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“The Amal Music” Rising Hip-Hop Duo Including Slim Dadda Q (Recording Artist/Songwriter) and Smart-Man (Audio Engineer/Producer)

Gotham City — Saturday, September 14th, 2019“Inebriated Thoughts” By Slim Dadda Q is a heart-felt and resonating record that puts a microscope on the stress and crisis of many people in society, especially urban environments. The record was produced was by “Thundaa Beats” and recorded and mixed by his engineer/producer Smart-Man (1/2 of “The Amal”). Dadda Man delivers immaculate verses coupled with a sympathizing hook to bring awareness to how people cope with these issues. “It’s Kind Of Hard Being Sober When You Stressing Over Bills, Wondering Will You Eat, When’s The Next Meal”… – Slim Dadda Q

“Inebriated Thoughts” by Slim Dadda Q will be appreciated by people that can resonate with the atrocities and tragedies that occur on a daily basis. Regardles

‘Talking To Myself’ Is Five Tracks Of Folk-Pop Bliss

Boston, Massachusetts — Friday, September 13th, 2019 — Isobel Knight is a songwriter and singer from Australia who has brought her EP ‘Talking To Myself’ to the US in 2019 with her debut performances this side of the Pacific. A seven show tour over the summer saw this entirely independent musician share her songs and storytelling with new rooms and radio stations across the country. This follows the success of her first release ‘The Nest’ in 2018, which has since garnered more than half a million spotify plays.

The ‘Talking To Myself’ EP is a more polished step forward for Knight. Her unique blend of soul-influenced folk singing and storytelling have connected with audiences across the world, with listeners across all continents.

With a love for a catchy chorus, Knight said “I’m too earnest to be a glamourous pop singer. But this EP is about that – telling the truth, admitting you were wrong, abandoning any pretenses

Jeff Pearce Drops 14th Solo Album ‘Skies And Stars’

Featuring Lead Single “The Last Bright Lights”


Westpoint, Indiana – September 13, 2019 – Skies and Stars by ambient guitarist Jeff Pearce, is a three-song collection of music inspired by and created for late-night sky watching. Featuring Jeff’s signature guitar sounds fed into loops and various effects units, his 14th solo album provides a soundtrack to watch evening slowly fade into the night.

The follow-up to Jeff’s Billboard-charting From the Darker Seasons, Skies and Stars takes listeners in a different direction from the previous record. Utilizing only an electric guitar, each track comes across as far from what’s expected. Within the three tracks, the music moves from the slow, gentle, ever-changing ambiance of “Evening Clouds” to the alternately mysterious and majestic “The Stars Above My Childhood Home.” In the end, it concludes with the poignant “The Las

The Skys Deliver Progressive Rock At Its Finest On ‘Automatic Minds’

New Album Out Now


Lithuania – September 11, 2019 – The Skys have been impressing fans and critics alike for over 20 years now and they aren’t done yet. With their 2019 release, Automatic Minds, the Lithuanian rockers upped the ante and brought it big time with a heavy dose of talent behind the scenes including a Grammy winner.

When it came time to record Automatic Minds The Skys knew they had to bring it as listeners have come to expect a level of excellence from the band. After 2015’s Journey Through The Skies, fans were left wanting nothing but more of their signature progressive rock sound. Four years later they delivered as they stepped in the studio with Grammy-winning producer Dom Morley, whose resume includes the late, great Amy Winehouse.

On top of having one of the most sought after producers in the game in their corner, The Skys also had a stacked list of t

Happy Curmudgeons Make Way for “2nd Chances” With New Single

New Rock Single Out September 27; New Album Out Early 2020


Grand Blanc, Michigan – September 11, 2019 – Happy Curmudgeons are well, more than happy to announce the release of the lead single from their upcoming 2020 release, “2nd Chances.”

Written by their own Amy Dixon-Lavery and Dave Hamilton, “2nd Chances” was then produced by none other than the Bob Seger Band’s Mark Byerly who also did the string arrangement as well. Alongside those three heavy hitters were a handful of other talents from the Bob Seger Band; Jim “Moose” Brown (B3 organ), and Laura Creamer, Barbara Payton, and Cathleen Wiley on backing vocals. Rounding out the myriad of skilled performers found on this track are Detroit legend and award-winner Takashi Iio (bass), Rick Beamon (drums), David Patton (violin), and Chaz Oswley (cello).

Almost a dozen musicians in all came

Jonnylee Delivers All Of Himself With New Music

Four New Singles Available Now


Tasley, Virginia – September 11, 2019 – Jonnylee is a Virginia-based singer-songwriter with a DIY style and the drive to keep pushing forward to create music that showcases every facet of who he is; the highs and the lows. With four new singles out now, Jonnylee is perfect music to put on, relax, and recollect with.

After spending years hearing various renditions of famous songs and watching countless people spill their drinks, sometimes on him, Jonnylee hung up his career as a Karaoke DJ and started to focus on doing something more original for himself. He moved from one musical endeavor to another six years ago and in time has created some heartfelt pieces of music that comes from a personal place and showcase a myriad of artistic aspects.

Currently, Jonnylee has four new singles available for AC-playlists. The first being the haunting ’70s

Nikki Six Steps Out Of The Shadows With Debut ‘Stand Up’

New Alternative Record Out Now


Oxford, Wisconsin – September 11, 2019 – New artist Nikki Six spent much of her life in the background, afraid to show the world who she is. Not anymore. She’s breaking out of her shell and into her passion as she shares her debut album, Stand Up.

Featuring heartfelt songs like the heartfelt “Little One” as well as “Listen To Me” which harkens back to the days in the early ’90s when artists like Liz Phair were heating up the college radio scene. All of those and a handful of other original tracks can be found on Nikki Six’s debut release, Stand Up, available now. Written, recorded and produced all on her own, this is a truly independent effort that will strike a chord with fans of honest music sang from the core of one’s existence.

For too long Nikki Six lived in fear of being judged, as do many people around

T2 Tizzle Brings The Heat With New Music

New Hip Hop Music Available Now


Sauga City, Ontario – September 11, 2019 – The time is now for fans of authentic hip hop to step forward and be taken aback by T2 Tizzle and his latest single, “Gotto Get It,” “Tell Me,” “Menz in My City,” and “Butterfly” featuring Paperboi.

When it comes to rhymes that don’t quit, look no further than T2’s “Gotto Get It.” While that one brings it in terms of hard-hitting lines, “Tell Me” does its thing with the hooks. With “Menz in My City” fans can hear his Nigerian roots shining through while “Butterfly” flies high as a well-rounded joint from start to finish. An independent rapper, T2 Tizzle shines in the production value and quality of his end products. He’s making beats in the underground but they already sound mainstream.

Born in Nigeria, T2 Tizzle re

Rock Royalty Conspires in Renaissance Rock Orchestra

Las Vegas, NV, Clark — Monday, September 9th, 2019The Renaissance Rock Orchestra is a collaboration of rockstars that are creating more than a “buzz” out of Las Vegas.  The latest release by this super group “In Times Of Olde” features performances by rock artists from legendary bands like AC/DC, Guns N Roses, Ozzy, Foreigner, Black Sabbath, YES, Heart & Whitesnake.

Renaissance Rock Orchestra’s music combines elements of classic rock and symphonic metal into a highly energetic blend of powerful rock and roll majesty. Born of inspiration from Trans Siberian Orchestra and the consisting of members of the #1 Vegas show the “Raiding The Rock Vault” RRO transcends the boundaries of current modern rock offerings with its union of world-class rockstars. 

On “In Times Of Olde” ke


Paris (France) -September 8th, 2019 – The songwriter, singer, pianist, guitarist & deejay-producer Gervay Brio, born in Brittany (Saint-Malo), is a musician since childhood, having an international career, the US touring with the Celtic star Alan Stivell or producing Adriana Kaegi ex Kid Creol & the Coconuts. Gervay received the Akademia Music Award Los Angeles for his song « I Knight in Malta and since all his releases are #1 in many charts as NumberOneMusic, Dj Barometer, ReverbNation… Gervay Brio was honored as Maestro Dj by Miami Winter Music Conference Jury, and played in main clubs in Miami, Paris, New York, Saint Tropez, Malta…

Today Gervay Brio presents his new release PARADEYES EP 5 mixes + Clip, a Love Song To Eternity! Always inspired by love and spirituality, Gervay like to mix his musical talents with his deejay skill, blending house beats and rock guitars like no one else! His