Fort Worth Pac Makes His Presence Known With 2019 Releases

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Fort Worth, Texas – August 28, 2019 – No stranger to heartbreak and pain, Fort Worth Pac puts it all out on the line when it comes to his raw, honest take on hip hop. With new releases dropping left and right this year, this Texas-based emcee is on a roll and ready to ride high with his latest single, “In Love” and “Troublesome (Bitch Sit Down).”

Fort Worth Pac, which stands for Prophecy Alkadalic Control, has never had it easy. Struggle, hardship, and heartbreak have always managed to find their way to his front door. He’s faced many demons over the years from his anger issues to his near-death experiences, but along the way, he’s been saved by one thing; music. His ability to take those negatives and rhyme them into positives is what got him here today. That and his natural gift to be able to pick up a mic and let it flow.


Abandon The Fall Rock It Out With New Single “The Hurt”

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Houston, Texas – August 27, 2019 – Abandon The Fall is the mastermind of artist, producer, and songwriter Juan Espinoza. With almost two decades worth of experience under his belt, he’s proud to present the latest Abandon The Fall single. “The Hurt” promises to take rock fans to the next level and beyond.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Of Mice and Men, and Linkin Park, Abandon The Fall isn’t just about creating rock anthems but anthemic soundscapes with cascades of rock, melodies, and more. Aggressive pulsations are teamed with empowering chords and open lyrics on “The Hurt” to present a well-rounded listening experience for fans of rock with depth.

Abandon The Fall’s Juan Espinoza started working in music 15 years ago. Producing every other genre under the sun, he finally decided to focus on his

SMG YaYa Announces New Mixtape ‘No Seeds’

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Bloomington, Illinois – August 28, 2019 – Fresh off the release of his current single, “Homicide,” SMG YaYa has announced his 2019 mixtape. Expect No Seeds out soon.

Part of the Stack Money Gang, SMG YaYa has been making melodic hip hop for almost a decade. Starting back in 2011, his rhymes have allowed him to shine as part of an underground ensemble as well as in his solo efforts. He’ll be teaming up with some of his SMG fam and more for No Seeds. Fans will hear the likes of $avage of Mob Music, Lgado, GB Wiggz and many more laying it down for this hot new mixtape.

No Seeds is out soon. For those looking to add new music to their hip hop playlists, interested in reviewing No Seeds, or those interested in interviewing SMG YaYa can reach out via the information provided below.

For more on SMG YaYa, hea

Songs For Motion Pictures, Commercials & Promotions.

Gladstone, New Jersey — Wednesday, August 28th, 2019 — Jimmy Wilgus has written hundreds of songs and performed with several bands. Most recently Jimmy has written music for motion pictures and a TV series directed by Vitaly Pavlov in Russia. Jimmy lives in Russia and has authorized the licensing of his music for recording by artists, motion pictures, TV Theme songs, and commercial purposes. Want to hear the genius of this modest songwriter? Visit a website created by fans,

Jimmy has been the victim of a very unfortunate situation in Moscow. He was arrested by Russian police on false charges in November 2016. He was held in detention for almost a year before a trial. The judge found him guilty, even though the victims testified he did not commit such a crime and was sentenced to 12.5 years in a Russian Labor Camp. He sits there today, in charge of the entertainment program for prisoners and visiting dignitaries, and cont

Y.N.F.A Records Presents Solo and C-Webb’s Debut Album ‘A Hustler’s Tale Vol. 1’

New Album Out Early 2019

Atchison, Kansas – January 9, 2019 – Solo and C-Webb are representing a lot with the upcoming release of their debut,A Hustler’s Tale Vol. 1. Not only the heart of America, but also their family as the two are brothers, and also their label Y.N.F.A Records. While that may have put an overwhelming amount of pressure on some, it has yet to phase the Midwest duo.

A Hustler’s Tale Vol. 1 has been a lifetime in the making as Solo and C-Webb have been spitting rhymes with one another for years. Growing up together they’ve shared a lot, including their passion for music. Come 2018 they went from dreaming about it to making it a reality with the release of their debut single in February. “Steal My Shine” was just the beginning as it was followed by a handful of other songs, including their latest single, “Young Age.” Each gave audiences a taste of w

Introducing Andrew Beldy’s Morpheus Songs

Eclectic Sounds from Andrew Beldy’s Indie Label

Las Vegas, Nevada – January 11, 2019 – With music that spans decades and styles, Andrew Beldy isn’t putting himself or his label, Morpheus Songs, in a singular box. His half dozen singles available now are reminiscent of the ’80s, ’90s, and today as they deliver everything from alternative to electronic vibes.

Andrew Beldy spent many years in and out of various bands in New York City. In the past, he’s played and performed in Beldonleej, The Core, Singularity, Leadfoot, Syndy Jane, The Transplants, and more. Now he’s focusing on his own thing with his label. Morpheus Songs represents what Andrew is all about not only as an artist but as an innovator of sound. Why stick with one note when there are so many to play with? That’s what listeners get with Andrew Beldy at the helm.

“Underwater Symphony,” “Ameliorate,” &

Onism E Drops New Single And Video For “Love You More”

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New York City, New York – August 27, 2019 – This straightforward rock project is headed by the always evolving Elaine Chavez. A rocker strapped with a guitar, she plans on taking Onism E to new heights with the release of “Love You More” on August 29, 2019.

Similar to the alternative wave that ushered in the likes of Liz Phair during the early ’90s, Onism E presents a wonderful blend of that and modern rock that results in a stellar rock track that could fare well on a playlist nestled in between Incubus and 1975. “Love You More” is just the latest from Onism E. Working on all new singles throughout 2019, Onism E has already dropped two (“Stay” and “Let You Go”) with “Love You More” being the third on August 29. Along with the single comes a new video as well.

On top of new music, fans can also ge

Tony Marino Drops New Cd In The New Year

Ft Wayne — January 12, 2019 — Talented Latin Jazz artist, Tony Marino, set to release his new album titled Family and Friends on the 12th of January, 2019

Family and Friends is the much-anticipated CD release from the talented composer, pianist, and Latin jazz artist, Tony Marino. The album is set to be released on the 12th of January, 2019, and is currently available for pre-order on iTunes. The album is Tony’s 10th CD release and further reiterates the creativity, amazing ingenuity, and uniqueness of the popular jazz artist.

His works have earned him accolades from lovers of jazz music across the globe. “Jazz fans will appreciate the dexterity of playing and the deftness of the compositions, regular punters will find a groove some and fun re-examination of seductive and sensual sounds but everyone will find something to love in a collection of musical soundscapes that have one foot firmly planted in Latin jazz but the other stepping out to explore th