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Music Artist Markpain Returns By Fan Request

Las Vegas — Friday, August 23rd, 2019 — Mark Pain Wilson is a Hip Hop producer/Rapper who has been around for over 2 decades and has co-produced and produced with many known musicians in the music business. Considered the music business secret weapon he has played the background and has ghostwritten for legendary Bell Biv Devoe as well as Motown Records. Mark has been rewarded Gold by The Recording Industry Of America and is still active in music promoting and releasing new music.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Mark chose to leave the music industry and live a normal life with his family in Atlanta, Georgia where he resided keeping his ears to the streets and still producing music. Recently Mark started receiving notices via his inboxes on social media pertaining to why he left the music business and did not release any more music. Inspired by the messages that receive,  Mark decided that he would once return to a business that he held so clos

Tunji Alade Sets March 2019 Release for ‘Tungsten Light’

New Trip Hop Grooves Album Out March 15, 2019

New York City, New York – February 6, 2019 – Inspired by the marriage of hip hop and electronica which is more commonly known as Trip Hop, Tunji Alade took to the studio last year to embark on making the best indie record music fans will come across in 2019; Tungsten Light.

With a sound and style best described as “cinematic noir,” Tunji Alade sets himself apart from the pack as a leader in the underground scene. The New York City-based artist notes, “As an independent artist I’m not afraid to express myself with clear goals for international success and global acclaim,” adding, “For me, my music exem

Midnight Transit Co. Featuring Bob Russell Releases First Album

Tucson, Arizona — Sunday, February 10th, 2019 — Midnight Transit Co. brings CLASSIC back to the rock genre with their album “Rocking in the Rain”.  The album is set to be released World Wide on February 8, 2019, by Spectra Music Group and is currently available for pre-order on iTunes.

Midnight Transit Co. is an original band from Tucson Arizona and is made up of 5 extremely talented musicians.  Bob Russell (vocals, guitar); Rene Andreotta (vocals, guitar); Stefin Gordon (vocals, base); Les Merrihew (drums); and Rob Francis (keyboard).  Their music combines British and American artist influences with a taste of classic rock and a touch of the blues. Their music is influenced by some of the greatest rock bands of the ’60s and ’70s.

The title song Rocking In The Rain was featured in Classic Rock Magazine’s Louder sound- Tracks of the Week where 8 songs are nominated each week to be a new favorite.

“He (Bob Russell) grew up flit

The New Generation of Music: Lauria Is On Her Way

Canada — Tuesday, February 12th, 2019 — Lauria is constantly releasing new music.  This month it’ll be “My Love” a sensual rhythm for late nights and spending time appreciating subtilities of music. In the style of The Weeknd, Lauria newest single is different from her first two pop-centered bops, but just as committed to Lauria personal style.

Fans of the recent trends of pop meet trap will appreciate Lauria’s latest single. Losing Me and I Got Me, Lauria’s first singles were soft pops songs, written for the average girl going through heartbreak. My Love is all about preventing the heartbreak: The sensuality in a woman’s confidence that can be heard in the instrumentality of the song: everything anyone’s looking for in a late night bop. My Love will be available everywhere, including all streaming platforms as well as YouTube. The date? Valentine’s Day. For the single ladies out there, happy and proud with themselves.

“When I write a so

Introducing Talented Country Songwriter and Composer Michael Hutsell

New Music Out Now


Prairie Grove, Arkansas – August 21, 2019 – Playing since he was just a kid, Michael Hutsell has always been a songbird. Writing and recording in his home studio, this DIY country dynamo is ready for the world to see what he can do.

Taking pieces of his life, Michael Hutsell writes not only from the heart but from his experiences, past relationships, and his hopes for the future when it comes to love. Listeners can hear the passion and skill he puts into his music in songs such as “I Don’t Need You Anyway,” “When I Said Goodbye,” “Been Here Before.” Those are just a few of the 15 or so songs that Michael Hutsell has written and composed over the past three years in his home studio down in Arkansas.

Along with writing every word, Michael also prides himself on his way around an instrument. He plays several and can handle ev


LOS ANGELES, CA — Thursday, August 22nd, 2019 — Girls Like Me is the new single by bilingual singer, Giselle Torres. She found tremendous success on her YouTube channel, where she has 1 billion views on her covers and original music. This track is her first entry into a contemporary pop sound with a mix of nostalgic 80s inspired production. The song is also co-written by fellow Florida native Kat Dahlia. The song will be featured in Brat’s feature summer film ‘Intern In Chief’ along with a lyric video to premiere on Brat’s youtube channel.

Giselle just turned 17 and has over 50 music videos on Youtube. She started her music channel when she was 9 years old and has a worldwide audience.

At age 11, she was an X-Factor finalist and when she turned 13, Giselle began to write and compose her own songs and was invited to sing for Pope F

Almaden Pens Anthemic Pop Song ‘LA’

Laid Back, California Cool Pop Song


Alhambra, California – August 21, 2019 – Cities like New York have had anthems come from the days of Sinatra to the current ones owned by Jay Z and Alicia Keys, but out west – where’s the love for Los Angeles? Well, it’s coming by way of Almaden’s latest pop single, “LA.” The perfect homage to the City of Angels, it’s as chill as a day on the sand that lines the Golden State.

A family affair, brothers Luis, Ramon, Fili, Javier, their sister Maria, and their father Salvador Reynosa started making music together in 1974 as Almaden. After creating some wonderful sounds together, they decided to embark on other ventures in the late ’80s. In recent years Luis, Ramon, and Fili decided to get the band back together and pen a song for the city that has always been home, Los Angeles.

With a ’70s sing

Army Veteran Motor Mouth Takes Things To The ‘Next Level’ With New LP

New Hip Hop Record Out September 6, 2019


Huntington Beach, California – August 21, 2019 – Life isn’t always easy, as many can attest to – especially Micah DuBeau. Known in the music world as Motor Mouth, this Army veteran turned emcee utilizes music to process the pain and continue to push past the hardships of yesterday to focus on the here and now which consists of his sophomore release, Next Level, out September 6, 2019.

It wasn’t too long ago Motor Mouth dropped his debut LP. I Always Rise made its way to the masses in February 2019. Not even a full year later he’s ready to share even more with the September release of Next Level. Which, the title says it all. Motor Mouth teamed up with the former head producer of Death Row Records Darren Vegas once again for his new record. Produced fully by Vegas, Next Level is a hip hop fa

Jo-Ash Announces ‘Humble Heart of Mine’

Debut EP Out July 2019

London, Southwark – February 12, 2019 – For some, the life that Jo-Ash has led would’ve sent them down the wrong path but it was faith that kept him afloat. Faith and music. Now he wants to usher some light into the world with his debut release, Humble Heart of Mine.

Fans of heartfelt pop will soon get their hands and ears on the lead single from Jo-Ash’s debut EP, Humble Heart of Mine. Fans should expect the lead single to drop on March 1, 2019, followed by the second single in May. Then come July Humble Heart of Mine will make its long-awaited debut. This solo artist took on many hats but did have some help along the way in the studio thanks to producer Billy Foster. Together they made Humble Heart of Mine pop, in more ways than one.

Jo-Ash notes of his distinctive sound, “I have always been a versatile artist. My sound is a sort of hybrid borrowi

Contemporary Christian Musician Clyde J Is A Shining Light With “He Reigns”

New Single Out Now


Bogalusa, Louisiana – August 21, 2019 – Like every genre of music, Christian comes in so many forms. Some rock it out, some drop bars and rap, and then there are artists like Clyde J that do it in a way that presents both his faith and his talent in such a way that it brings about a whole new definition of the term Contemporary Christian Music. He plans on reaching as many as he can with his spin on praise and worship music with his latest single, “He Reigns.”

“This song is an anthem for the true worshiper and believer. It’s time to stop telling God how big our problems are and start declaring to our problems how big our God is,” Clyde J boasts adding, “This song flowed out of my heart during a time in prayer. I was dealing with the weight of life and found myself elevating my struggles rather than the praise and worship of my King.”

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