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Innovative American Rap Artist ‘Spiritual’ Announces New Single ‘Feeling Cute…Might Go Platinum Later’

Louisiana, USA — Tuesday, June 4th, 2019 — ‘Spiritual’ is an American rapper and actor who aims to create hypnotizing beats with his music and bring back the classic 90s Hip-Hop sound. His latest single titled ‘Feeling Cute…Might Go Platinum Later’ will drop June 7, 2019.

Hailing from Louisiana, rapper and actor Spiritual is someone who has worked his way up the ladder to become the artist he is today. Having started his rap career from an early age, he is now a master in the craft and aims to reach out to a large demographic of listeners across the globe. Constantly working on new projects, Spiritual will drop his latest single titled ‘Feeling Cute…Might Go Platinum Later’.

‘Feeling Cute…Might Go Platinum Later’ is a catchy song that talks about political issues and social situations that make the world fall apart. In this song, he ra

ArtistPR Voted Top 10 Music PR Firms By 10BestPR For The 4th Year In A Row

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]ArtistPR“Artists and industry watchers should expect ArtistPR to continue garnering awards. ” — 10BestPR

Los Angeles, California – July 27, 2019 – ArtistPR’s standout performance with press releases and artist biographies garnered them a 2019 nomination for Top 10 music PR firms by 10BestPR, and they are proud to announce they’ve made the list for the


Gastonia, NC — Thursday, June 6th, 2019 — The Gore Boyz are back at it again but this time they just signed a deal with Equity Distribution, a company owned by Roc Nation Records, which signs agreements with artists to distribute their music on about all Digital platforms such as Apple Music, Amazon, Google Music, Tidal and Spotify. They have been recording new music in recent months and now releasing their new song and video “REMEDY”.  This is another “ VIDEO WORLD PREMIER” again after they (The Gore Boyz”) released their summer hit “Kisses for the Road” which gained over a Million views on YouTube.  The Remedy video included some of the hottest Dancers on Social Media(Instagram/Dubsmash)/ Influencers on the Planet  “The Wicker Twins, Bracefacelaii, The Real Eisha, and Essencemarieee” and the TGB Dancers.  Remedy is a high energy dance song that will be the song of the spring and summer.

The Gore Boyz (TGB) have been droppin

Jason Scot Delivers A Bonafide Country Hit With ‘Don’t Go’

New Album Out Now


Quartz Hill, California – July 25, 2019 – After some time spent in the heart of Country music, Jason Scot is back home in California and ready for the world to hear what he and a handful of other talented individuals worked on, his 2019 current release, Don’t Go.

Don’t Go is 10-tracks deep of well-made Country music fans can sink their teeth into. Songs like “Mama’s Got a Cowboy” definitely get the party started like Kenny Chesney, but it’s those heartfelt, tender moments found on “Don’t Go,” “Hope” and “Love of a Lifetime” that grab listeners in an instant. All of that said, his most endearing track comes in right at the end. “Me and My Brothers” was penned by Cliff Downs, Seven Williams of W


Independence, Louisiana, — Thursday, June 20th, 2019 — Independence, Louisiana (June 7, 2019) — Russell McLain may no longer be accepting bookings or touring the nightclub scene anymore but that hasn’t stopped the well-versed musician from recording and creating new music. The singer/songwriter/indie recording artist has released his latest single and title track from his upcoming album ‘My Turn to Cry

Penned by Kevin Reardon and Stanfield Major of Raghat Music Publishing jazz-pop ballad with country overtones and a complex melody. The lyrics describe the singer’s state of bemusement at the singer’s own helpless love for the object of his affection.

“At the point and time in my life when I discovered this song, I was going through a lot of heartaches.  I just lost the love of my life and I realized it was because of my selfish ways. It’s almost as if Kevin Reardon and Stanfield Maj

This DMV Artist is Making What? A Guide to the DMV’s New Creative Renaissance

Wheaton, Maryland — Friday, June 21st, 2019 — EDYE (pronounced EDDIE) is among the new wave of young DMV artists in Maryland creating the next generation of DMV sound and art. Raised in Silver Spring, Maryland, he’s begun to quickly prove himself as a heavy hitter in lyrical rap.

What is DMV rap? One might think of Shabazz, Q da Fool or a number of other artists that made a way for the DMV to be heard, but the next generation is far past that. With focus’ on lyricism and the finer artistic aspects of music and physical arts like clothing, painting, and editing,  it could be said that the DMV is close to experiencing a renaissance of new talent and hope.

As for EDYE, growing up younger, he was inspired by the likes Indie bands and early 90s and 2000s rap. He grew up writing poetry, which later pushed him into making songs, seeing music as easier to portray emotions and feelings.

EDYE plans on releasing more music as time passes by and di

Chris Hutton Intoxicates With Release Of “Oxygen” Ahead Of Debut EP Out August 17th

Oxygen EP Out August 17, 2019


Los Angeles, California – July 25, 2019 – If there is one new pop song you listen to today, make sure it’s “Oxygen” by LA’s own Chris Hutton. If the addicting, seductive single is just a taste of what’s to come when his debut Oxygen EP drops August 17th, then we’re in for pop’s newest reigning king.

Not afraid to get emotional and real, Chris Hutton opened his heart and poured it into every inch of Oxygen. With personal notes in every track, this record is both biographical and universal all at the same time. Much like the likes of Shawn Mendes, Chris Hutton delivers emotive pop vocal performances throughout as heard on songs like the lead single, “Oxygen,” as well as “Bathroom Floor,” “Mine” and “Crossfire.”

A treat for pop fans looking to add more male vocalists to their collection, Oxygen<

Introducing Hawaii’s Michael Nove’lll

New Hip Hop Music Out Now


Waianae, Hawaii – July 25, 2019 – Born in Savannah, Georgia, Michael C. Crawford took an early interest in the arts. From music to acting, he knew his name would be in lights one way or another. Known in music as Michael Nove’lll, he’s relocated to the islands of Hawaii and is currently focusing on his fantastic hip-hop music.

As soon as Michael Nove’lll realized he had a way with words, he teamed that with his instilled love of hip hop and started to create his music. That was decades ago. Over the years he’s only evolved with each passing day. In the past month he’s released half a dozen tracks that include bangers such as “We Gotta Let It Go,” “Sweat It Out” and his l

Stf Chef Delivers on Lit New Single

“Make It Make Sense” Out Now


Detroit, Michigan – July 16, 2019 – Fans have spoken and the consensus is “Make It Make Sense” is straight fire. Which comes to no surprise to those who’ve been keen to the talent of Detroit’s own Stf Chef.

Coming up in the Detroit scene, Stf Chef has managed to make a solid name for himself. He dropped his first album, Who That Nigga in the Kitchen, in Fall 2018. With his engine still revving, he didn’t settle down for long. By February 2019 he was back with another record. This time the Thoughts and Experiences EP. Now he’s riding high on the release of his lit new single “Make It Make Sense.”

Stf Chef has only been putting his name out there since 2018 and already he has two records to his name, and a handful of fire singles including his latest, “Make It Make Sense”

The James Reid Band saga continues with concerts, new CD in the works

Davidson, NC — Tuesday, July 25th, 2019 — The James Reid Band, fresh from a pair of highly acclaimed concerts on Orcas Island in Washington State, is returning to the studio to record its second CD, titled “Tales Tall and Tender.” Sparked by the reunion of singer/songwriters James “JP” Connell and Reid Spencer, the James Reid Band is recording an eclectic mix of rock, country-rock and “country jazz,” featuring a formidable roster of virtuoso musicians, keyboardist Martin Lund (former musical director for Isaac Hayes), guitarist Mat Kastner (Randy Burns and the Skydog band), drummer Brian Kirk (Pointer Sisters), bassist Dan O’Brien and saxophonist Brian “Boss” Hogg. The new CD follows the James Reid Band’s debut recording “Breakfast at Sunset,” which is available for sale or streaming at