Weho’s World Famous Whisky A Go Go Celebrates The Birth Of A Star!

Los Angeles, California – January 13, 2019 – On February 9th, 2020, the legendary Whisky a Go Go, is having one of the most “Mystical” nights in Hollywood, as they celebrate their resident Sunday Pop Act’s birthday. StarChild, an up and coming Indie Pop singer, claiming to use witchy powers and his melodic lyrics, to help transport the audience into his dimension of the Sun, as he proclaims himself to be “The Sun King” of indie-pop music. With his Larger than life theatrical performances, he and his up and coming Pop-Neo Soul friends, Jay DiamondzandD –Renegade, invite music lovers to record the Oscars, and Jam and Groove to the beat of their “Full Moon of Love Show”!

In 2020 The Sunset Strip is offering LA a fresh new age underground pop music scene, stating that, “The party doesn’t just end on Saturday in West Hollywood”. Brewing since the summer of 2019, these new Whisky A Go Go up and comers, have been electrifying audiences with

Vintage Gold: The Revival of Rock N Roll

Buffalo — Sunday, January 12th, 2020 — VINTAGE GOLD brings to you a new rock-fusion experience. With explosive and energetic performances, Vintage Gold’s union and dedication to the creative process continues to win the hearts and souls of music lovers everywhere. With a touch of nostalgia, Vintage Gold brings new original tunes while embracing the roots and soul of Rock N Roll’s golden years.

A new generation of music has erupted and Vintage Gold is at the top of the list for 2020 up and coming bands. Hailing from Buffalo NY, Vintage Gold music continues to travel the airwaves, exciting both older and younger generations, assuring them that the soul of Rock N Roll is not dead. Check Vintage Gold on all streaming platforms and join the new musical revolution!

“A new Golden Age of music is upon us. Let’s ride the wave.”

Vintage Gold will be releasing two full-length albums in 2020!


Vintage Gold Rocks

PTLGPOONIELO Brings Change To Chicago With Boss

Chicago, IL — Friday, January 10th, 2020With today’s growing music market, Artists from all over are trying there best to get their music blasted in the ears of all music lovers across the globe. However, very few artists have a unique style. Not to mention, they don’t address much of society’s subliminal mind control over tactics that prevent others from conquering their fears, stress, or anger. PTLGPOONIELO, a south side Chicagoan independent artist, is bringing light to these issues in the form of uplifting and inspirational music; specifically with his latest single “Boss”.

With over 10,000 views on Youtube within the last 4 months, PTLGPOONIELO latest single, “Boss” has touched the ears of many music lovers, and in a different wave. The video has been able to provoke positive emotions in people all over and sets the stage for a new wave of music that can potentially change the direction

This virtuoso has been labeled by some as.. The Next Most Interesting Man

Florida — Thursday, January 9th, 2020 — Koreyography could be the new artist we’ve been waiting for.  This virtuoso has elements of his arsenal that we don’t usually see in an artist. Directing/videography, hip hop choreography, breakdancing, tricking (extreme martial arts), scholar, musician, composer, and more!  This new artist seems to be the real deal!

Koreyography has been fortunate to be able to train/learn from some of the best in the world and utilizes all experiences in his music and movements.

Music Styles: Classical piano, salsa, hip hop, country, R&B, anime, rock, funk, jazz, etc..

Dance and body movement styles: Locking, breaking (breakdancing), hip hop choreography, and Tricking!

His first single “Wonder Bread Remix” only has three lines of instrumentation; Vocal, guitar, and keyboard (at the end). According to Koreyography, the Wonder Bread Remix doesn’t even scratch the surface for what he i

Your Search For Substance Stops Here With Lil’ Greg the Bastard’s Latest Visual In Two And A Hall Years Brings Back The Nostalgia Of Rap With Substance While Simultaneously Not Sounded Dated

Richmond, VA — Wednesday, January 8th, 2020 — G is short for “gram” if you weren’t aware and Lil’ Greg the Bastard makes this apparent on his latest visual from his 2019 release he brings his first visual in two and a half years with a new and improved sound he puts the listener in the head of a bored immobile weed dealer who’s binge-watching “The Walking Dead” and reminiscing on the old days.

Lil’ Greg the Bastard is a veteran emcee whose message has always been clear. Aligning himself with J. Cole’s, Kendrick’s, and Big K.R.I.T.’s Greg is serious about his craft. Today’s current rap climate seems like it’s in need of a hero and Lil’ Greg the Bastard is the savior. “G Is For Gram” official music video is streaming now.

In the first verse, Greg boosts “Pinch of pepper in your nasal wet your eyes made you sneeze, amongst several stars ident

Gary Dean Smith Bring Jazz To The Masses With ‘Awakening’

New Album Out Now


San Jose, California – January 7, 2020 – Gary Dean Smith pulled out all the stops for 2019’s ‘Awakening,’ even working with a legendary producer/bass player.

‘Awakening’ is Gary Dean Smith’s long-awaited follow up to 2011’s ‘Backbone Sessions #1.’ The new EP features a handful of songs that deliver upbeat jazz fusion comparable to the likes of Jeff Lorber and The Crusaders. Smith was at the reins but was not without help from the one and only, the legendary producer and bass player, Jimmy Haslip. Together they not only went above and beyond on this EP, but they also formed the Expansion of a Sum; a five-piece ensemble comprised of remarkably talented musicians.

Well received and reviewed since it’s early 2019 release, ‘Awakening’ has been a delightful addition to the contemporary jazz scene. It spent over a dozen weeks on the NA

S&R Records & Ditop Productions Presents 9Keyzz

New Single Out January 20, 2020 


Mount Vernon, New York – January 7, 2020 – S&R Records and Ditop Productions are proud to present their first drop of 2020, 9Keyzz. Their music athletic team not only has a new single coming in January but a debut album in May.

9Keyzz will deliver their new single, “Lit Life” to the world on January 20, 2020. It follows a cascade of other hits including “Let Me Love You,” “No Competition,” “Energy,” and “Lottery.” The Jamaican-international artists are excited to bring their fresh sound to the forefront not only with their banging new single but also with their debut album which is set to be released May 9, 2020. They are currently stateside, far from their home on the islands, putting the finishing touches on their debut.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without S&R Records and Ditop Productions’ Scean Gordon. He spent much of the earl

Native 1 Looks To Break World Records In 2020

New Album Out Now


Brooklyn, New York – January 2, 2020 – Born and raised in New York City, the infamous Lafayette Gardens projects to be exact, Native 1 has always had a drive larger than most. He worked his way up from nothing and eventually became the first rap artist to perform and win at the Apollo Theater. Not once but three times. Now he’s looking to add even more notoriety to his name with his Guinness World Record feat.<