A fresh face has emerged onto the World Music Fusing together Arabic and Middle Eastern beats

Just a Moment Out Now

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain – July 16, 2019 – A fresh face has emerged onto the World Music scene thanks to Faisal Al Kooheji and his debut release, Just a Moment. Fusing together Arabic beats this international meets Middle Eastern album is sure to delight those looking to enhance their listening experiences.

Faisal Al Kooheji found early success at the tender age of eleven-years-old when he became the youngest composer in Bahrain. He’d taken his original music and paired it with a poem he’d found by Khalifa Al Isa. That garnered him the attention of many. In between then and now he’s kept music around him as he’s gone on to receive higher education and start a career. Faisal Al Kooheji has also been busy performing over the past two decades. Now he’s ready to perform more of his originals thanks to the release of Just a Moment.

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Dshcook Announces His New Album State Of Grace

July 10, 2019 — SW Michigan — Dshcook, a solo Christian artist, singer-songwriter, producer, and engineer, has launched his new album “State of Grace”.  The all-new album comes with 12 original songs inspired by the Holy Spirit and completely in line with how the Lord is moving in the earth today.

Dshcook has been making music for a long time. Even though he was into mainstream music earlier, he has now shifted focus entirely to creating music that enriches other lives. Dshcook is not your ordinary music artist — his songs are soul-searching, encouraging and he is a new Christian Artist in the contemporary genre.

According to Dshcook, “Music means different things to different people and fastens moments in time to our lives… Music can change your mood, paint your experiences and color your memories.” He further adds that his gifts and fervor for

Chellcy Reitsma Rises Above with  ‘Black Water’

Creativity was always a part of Chellcy Reitsma’s narrative. As a child, she sang and danced alongside her family to a variety of styles. It was then she discovered one doesn’t have to pick just one lane as all music is precious. With time she put music on the back burner and focused on art and dance throughout college. However, injuries sustained via dance left her unable to perform in that respect. While some would’ve wallowed in the loss, Chellcy took it as an opportunity to get back to music and explore the opportunities it held. That was in 2015. Four years later she’s riding high on finding her voice and using it to captivate listeners around the world with her latest release, Black Water.

Times of Malta has noted of Black Water, “…communication is perfectly expressed through her strong deep voice, which, backed by the haunting sound of the harmonica keening a sad lullaby, forms the backbone of her latest…&#822