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$upa Dat Dude Im OutChea

Daytona Beach, FL — January 31, 2019 — Never seen but always in the picture! $upa is undeniable talent! Whether you’re on the way to the gym, work, or simply on your grind, this upcoming artist has a vibe for any time. With street but intelligent lyrics $upa Dat Dude he gives off flow all his own that street hustlers can bop to the youngsters can jig too. A must hear is his single “OutChea” off his initial album titled OutChea by $upa sets the stage for the 90s meets the new century.

Hailing the Daytona Beach, Florida area and home of the Daytona 500 this Florida artist is sending a message to fans and haters alike that he is “OutChea” and here to stay. In his own words…”I’m never seen but always in the picture.”

A definite must watch career by a truly underestimated but undeniable talent! I’m interested in hearing the self-proclaimed “Man of Many Voices” next masterpiece.


Composer “Elias Thunder” Releases Piano Solo EP, “Etherea,” To Honor The Great Composers Of The Past, And Inspire Young Composers Today.

Salt Lake City, Utah — Friday, February 1st, 2019 — For Immediate Release:

Originally written and produced under his given name, Stephen Prins, Elias Thunder’s piano solos are now available for the enjoyment of students, teachers, and fans of the piano. He looks forward to arranging the rich melodic content of his piano solos into intimate pieces for small ensembles, and eventually ambitious symphonic compositions. Public support for “Etherea” will pave the way for his upcoming compositions to be heard and published.

The piano solo EP, “Etherea,” can be enjoyed by patrons and students of Classical music, as well as aspiring modern composers. Prins is currently composing solos and small ensemble pieces for cello, viola, violin, woodwinds, harp, and pitched percussion. His piano EP, “Etherea,&

Antone Gets The Party Started In His Latest EDM Release

El Paso — February 1, 2019 — Antone is guaranteed to get your party started with his new EDM release ‘Party Starter’. His interesting track names like ‘Blueberry Kamikaze’ and ‘Lemon Drop’ will surely take you back to all your wild festive nights! With all those flavorful shots and wild beats your bound to have a great time!

Antone is an EDM producer here in the Sun City making music for people to enjoy. He describes the music he creates as something “people would dance to or even model cool clothing too. His album v2.5, as well as music video Vuelta’s have been his greatest accomplishment. His goal is to make music that facilitates fun and positivity. Dedicated to his craft, Antone spends as much time needed to get the sound right. As he describes, “being able to choose from so many different sounds and VST’s has been amazing.

If you’re into EDM this album is for you! It’s perfect for those awesome k

Corporate Christ: The Holy Shows

Cardiff — February 1, 2019 — Musician and LGBT author Corporate Christ releases the first single from his forthcoming album: “The Death of a Dying Star”. Titled “The Holy Shows”, it is a commentary on Church sexual abuse and the hypocrisy of clergy who preach righteousness yet commit the most appalling crimes.

The music video for the song was filmed by Kalto Films at the sand dunes of Merthyr Mawr, Wales. It depicts on the surface, Corporate Christ chasing a vicar and executing him in a tale of poetic justice. He says he also wanted to put to death the character of The Pornographer, whom he had created in an earlier album to portray the voyeurism of his life at that time, observing the world from within the walls of a psychiatric institution. The vicar is wearing the pig mask that Corporate Christ used during the promotion of that album to pay homage to this.

He feels that the new album “The Death of a Dying Star” is a new beginning for

7 Tha Great has just officially released his single “Caught a Vibe”, which is a hard-hitting southern trap anthem, that hip-hop enthusiasts the world-over can relate to.

Dallas, Texas — February 1, 2019 — Ladarrion Burton, known aptly by his stage name, 7 Tha Great, is a Dallas based rapper whose body of work includes two highly acclaimed studio albums and countless collaborative singles. His raw vocal presence, dynamic word-play, and one-punch delivery place him in a league of his own.

7 Tha Great has just officially released his single “Caught a Vibe”, off his album “Demigod”. The single’s heavy-808’s coupled with 7’s legendary word-play and lyrical prowess make the track ripe for radio. The album in its entirety, as well as the single, “Caught A Vibe”, can be purchased online at Tidal, Spotify and Apple iTunes.

7 Tha Great’s popularity is gaining momentum with every release with the last three projects being released independently and having orchestrated the greatest impact. 7 has been featured in many media publications: Dallas Weekly, The Dallas Observer, USA Music Review and Say Ch

Celtic Folk Rock from South Carolina Headed West in 2019

Columbia, South Carolina — Tuesday, February 1st, 2019 — Celtic folk rockers, SYR (sire) continue to gain momentum, adding the prestigious Longs Peak Highland Games in Estes Park, CO to their list of 2019 appearances. Other new festivals include Northeast Florida Highland Games, Savannah Irish Fest, Gallabrae, and the Low Country Irish Fest in Charleston, SC. The band’s latest album, The Winter King, continues to introduce their unique sound to new fans in the US and overseas.

From humble beginnings at pubs and local venues in SC, SYR has become a welcome addition to larger Celtic festivals and events. Taking inspiration from Celtic history, stories and myths, SYR blends their own unique musical backgrounds to create powerful songs with themes like battle, love, loss, and victory. Front man Kyle MacCallum founded SYR on the belief that the rich heritage of the Celtic Nations could be brought to life in a contemporary musical style with broad audie

Singer/songwriter Tommy Ocean releases strong self titled debut EP to build a worldwide audience and expand his professional career

Breisach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany — Monday, February 4th, 2019 — German singer/songwriter Tommy Ocean is proud to announce the release of his self-titled debut EP Tommy Ocean. 

Tommy is a 21st Century troubadour with a distinct 1960s flavor and vibe. He mostly performs with just his fingerstyle guitar and harmonica behind his lyrics, going for a vibe that’s natural rather than elaborate. The songs on Tommy Ocean display the Zen simplicity and deep emotions of iconic songwriters like Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Johnny Cash, and Paul Simon but never sound anything less than fully original. Standout tracks include “The Present,” “Another Day, Another Time,” and “Lonely Days.” 

Ocean has only been making original music seriously since 2017 but comes off as a studio veteran with excellent instincts. He loves the freedom of being a solo performer b

Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions release Destiny Road

Park City, Utah — Tuesday, August 27th, 2019 — On his album Destiny Road Gary Dranow has written 10 songs where no two songs sound alike.  A master class in songwriting and storytelling, from Rock to Blues to Pop Dranow explores relationships, moods and emotional landscapes.  Something for everyone on this album.

Destiny Road, the title track, actually foretold Gary Dranow’s future, down to his moving to Park City, Utah (the emerald hills far away) from Los Angeles, finding the love of his life and his 16-year marriage.  All laid out in brilliant clarity and imagery.  Mellow Drama is a very candid view on what it was like to be in a relationship with Gary before he was diagnosed and treated for Bi-polar disorder. The rest of the songs delve into interpersonal relationships, both healthy and dysfunctional.

Chris Zoupa, noted Australian guitarist, touring musician and teacher ha

Good God Father Celebrate Successful West Coast Run Of eXtreme Tour

Debut LP Out Now


Sheridan, Oregon – August 23, 2019 –Good God Father is fresh off a wild ride that found them playing their debut LP, Chronicles, down the west coast from Oregon to Southern California. Now the one-man powerhouse is focusing on the video for “Baptismal Fount,” out September 22 on YouTube, and recording new music for 2020.

Good God Father comes from the mastermind of Xwan Solo. Working hard to write, arrange, manage, and produce every aspect of the brand that is Good God Father, Xwan Solo is a dynamic powerhouse responsible for the debut LP, Chronicles. Heavy doses of electric guitar pulsate throughout Chronicles as one can hear influences of Smashing Pumpkins and Alice in Chains explode out of the speakers with hints of industrial synth. Songs such as “Cool Kids and Short Kids,” “Feelings and Truth,” and “Bapti

J Tru Soldier4Christ Releases Epic new album titled One 29 Twelve, which is the date his life was radically transformed. Listen to the hope from the perspective of a individual living a hopeless life

Denver, Colorado — Friday, August 23rd, 2019 — One 29 Twelve is not only an Album but a testimony of a young man living a life of hopelessness, with the intent to inquire street credibility as a way of survival. To become a young man of faith, and now living a life for others to follow.

Jose Trujillo artist name J Tru Soldier4Christ has worked closely with another artist on this album of mutual purpose, such names as R Swift, Bryann Trejo, Sean Be, and many others. In an attempt to reach a wider range of listeners that may have once walked in the very footsteps he walked. His full intention for the album isn’t to reach a position of stardom, but more in the intent of bringing the very ministry that was brought to him. To the ears of many others who may not be able to hear it physically but yet the opportunity to hear it digitally, with hopes to make a change and decision that could affect there lives in a positive way fore