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Freda Drops Debut Single “Mater”

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Mankato, Minnesota – October 18, 2019 – If there’s something Freda cannot do, she has yet to find it. A talented queen among the masses, she’s not only a dancer, film producer, model, actress, dancer, and songwriter but also a hip hop artist who is setting the world ablaze with her latest single, “Mater.”

“Mater” comes out of the gate with pure heat. Like many of her peers, Freda is not playing nice when it comes to hard-hitt

LA Johnson Announces Debut ‘Overdue: Comin 4 Mine$’

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Los Angeles, California – October 17, 2019 – Through what seemed to be an endless cascade of hardships, LA Johnson has come through the other side to pave the way for his long-awaited debut, Overdue: Comin 4 Mine$.

Overdue: Comin 4 Mine$ takes a lifetime of struggle and puts it into focus as LA Johnson delivers his heart and experiences on a plate for all to taste. Born the oldest of five to a single-parent household in the bad part of town, Johnson wound up falling victim to the streets eventually landed in the juvenile system. While some would’ve let it tear them down completely, he took his time locked up and discovered his passion for music. Once out he began to start anew.

In 2002 he and a childhood friend connected and became part of the group Boo Ridaz. They even released an album, but a myriad of issues led them to disband. Over the next 17 years, LA John

Nonbinary Artist Your Majesty Oriana Presents ‘Queen’

New EP Out Now


Los Angeles, California – October 10, 2019 – From the second people enter this world they are placed in a box based on nothing more than a box checked “M” of “F,” but as we’ve come to realize there are those who don’t quite fit into either. Nonbinary people who look in the mirror and don’t identify and just feel well, human instead. People like Your Majesty Oriana. They found it difficult to place themselves in this world and when the world pushed them, they pushed back and found solace in an EP about ferocious self-love, Queen.

Your Majesty Oriana’s Queen EP features four tracks that allow listeners to dive deep into the mind of an artist going through the motions of figuring themselves on in a world that may not always see them as they do. During a time when they needed to find it within themselves to control the situation of thei

Monjyoti Announces New Single “You Will Arrive” Out End Of 2019

Encouraging New Single Out Soon


Jersey City, New Jersey – October 17, 2019 – Experimental rocker Monjyoti’s debut single, “Hypnosis,” reached #1 on Global Rank, and now he plans on doing the same with the upcoming release of his new uplifting track, “You Will Arrive.”

Out later this year, “You Will Arrive” will both entertain and inspire as it was written with those facing the darkest of times in mind. With lyrics that will push people to pull through and keep going through the rough waters, Monjyoti worked with producer Papu Gogoi to layer wonderful sentiments on top of emotional and quirky musical elements that will leave audiences both delighted and surprised throughout the album.

“You Will Arrive” follows the release of June 2019’s “Neighbor Syndrome” and his debut single, “Hypnosis.” The lead single off his upcomi

MAG Drops Three New Singles In Fall 2019

“Designer” Available Now, Two More To Come 


Lancaster, Pennsylvania – October 16, 2019 – MAG dropped his debut album in August 2019, and he’s already heading back out with new music as his next three singles are all fresh out the box and ready to be taken in. With “Designer” out now, and two more on the way. Things are heating up in the hip hop scene thanks to this rising young talent.

Earlier this year MAG hit the airwaves with his single, “My Last” off his debut, I Am MAG. Success right off the bat, MAG is not holding back or waiting around to see what happens next. He’s already on to the next with a cascade of new singles. The first, “Designer” dropped September 23, and come October he’ll have two more making their way through. “Standards” drops October 15, and “LANC” won’t be too far behind that out on October

Bryan Worth Announces New EP ‘Finders Keepers’

New Album Out November 2019


Plano, Texas – October 10, 2019 – Bryan Worth and his band The Under Dogs promise a dose of raw Country energy when it comes to the new EP, due out in early November.

With Country music always evolving, it’s easy for an artist to stick with one in particular but not Bryan Worth. A singer-songwriter with over two decades of music running through him, he came up with a love of Southern Rock and lives to intertwine that with the traditional sounds Country fans are used to. Always intentional with what he does, Bryan Worth delivered a wonderfully crafted album in 2018. Zero Miles to Empty helped set the foundation but he plans on erecting the walls with November 2019’s Finders Keepers.

Alongside Bryan Worth in all this is his band, The Under Dogs. With a variety of musicians at the helm, it was always clear that the overall sound an aesthetic of their signatu

The Put Outs Are Here To Put Your Ears Out!

Portland, Oregon — Tuesday, October 1st, 2019 — The Put Outs is an alternative rock band duo consisting of Mark Freifeld (vocals, guitar) and Robin Anderson (vocals, drums, percussion, toy accordion).

The band formed in early 2017.  After playing various sets at North Portland venues like The Kenton Club, The Fixin’ To, and The Railside, the band had enough material gathered to record a debut record. Heart Surgery, the debut album, was released to the world on January 16, 2019.  Distributed by Distrokid and available across all major music streaming platforms.

The Put Outs joined Mitchell Dries (owner and producer at Now! Recordings in Linnton Oregon) during October 2018.  Throughout October up until the end of December, the debut, Heart Surgery, was recorded and mixed. A funny side note is that Now! studio is perched atop of an adorable nautical themed dive bar called The Lighthouse.  Many a laugh occurred

My Name Is Travis Gilleland. My Artist Name Is MavWreck. I’m A Hip Hop Artist From Minneapolis, MN & I Love Music, All Genres. My Passion Is Making Music. I Would Love To Be Able To Get Noticed And Share My Music With The World.

Saint Cloud, MN, — Tuesday, October 1st, 2019 — MavWreck is a hip hop artist from Minneapolis, MN with a passion for music of all genres. MavWreck’s passion for music started when he was 12 and living in a rough neighborhood in Minneapolis, MN and which led him to start making his own music and he is even in the process of starting his own record label called -MavWreck Entertainment & Hustlers-

MavWreck started -MavWreck Entertainment & Hustlers- because he is a talented hip hop artist with a passion for music and wants to build something special that will inspire other artists and to let them know that it doesn’t matter where anyone comes from. If you put in the work then anything is possible.

Some of my favorite quotes are probably -Stay In Your Own Lane- -Some People Always Trying To Ice Skate Up Hill -I’m On My Top Gun Game-  Well that’s just a few. I’m a big fan of my own fan’s. They are th

Paul Vernet is a rock and roll ghost hunter.

Olivebridge, New York — Thursday, October 3rd, 2019Paul Vernet is a rock and roll ghost hunter. He knows the dinosaurs of rock are all pretty much extinct, but he’s damn sure their remains can be found and excavated.

“There might be something in the water up here,” he says, looking over the misty mountains near Woodstock, NY, where he lives and where he recently recorded his album “Personal Mythology”. In the great classic rock star tradition, he spent years perfecting his songcraft, then went out and hired the best sidemen he could afford – namely, himself.

“Pregnant Widow” is the first track, and it’s a sizzling slice of proto Funk/Punk, sort of like an all-star jam with Black Sabbath, Fela Kuti and the Talking Heads. 10,000 plays so far on Spotify. It’s about a wise old county doctor who makes house calls after hours. The rest of the record splays itself all over the musical map- it’s groove roc

Introducing Musical Poet Patti Rain

Critical | Meaningful | Transformative.


Chicago, Illinois – Tuesday, October 7, 2019 – Patti Rain is a conjugated artist working across poetics. Rain’s album Six Days At The Mouse House grabs and delights the listener with its bright and authentic demeanor that speaks truth to power.

Chicago’s Patti Rain is an award winning artist and art educator working across poetics creating work that is fresh and genuine. As a teaching artist, she moves center stage to teach the world through music. She was educated in the arts at the University of California Berkeley and holds two advanced degrees from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a Master in Art Education and a Master of Fine Arts.

“Patti was the perfect complement to Leon Russell, her music, her message, and her style.” – The Mayne Stage concert promoter after Patti Rain opened for Leon Russell at two sold out nights at Chicago’s