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Hidden Gem Coming Out Of The Sacramento Area, Professional Athlete Now Hip Hop/Rap Artist

Sacramento, CA, USA — Friday, February 14th, 2020 — Fresh on the rap and hip/hop scene as of January 2019, artist BDK is in the works of releasing his freshman album “The All or The Nothing.” With 6 single releases to date, all will be featured on his summer album release, be sure to not pass over this promising up and comer.

Many of BDK’s listeners have attributed his sound reminiscent to that of G-eazy, MGK, J-cole, and Mac Miller.  With major influence coming from each artist, BDK found himself in his first 6 months as an artist in contact with Sony Records.  So far there has been a great local buzz about him, with all 6 singles being available on every major platform including Spotify, Apple/Itunes Music,  etc.

In the words of great friend and publicist from Atlantic Records Ramses Dios, “My guy BDK is a very sellable artist, he has the look, the sound and the hype that can carry him very far in this industry.”  &#8220

Mr. Pope’s “Listen” Will Have You All Ears

Chicago, IL — Tuesday, February 18th, 2020 — Bryan Pope is a fifth-grade reading teacher turned musician on the West side of Chicago. His educator approach reflects through his lyrical and rapping style as he uses his music to captivate his audience by connecting to the essence of who they are and who they hope to become.

This week Bryan Pope, who’s stage name is Mr. Pope, is releasing his first single “Listen” from his upcoming self-love project, Love You Too. “Listen” was inspired by the Pope’s experiences with his students as well as his personal life experiences and was created in hopes of giving students the confidence to pursue their dreams regardless of their support system. Pope hopes that “Listen” will inspire all people to realize the importance of self-sufficiency and how following your dreams is necessary to feel complete regardless of how long it may take.

Agorsor Deliver African Vibes To The Masses With ‘Hugadem’  

My Life Is A Song I Want To Share With The World

Nashville, TN, Davidson County — Friday, February 7th, 2020 — Throughout all the trials, tribulations, and emotional upbringing K.B. has never lost sight of his dreams to be on stage, pouring his heart out to the fans of his music. Starting with nothing and no one K.B. created his own company using it as a platform to release his music. Although he’s been doing music his entire life, it is only been in the past year that he has finally taken the steps necessary to reach his goals. In that short but seemingly long time, he has released 4 singles and is on his way to releasing his first E.P. with no plan of ever giving up on his dreams.

Despite being adopted by a loving Christian family K.B.’s dark past has always reared its ugly head throughout his entire life causing him quite a bit of heartbreak and despair. Music was his medicine and in his early songwriting days, he would write more love songs than anything to try and fill the void that he felt from th

One Shade Of Soul Wrote, Recorded, Composed Arranged & Performed All His Lyrics & Produced, Mixed, Engineered All His Music & Filmed & Edited All His Video At Home In His Dying Bed & His Hospital During His Heart Transplant for His C.D. release “Something 4 Everyone”.

Chesapeake, Va. — Friday, March 20th, 2020 — One Shade of Soul, an artist that recorded, wrote, arranged & performed all his lyrics as well as produced, composed, performed, recorded, mixed and engineered all his music & filmed, directed & edited his music video himself from his dying bed at home and his hospital bed in The Heart Hospital of Norfolk, Va. really offers something for everyone.

One Shade Of Soul intends for all his listeners to find at least One or Two songs they like and can relate to regardless of what their music preference maybe thus his c.d. due to digitally release 04/20/2020 entitled “Something 4 Everyone” contains 2 folk songs, 2 rap songs, 1 R&B song, 2 Alternative songs, 1 Alternative Christian song, 1 Alternative Rock song, 1 Rock N Roll song, 1 Reggae Rap song & 1 Spanish Reggaeton & Dance song ensuring this 11 song debut c.d. named “Something 4 Everyone” truly is and has “Something 4 Everyone”.

Meet Raw Soul, The Artist Who Records Hits In His Car.

Vancouver, BC, Canada — Friday, February 14th, 2020 — Raw Soul, an artist representing Vancouver, Canada, is a hip-hop recording artist who creates all of his tracks by recording them in his car. He has several tracks under his belt, all of which is hard to believe we’re made in the driver’s seat of his Nissan Altima. Considering the ability and technical skill, this man should definitely have access to a studio, sooner rather than later!

Anyone who is a fan of real hip-hop should be interested in hearing what Raw Soul has to say. A man who has been through some tough times, his story is one of perseverance and strength. Anybody who has struggled in maintaining a positive frame of mind should keep an ear out for Raw Soul’s music. His tracks are available on SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Music.

If there’s anything Raw Soul would like people to take away from his music, it’s a message of patience during the struggles we face. In

David Mclean Announces Plans For New Music In 2020 

New Praise & Worship Music Out Soon 


Luton, Bedfordshire – February 18, 2020 – David Mclean and his band have been delivering wonderful Christian sounds for years now. With their 2016 release, ‘Overcomers,’ they delighted and inspired many. Now they plan on doing it all over again in 2020. David