, 2019 – Big Boot Records’ E. St. Mac is working overtime to make his presence known with his 2019 release, ‘Game Changer.’

‘Game Changer’ is made up of 10 tracks that would satisfy the palate of hip hop fans near and

Modifyd Satisfies With “So I Go”

New Single Out Now


Manor, Texas – November 25, 2019 – When an independent artist drops a new track, all they can hope for is one person hits play. Well, way more than one found their way to the play button when it came to “So I Go” from Modifyd.

“So I Go” was one of a handful of tracks Modifyd dropped in recent years, but there was something about it that captured audiences in new ways. Perhaps it was the R&B backbeat that played well alongside the old school hip hop beats Modifyd effortlessly laid his lyrical talents on. Yeah, that’s probably it. Those elements combined made for a track that has proven to be one of 2019’s most irresistible.

A talented producer and lyricist, Modifyd has been steadily gaining ground while making music for the past decade. From 2011’s “Where You at Now” to “Memories” to this year’s “Runnin

Progressive Alternative Metal Band Blue Clutch Releases Debut Album Silent Oblivion

Pittsburgh, PA — Sunday, November 10th, 2019 — Pittsburgh-based progressive/alternative metal band Blue Clutch has finally released their debut album Silent Oblivion. Their sound has stood out in Pittsburgh, and now they are ready to be heard and stand out worldwide.

Silent Oblivion has been released on all major streaming platforms on October 4, 2019. Since their start in 2016, Blue Clutch has been cultivating a sound that radiates craft, musicianship, precision, and a tasteful blend of progressive and alternative metal with rich female-fronted vocals. Silent Oblivion will surely grab the attention of hard rock and metal listeners as well as listeners of other genres due to their own personal touch and genre-blending.

“Fab record, thanks for sending the album, I found the music catchy, heavy, bombastic, complex, energetic, and experimental, with a diverse technical progressive metal vibe lots of character and spirit w

RickyRogers Has “Keys To The City” With New Single

New Hip-Hop Music Out Now 


Charlotte, North Carolina – November 19, 2019 – “Keys To The City” is the brand new single from renowned underground artist RickyRogers, an artist who has been making a name for himself on the underground Hip Hop scene.

Being an independent release, it is hard for a single to get notoriety but the new hip-hop inspired single “Keys To The City” by RickyRogers has already created a small buzz on social media and has reached some of its potential listeners with the single generating hundreds of streams on popular streaming sites such as YouTube and Soundcloud.

“Keys To The City”’s Hip-Hop inspired sound has been climbing social media like wildfire with shares and likes and has the definite potential to go viral for this autumn 2019.

Be sure to keep up to date with trending underground hip-hop artist Ricky Rogers as he creates new sounds of hip-hop inspired

Phoenix And The SilverVoodoos To Release Their Self Titled EP

Asquith, Saskatchewan Canada — Wednesday, November 20th, 2019 — Phoenix and the SilverVoodoos will be releasing their self titled EP in early 2020.  The band is gaining popularity and is excited to bring their hard and heavy rock music out of the basement onto the mainstream.

Phoenix and the SilverVoodoos is an independent rock band from small-town Saskatchewan.  You are going to want to listen to this rock’n female-fronted band.  The music is loud and powerful, full of grinding guitar licks, and rugged vocals and with lyrics that will touch your soul. Audience feedback declared Phoenix and The SilverVoodoos “a Rock and Roll Revival”!

Phoenix Christa is the creative genius behind the band.  Phoenix writes lyrics from her heart and soul.  She writes music about her life and her experiences as she navigates through her world.  Her creativity in both music and visual art gives the band a strong presence. Watch for Phoenix and

Abbey & The Afternoon’s New Music is a Mood

Dallas, Texas — Saturday, November 23rd, 2019 — Abbey Killin is a singer/songwriter in Dallas, Texas & she surprisingly doesn’t sing the country twang that’s common in Texas (although she grew up with country music through her Dad in Brookville, Ohio).  Instead, Abbey creates her own genre and style that is unique to her own.  Her recent single “I Will” is pop-based, similar in style to Lewis Capaldi’s “Someone You Loved”.  However, her new album ‘White Glass’  has more of a moody, pop/RnB vibe to it.   Her two new songs on her album White Glass coming out at the end of November are called “Lead Me On” and “You Need Me”.  Both songs are based on lessons she learned & wrote through her personal experiences.  ‘White Glass’ is planned to be released soon after Thanksgiving! Her goal is to empower women through her music and connect people universally w

Estelle California Bares Her Soul with Latest Single “Black Is The True Light”

Oakland, CA, USA — Tuesday, November 26th, 2019 — After the successful release of her debut single “Star,” a powerful song serving as an anthem of freedom, Paris-born soul singer Estelle California has made her mark. Now, with her newest single, “Black Is The True Light,” Estelle sings a tribute to the African and African American communities around the world.

“Black Is The True Light” is the second single off of Estelle’s upcoming EP, My Name Is Freedom. The soul-filled anthem is led by an emotive piano melody and Estelle’s captivating voice, combining elements of pop, soul, and jazz to create a truly international feel.

Colorado R&B singer/songwriter set to release her first single, titled “This Storm”.

Salida, Colorado — Sunday, December 1st, 2019 — After the success of her first album release, Amber LC knew her next move.  A single!  “This Storm” will not only be LC’s first single but will be accompanied by her very first music video, which is set to be released in 2020.

Amber LC tugged at heartstrings with This Storm, writing about her emotional ride to letting go of her old self and embracing her new self. Most can relate to the lyrics of this song. The single will be released in 2020 and will be available on all streaming platforms. An official date for the single and music video release has not to be decided as of yet.

LC’s first album was a success, leaving fans begging for more.  And that’s exactly what she did.  This Storm has already captured the attention of fans and is sure to be a highlight of her career.  “When I wrote This Storm, I was extremely nervous about the thought of making it public because i