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The Tyrannical Rap Artist B Fhukken Have

Brooklyn New York — Saturday, January 25th, 2020 — Rap Artist B Fhukken Have



        B Fhukken Have is back with his show stealing lyrics and personality. Anchoring the prize of hip hop B Fhukken Have has quickly formed his own distinct identity quickly catching the attention of publicist and journalist in the hip hop industry presenting Real Beef Music Group with front cover rights early in his career;soon after execs signing him after hearing his flamboyant music. Acquiring leads from connections on social media people have heard of the infamous BeefMusic from distant countries to your favorite rapper. Make no mistake B Fhukken Have holds a lot of skill & potential to excel and dominate the music industry in every area. Whether you include him in your top 5 or not B Fhukken will shake the game up and have you second guessing your favorite rapper. His unique sound and beats adds to his flexibility

Is it ever to late to Rock, Hard Left Turn Says No with their Debut Album

Poplar Bluff, Mo. — Thursday, January 23rd, 2020 — Their Unique Perspective, Style and Approach for that “Next Great Song” Makes Hard Left Turn’s Music Something you Want to Hear Again & Again

The music is catchy, energetic, melodic, anthemic, and diverse with a southern edge, lots of character within the song structures, the musicianship is thrilling, a diverse record, a Solid vibe, great production, excellent songwriting. Definite classic rock feel. Weird Al Yankovich meets the Rolling Stones, Sometimes a feel of Michael Monroe and in some parts Poison, Junkyard, Shotgun Messiah or the Sex Pistols

Thanks for the rest of the album – great stuff! No Place For Me is still stuck in my head – they all rock!…. Randy Q108 Kingston

Send your music to our station/publication We’ll add you to our playlist or review page in the coming weeks…Ardenncafe Webradio France

You guys rock&#8230

Cylencer Insures This Is His Year With “It’s 2020”

New Single Out Now


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – January 22, 2020 – Hailing from the suburbs of Philly is an up and coming hip hop artist by the name of Cylencer. With a dozen singles to his name, he plans on continuing to spread his talents with this latest single, “It’s 2020.”

“It’s 2020” is a fresh new hip hop track that follows a cascade of 2019 releases from Cylencer. His unique approach to everything he does shines through the masses of other rappers trying to make their way to the top. From “Who’s That?” to “Half Snake, Half Scorpion” to “It’s 2020,” Cylencer is always operating at 110%.

Which comes to the surprise of no one who knows him. Finding his passion for music as a teenager, Cylencer quickly turned all of his attention towards that and hasn’t looked back since. Handling his business for a few year

Teena Delivers Experimental Pop With New Single “Not This Time”

New Single Out Now


Seaford, New York – January 21, 2020 – What started in her bedroom a few years ago has since grown into a career that includes infamous venues, thousands of streams, and the latest single from Teena; “Not This Time.”

With her vocal influences ranging from the Disco Queen Donna Summer to the pop-punk stylings of Paramore’s Hayley Williams, Teena brings audible diversity to the table like no other with her new single, “Not This Time.” Her emotive ways bring the track to life and help usher in a wave of pop that is not afraid to abandon the rules of the expected. “Not This Time” follows the success of “What If We Kissed?” which has racked up more than 20,000 Spotify streams since its 2019 release.

Teena was just 18 when she started playing around with GarageBand loops. Always one to experiment with sounds and styles, she soon realiz

Upcoming alternative rock artist Tony Oso’s new single, “Going Down” is a motivational message about combating drug addiction.

Melbourne, FL — Tuesday, January 21st, 2020 — “Going Down” is about the many people Tony has witnessed getting heavily into drugs (pre-addiction stage) where their lives were heading down a dark path.  This is Tony’s message to all of them to look in the mirror and turn themselves around before it is too late. Nothing good comes from them and they just aren’t worth it in the first place!

With the opiod epidemic in full swing, drugs are destroying lives at an alarming rate. Everyone has the power to be educated and stay away from temptation. “Going Down” highlights the negative effects that will occur if one cannot resist.

Tony Oso’s music is for fans of alternative rock with motivational lyrics about experiences. “Going Down” stems from people Tony has witnessed struggle firsthand.

Tony departed on his mission to motivate and inspire others in 2019 after he experienced a onslaught of injuries an

This Song is Inspirational & Soulful! Encouraging the world that It Gets Better From Here .

Chicago, IL, USA — Monday, January 20th, 2020 — It Gets Better From Here couldn’t have been a better chant in the song. Very Inspirational and Encouraging to someone who may be having a lot of issues in life. Then to hear what the Rap artist is going through but knowing it will get better was a real emotional feeling to still be encouraged.

This song by Donny Pomerlee shows his urban/Soul character that he is a versatile singer. What an Awesome job to deliver such an inspirational song that no one is expecting from him with a hip hop artist in the song. The song can be found in Amazon, Pandora, Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes, and Apple Music. 1/20/20 Release Date.

We must always remember in life that it will get better. No matter the circumstances or how it looks we must keep the faith. God Is Love & Love Conquers All.

Uplifting & Emotional is what this song will be