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Breezy R&B duo, OSG (Otherside of The Game), recently released their EP, “Duly Noted.”

New Brunswick, NJ — Thursday, November 14th, 2019 — Breezy R&B duo, OSG (Otherside of The Game), recently released their EP, “Duly Noted.” On it, Diya Drake & Naomi Jay seamlessly intertwine sultry, jazz-influenced vocals, brisk raps, and expressive piano that explores their unique, soulful perspectives of modern relationships, societal biases of skin color, and the rapidly changing world they walk into every day.

OSG is a duo band made up of vocals from Diya Drake and keys from Naomi Jay. The duo provides a unique sound and fusion of jazz and R&B within their tracks. “Duly Noted” is based on taking note of personal experiences and expressing one’s perspective through song.

On the track “Best of Me”, OSG tackles the topic of mental health and the motivation behind overcoming depression. “Today I’m gonna fight back, today I make myself laugh, today I follow my path” – OSG, “Bes

Emerging Artist Sidhant Seth Announces Release of New ‘Hypnotic’ Single – “Hypnotizing Me”.

New York City, New York, USA — Friday, November 15th, 2019Manhattan School of Music-trained independent singer-songwriter Sidhant Seth announced the Nov. 15 release of his latest song “Hypnotizing Me”, a catchy pop song with a great beat, unique sound and relatable lyrics that may just ‘hypnotize’ music lovers everywhere.

Seth, 24, originally from India, wrote the lyrics about the hypnotic effect that the person you have fallen for has on you over and over even as they keep breaking your heart. He also wrote the music that includes
a unique multilayered synthesized sound of bells combined with his voice – through a vocoder – to create a fun, upbeat and moving song with a hypnotic-like, mysterious vibe. Listen to the new track to feel its hypnotic effect!



London, United Kingdom — Friday, November 15th, 2019 — Vorkay, the UK gospel artist and vocalist, cheerfully admits that her latest single, “He Saved Me” evolved over time from the original arrangement and lyrics that started about four years ago after taking a difficult decision to change her circumstance.

The song paints a masterpiece with salvation as its subject — a fusion of Western and African styles revealing a familiar Israel Houghton rhythm all produced by award-winning Evans Ogboi.

Recorded in London and vocally produced by Shaun Barrett (Hypertone), Vorkay found her groove, hitting a winner with “He Saved Me” lyrics:

When I think of the goodness of God/And all He has done for me/My very soul shall shout, Hallelujah/Praise the Lord/For saving me.”

The Top 10 UK Christian Charts artist aims to reach out to millions of listeners

Ted Parks and the Busted Bones Deliver A True Treat With “Halloween Monster Blues”

The Perfect Song for Halloween Playlists Available Now


Denver, Colorado – November 13, 2019 – When it comes to signature holiday music, winter holidays have a variety to choose from…but Halloween? It’s the same few songs we all hear every year on a loop from September through the end of October. Not anymore though, thanks to Ted Parks and the Busted Bones and their new release: “Halloween Monster Blues.”

“Halloween Monster Blues” marries humor and the twang of Country music to create a fun song perfect for a time of year when we’re all in the mood to dress up, cut loose and get into a little mischief! A time of year when the leaves have changed, the parties are aplenty, and now, with Ted Parks and the Busted Bones, the playlists are more well-rounded. It made some waves with a handful of independent and college radio stations in 2019, and the ‘Bones are hoping to have more

Alaskan Producer Finds Peace in Minnesota

Minneapolis, MN — Wednesday, November 13th, 2019 — Born in Alaska in the late ’80s, Shane “Jack” Edwards’ childhood was fraught with loss, abuse, and isolation. Long-term exposure to his experiences caused some serious physical and mental health issues in his late 20’s that had him in and out of hospitals and psychiatric wards for a couple of years.
Diagnosed with PTSD, social anxiety, general anxiety, and severe depressive disorder in his late 20’s, there weren’t as many resources to deal with these conditions when he was younger, believing himself to just be broken, or too damaged to be allowed to exist. After multiple failed suicide attempts, he moved away from everybody and everything he knew in order to find out who he was under all of the pain.

Music has always been an escape and an inspiration for him, now using it as a means to both expresses himself without needing to speak, and interact wi

Feast for the good ears of music lovers by Belaruskaya Brama.

Minsk, Belarus — Tuesday, November 12th, 2019 — Modern Belarusian musicians have released a new album «Усход-Захад» (East-West). The band presented a unique formula for love and friendship in a style merging folk-rock and world, mixing guitar with vocals and electronic instruments. The new music album is a celebration of individuality in music performance, national color, style, and distinct arrangements.

Each person will find in the compositions of Belaruskaya Brama, something that is near and dear personally to him or her. The track list includes the new arrangements of Belarusian folk songs, instrumental versions, and works of authorship. The title song, which has the same name as the album, tells a barely veiled but distinct story about the difficulty the country in general and a young girl in particular experience in determining which path to follow. Singles and the album will be uploaded for release to ONErpm music distribution