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Chand K Nova Announces Release Of ‘Why Stop Now?’

New Instrumental Album Out Soon


Southall, United Kingdom – August 8, 2019 – Self-taught from day one, Chand K Nova has become a master of his craft when it comes to creating a myriad of arrangements. Now they’re all coming together on his upcoming release, Why Stop Now? The new album will feature five wonderfully done instrumental compositions. All of them written and performed by Chand K Nova.

Chand K Nova was only 12-years-old when he started tinkering around with playing music. With no one to teach him, he taught himself and sometime later in 2010, he was able to record and release his first set of tracks. Today plays a variety of instruments as he creates a multitude of musical styles that showcase his talented range but all around his music is experimental; unlike the norm.

Those interested in featuring Why Stop Now? on their playlists, reviewing the

Beatrice Nneamaka Allen Delivers Inspirational Tunes For All Ages

New Gospel Music Out Now


Alberta, Canada – August 8, 2019 – When Beatrice Nneamaka Allen first started down her career path, it was as a registered nurse. A job that is appreciated on all levels, it’s about giving back to those in need and having a heart. With that already ingrained into her, her next step into the world of gospel music was not a surprise. Now she’s celebrating her latest single, “A Million Praise.”

“A Million Praise” is the newest single from Beatrice Nneamaka Allen. It follows her 2017 release, Wherever You Go. Like “A Million Praise,” Wherever You Go is chocked full of inspiration. With songs such as the title track, “Beauty for Ashes,” and “Open the Gates” bringing both life and entertainment to the table, it’s a nonstop inspirational train that listeners will not want to get off of. The same ca

Queer Synth-Pop CARSON Presents “Once Again”

New Single and Video Out Now


Long Beach, California – August 8, 2019 – With a glam rock aesthetic that has been MIA in the mainstream since the days of Bowie, John DeLaTorre is looking to bring that and then some back into pop music with his synth-filled new single and video, “Once Again.”

“Once Again” both the song and the video, inspire a range of things; from movement to movements. The synth-pop sounds pulsate throughout as John DeLaTorre delivers the lyrics with finesse while the video showcases a myriad of LGBTQ faces.

John boasts proudly of the casting, “I’m really happy my friends Garnet Rubio who is a Trans POC woman, David Bowie look-alike Cory Alexander could be a part of it. All the minds behind this video were women. It was directed by female powerhouse Symone Ridgell, produced by Cookie Walakus, styled by Ella Cepeda, and hair and

Personall Drops ‘Battle Tested’ August 19, 2019

New Hip Hop Record Out Soon


Florence, South Carolina – August 8, 2019 – With mental illness affecting everyone in this world one way or another, the conversations about how to live with it, combat it, and help those affected by it are growing with each passing day. Only it’s never enough, but hip-hop artist Personall is hoping that his album can be an asset to help aid those in need and to further the conversation even more. Battle Tested, out August 19, 2019, may sound like hip hop on the surface but like his peers Logic, Personall is focusing heavily on mental health and dealing with depression on this record.

Personall himself suffered from depression for years. He even tried to commit suicide but today he’s come so far from his lowest point to become a true leader of the culture by taking a stand not only in the community but in his music. Battle Tested

Anaya Delivers Pure Bliss with ‘Isalc”Li: A Love Odyssey’

Award Winning Composer Inspires with Latest Release

Brasilia-Federal District, Brazil – March 28, 2019 – Conveying emotion through song is nothing new. Turn on any radio and one can hear an array of songs with lyrics about this and that, but it’s those musicians who take it back to the days when music was void of words that truly have mastered the emotive response music can have. Musicians like Anaya, a composer who breathes new life the neo-classical realm each and every time she releases new music. This time with her 2019 release, Isalc”Li: A Love Odyssey.

Isalc”Li: A Love Odyssey is like the best night’s sleep without closing one’s eyes. The compositions found within this album deliver arrangements fit for a comforting dreamscape. Very much like that of a film score, Isalc”Li: A Love Odyssey offers breathtaking instrumentals such as “Ethereal Love” and “Sacred

Find out How this Singer/Songwriter from Australia Captured the Feelings of music in his song “I WANT TO MAKE MUSIC”

Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia — Sunday, March 31st, 2019 — Find out how this Rocking, Singer/Songwriter from Australia Captured the feeling of music in his songI WANT TO MAKE MUSIC

This is every music lover and Performer theme song about how music makes you feel. Feeling it at a Deeper level, To live it, Breath it, Todo and Treat others better by been influenced by the power of music that created by God to be Shared & enjoy. Discover Rocking Rocco From Queensland Australia, Creating Songs with a personal spiritual touch to connect with others from Christianity to Love & Rock, Bringing Music to life with His Soulful Vocals & Unique Style & Original Sound.

Its a Great honor to be given the gift of music to share to stand up and have a voice for others, Music can help us reach higher taking what you love can inspire us to do better. giving back & helping others that a less fort

Anti-Millimeter is “Plottin On Mills” with New Single

Latest Single from Figure Chasin Da Street Out Now

Pensacola, Florida – April 2, 2019 – Florida-based rapper Anti-Millimeter has just announced the next single from his latest album, Figure Chasin Da Street, and it’s “Plottin On Mills.”

Featuring Manebo and Deno Blue, “Plottin On Mills” presents a very southern rap feel. Similar to the likes of the Ying Yang Twins and Trinidad James, Anti-Millimeter fires on all cylinders; whether it’s on his latest release “Plottin On Mills” or on other joints found within the confines of Figure Chasin Da Street like “Take a Look” and “Same Thing.”

Anti-Millimeter got his start in the community choir but as he got older, the streets started calling his name. Thankfully he realized sooner than later that wasn’t the life for him. So he picked up a pen and pad and started letting his creati

Sheron Serves Up ‘Wesley Snipes’

New Single Out Now

Los Angeles, California – April 2, 2019 – After delivering major moments with “The Most Hated,” “Morphin Time,” and “Momma Said,” west coast rapper Sheron is ready to impress all over again with his April 2019 release; “Wesley Snipes.”

Growing up, Sheron was immersed in the west coast rap scene but found himself seeking out more. Which is why the likes of Michael Jackson and later, Beyonce, introduced him to and kept him in, the world of dance. Sheron notes, “Being a dancer has shaped not only the person I am it has also played a key role in my artistic development. My sound and voice have been influenced by the type of adaptability that dance demands.” That very reason is why Sheron’s music has traditional hip-hop beats but also have wonderful pop elements that allow f

The Rapper Who Can’t Talk Right…Til’ He Has The Mic.

Aurora, Colorado — Wednesday, August 7th, 2019Mom needs a kidney, not awaiting’ list. Dad needs a milly’ not cancer sticks. Lines sparks up the fireplace, humility does equal grace…” A view of the Rocky Mountains come into vision, so does the vibrate messages of one such individual. Born and raised in the center of Aurora, Colorado is an artist that goes by the name that was given to him. That person is Aaron Lattany

Aaron is a young lyricist who also has a speech impediment. As one of the many challenges he faces on a daily basis, this hasn’t stopped him from doing what he loves. Not only for himself, but also for his parents. Both of whom have serious medical conditions. From the many parables written in his songs as his own “human experience,” Aaron looking for rep the awards of what he can achieve in the game for


Dallas, Texas — Wednesday, August 7th, 2019 — Torrey Fortune announces his arrival, bringing a new soulful sound to hip hop fans with the release of his forthcoming debut album,  Superficial words. The forthcoming single was released on July 9th, 2019.

Along with the album announcement, today also marks the upcoming release of the video from the album, On da Way premiering exclusively via YouTube and Chedda Vision T.V. Torrey Fortune is currently preparing a six-city tour with another new artist from Smokey Eyes Entertainment Gizzle Badazzz. Torrey Fortune: Music is everything it’s sad happy pain love. A song always has a memory attached to it.

Torrey Fortune recorded most of Outta Space in his studio in Dallas, Texas.  TORREY FORTUNE  worked with artists such as Jon2, CP the Great, Drew Thousand, J Kill, and producer Cloak.

Like many before him, Torrey Fortune came to Texas to make music. He’s collaborated with