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Introducing World Music’s Marius Billgobenson

New Album Out December 2019

Stockholm Sweden – May 15, 2019 – Just two years ago Marius Billgobenson gave the world his debut, The Sum of My Pardon. An album All About Jazz’s Jim Olin called “an intriguing musical journey.” Now after a couple of years of promoting and playing, Marius Billgobenson is ready to deliver the much anticipated follow up, December 2019’s Tribes In Mind.

Jazz Corner was not wrong when they lamented Marius Billgobenson “exudes charisma and positivity” on The Sum of My Pardon. Taking the best that jazz, blues, and African has to offer and melting it into one pot and stirring it ever so slightly until everything has come together cohesively and tastef

Meet Mari, His Music Sneaks Into Your Heart, His Lyrics Sip Into Your Soul

Nairobi, Kenya — Sunday, July 28th, 2019 — Singer-songwriter Mari has released his debut album ‘Let It Out’. Following the release of his ‘Let It Out E.P’ in 2018, Mari embarked on the journey to give his fans his first complete body of work. Simple story-telling, witty wordplay, and catchy melodies leave the listener elated and craving for more.

The album takes the listener on a ride in an emotional roller-coaster, following the story of a young man’s journey through love, heartbreak and a passion to follow his dreams. The songs embody Mari’s unique signature songwriting and vocal prowess. They blend a mix of Pop, R&B and acoustic sounds with an underlying Afrocentric rhythm which brings a unique flavor to the ear.

“The album tells the story of a young man finding love, going through heartbreak, raising a child and following his dreams. It holds a deeper meaning, tel

Artist Noels Drops ‘Cool Vibes N 16s’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Brooklyn, New York – July 25, 2019 Fresh out of Brooklyn, Artist Noels is representing east coast hip hop with R&B flare on his latest release, Cool Vibes N 16s, out now.

Nine tracks deep, Cool Vibes N 16s is an album that works on multiple levels. It’s one listener can get down to on their own, but also one that plays well when it’s time to go out and have a night out with the crew. Songs like “That’s a Bop” and “Wild Out” have sick beats that fans of the likes of Chris Brown and Tory Lanes will appreciate.

What’s also special about Cool Vibes N 16s is that Artist Noels just doesn’t lay down rhymes, but also sings throughout the record. Much like Drake, he intertwines his skills successfully but also touches a lot on recovering from heartbreak.

Never afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve and sing or rap about it, Artist Noels

Dumi Right Releases “Liberation Music” Video

New Single From Doing It The Right Way

Washington, DC – May 16, 2019 – As a member of Zimbabwe Legit, Dumi Right made history by being part of one of the first African hip hop groups to release an album in the United States. Now he’s focused on continuing to make more big moves on his own with the release of his hard hitting video for “Liberation Music,” the latest single from his most recent album, Doing It The Right Way.

Insomniac Magazine commented that the song “both motivates and enlightens” and they were spot on. Staying in tune with the themes of Doing It The Right Way, the video for “Liberation Music” explores social justice, artistic independence, free thought, self-determination and other critical issues of the day. The v

Hawaii Mandolin Tour by The Danbury Lie: 11 Solo Improvisations Recorded at Parks and Beaches throughout The Aloha State

Seattle, WA — Friday, May 17th, 2019 — The Danbury Lie have released Hawaii Mandolin Tour, a full-length album of solo improvisations recorded in parks and beaches throughout The Aloha State. The album, which features a mix of psychedelic and classical vibes (along with some good ol’ shredding), can be heard on all the major streaming services including Spotify and Bandcamp.

Instrumentalist Rob Loncto (aka The Danbury Lie) traveled around the Hawaiian islands for two weeks in February/March 2019 with his mandolin, recording along the way while taking in some of the world’s greatest natural beauty. The result is a unique stripped-down sound that is perfectly suited for meditation sessions or perhaps as background music for a 420 dinner party.

“Hawaii is an amazing place, and it’s great to document my travels with this record,” Loncto said. “The beautiful scenery in places like Waikiki and Maui inspired my playing

SLUKA Prove They’re “Ready To Connect” with New Single

Band of Pilots Deliver New Alternative Rock Single

San Diego, California – May 20, 2019 – SLUKA is giving fans not only a new video for “Ready to Connect, but” they’re also sharing an important update on what they’ve been up to the past 365 days here.

SLUKA is a fearsome foursome consisting of Lis Viega (drums, vocals), Alexandra Holt (street can, theremin, vocals), Anna Eppink (bass, vocals), and singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Christopher Sluka. SLUKA is a female-heavy band and crew with their entire band and team being women, except for Sluka. He’s a man who’s been making music since the late ’80s. In fact, his debut, Emotional Battlefield, just turned 30-years-old.

Three decades and a dozen albums later, and Christopher Sluka is dropping SLUKA’s 2019 release, Ready to Connect soon. The lead s


Rock’s Iconic Musicians

Billy Sheehan (David Lee Roth, Mister Big & Winery Dogs) & Rod Morgenstein (Winger & Dixie Dregs)  Offer Their Time and Combined Talent to Support a Different Kind of Rock!


Mineola, New York – May 20, 2019 – Road Crew has taken a Tragedy and turned it around by ultimately giving back all they can With The Baby Rocco Foundation.

Don Chaffin (vocals), Billy Sheehan (bass), Joey Jem Cangemi (guitar), Rod Morgenstein (drums) & Nick Troiani (keys)  recorded Road Crew‘s debut album to feature great music as well as showing their support for a beloved child that was lost in a horrific tragedy. Guitarist Joey Jem  Cangemi’s son, Baby Rocco was only two-and-a-half-years-old when he was hit and killed on Long Island, New York in early September 2017 by a distracted driver that was speeding in a posted children at play 5 MPH zone

Cliff Weideman Presents Group of Divine

Gospel Music with a Communal Feel

Johannesburg, South Africa – May 28, 2018 – Over the past five years Cliff Weideman has been working with talents such as lyricist Venessa Adams on his gospel project, Group of Divine. Together they’ve composed over 100 songs, and nine albums including the 2019 release I Found You.

The album, which dropped in April 2019, is a gospel record through and through. Each of the four tracks brings a new layer of who Cliff Weidman is an artist and how he is able to manifest his faith in song. “Your Crown of Thorns” invites listeners in from the press of play. Thus allowing “Tell Me,” “Melt Into You,” and “I Belong” to take care of the rest of the listener’s stay.

Cliff said of his faith and music, “God inspired us with messages in every song,” adding, “The songs are also about our journey.”

On this musi

Innovative American Rap Artist ‘Spiritual’ Announces New Single ‘Feeling Cute…Might Go Platinum Later’

Louisiana, USA — Tuesday, June 4th, 2019 — ‘Spiritual’ is an American rapper and actor who aims to create hypnotizing beats with his music and bring back the classic 90s Hip-Hop sound. His latest single titled ‘Feeling Cute…Might Go Platinum Later’ will drop June 7, 2019.

Hailing from Louisiana, rapper and actor Spiritual is someone who has worked his way up the ladder to become the artist he is today. Having started his rap career from an early age, he is now a master in the craft and aims to reach out to a large demographic of listeners across the globe. Constantly working on new projects, Spiritual will drop his latest single titled ‘Feeling Cute…Might Go Platinum Later’.

‘Feeling Cute…Might Go Platinum Later’ is a catchy song that talks about political issues and social situations that make the world fall apart. In this song, he ra