ARTIST/PRODUCER/WRITER – KENNETH GLOVER Kenneth Glover hails from Charleston, South Carolina. Trained as a naval aviation air crewman, upon completion of his military duties, he went on to receive his degree in aviation technology. Kenneth also worked at NASA as a calibration technician. Later, he carried with him that early training and discipline acquired in the military, to propel his music career into the success it is today. After dabbling for a time in music production in Virginia, he began to receive requests from others to produce. Over time, he developed a real passion and it was at this point that he took his skills and his love of music to Atlanta. Check out Loyals’ online pressence.

Atlanta Ga — Wednesday, August 7th, 2019 — Loyals Music stems from his early childhood as a street hustler. After moving up the ranks as an interstate drug traffic offender. The state of Virginia violated him on their Drug Control Act after several attempts to prosecute on other drug offenses. When he finished his sentence his brother Reginald Glover purchased him an MPC and an Akai keyboard and since then the music has kept him free of the dangerous lifestyle of drugs and crime.

Loyal Music Group is a new music production, events, and promotion company based in Atlanta. Comprised of a production team from Georgia, South Carolina, New York, California, and Texas, we are ahead of the curve in terms of music film and fashion trends, and target marketing on an international platform. Our goal in addition to events and promotions and production is to serve the gaming community and composers in need of video and movie scores, as well as individual mus

Introducing Smooth Jazz Guitarist James Greene

New Music Out Now 


Shreveport, Louisiana – August 8, 2019 – When it comes to delivering smooth jazz with hints of R&B and good old fashioned soul, look no further than the guitar stylings of James Greene. He dishes all of the above and then some on his latest release, That Cali Swag.

Born in Indiana, James Green later relocated to the Bay Area of California. His time spent in Daly City and later Oakland is what inspired his latest release, That Cali Swag. Along with the coolness that smooth jazz presents, one can also hear that laid back but the metropolitan sound on songs such as “Gonna Be Alright,” “We’ve Got a Real Love,” and “Can You Phunk.”

James Greene has been playing guitar and piano since he was 16-years-old. Over the years he’s leaned more towards guitar as he’s played in local bands from Indiana to Sa

Military Veteran Turned Country Singer Jimmy Loftis Drops Debut Release

Jimmy Loftis Covers Travis Tritt’s “Anymore”


Irmo, South Carolina – August 14, 2019 – Anyone who has served in the Army and done tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan isn’t afraid to take chances. That is why after receiving high praise following his singing of the National Anthem for the troops while serving, Jimmy Loftis decided to take another chance in his life and pursue music. Fast forward eight years to today and he’s coming out strong with his first release, a remake of Travis Tritt’s “Anymore.”

Sticking with a classic country sound, Jimmy Loftis’ vocals do all of the work. Strong enough to reign in the cattle yet tender enough to hold a newborn, Jimmy’s vocals sail through the air from the speakers to the ears of listeners both near and far. Overseas he found solace in the likes of Garth Brooks, Luke Combs, and Travis Tri

Brave Future Present Their Epic New Single “Merciless”

New Single Out Now


Ailey, Georgia – August 15, 2019 – With a sound that could fill the soundtrack to the latest Marvel or CW series, Brave Future is killing it with their alternative rock ways on their latest single “Merciless.”

From the pulsating intro that takes us back to the earlier days of Linkin Park to the vocals that come through with distinct precision, “Merciless” slays from start to finish. A great rock record to place alongside the likes of Foo Fighters, Live, and Bush on a playlist, “Merciless” follows their last single that was as addicting but more brooding, “Down Here.”

Only two years in, Brave Future started when Prologic’s Chris Blackburn and Jason Hill teamed up with Sent by Ravens’ Jamie Windham and Zach Riner. Together they wanted to marry rock with elements of pop and electronic and that’s jus

Nipsey Hussle inspires african born american raised musician

Seattle, WA — Friday, August 16th, 2019 — OGMamboFresh is creating more than a “buzz” out of the West Coast and especially in the Pacific Northwest, as he strives to become the epitome of Hip-Hop. This Zimbabwe-born but Seattle raised artist has a brand that is picking up steam nationwide. In the Shona language, ‘Mambo’ means King or God and is synonymous within the culture –  it is the way you address an elder or a boss and Mambo’s family history suggest that his mother and father both have Royalties in Zimbabwe.  He has honorably carried the concept of being Kingly in his everyday life and pursuit as an artist.

His fans describe him as a well-versed recording artist.  Acknowledged for his collaborative style, laid back sounds, clever wordplay, and intense movement.  Influenced by icons such as Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, Lil Wayne, E-40, Ludacris and Outkast. – ’Mambo’ carves out his own lane experimenting with

King Kalenga Drops His Debut ‘Eyes Closed, Eye Open’

New Hip Hop Music Out Now


Springfield, Virginia – August 15, 2019 – Passionate and full of love, King Kalenga delivers major vibes with his debut Eyes Closed, Eye Open.

A former lead singer for a rock meets hip hop band, King Kalenga is no stranger to doing things to the beat of his own drum. Which can be heard throughout his debut album, Eyes Closed, Eye Open. Songs like “Potions, Emotions” and “Like a Galaxy” have smooth deliveries that give King Kalenga’s hip hop an R&B twist. While he showcases some rage with the rightfully titled “Welcome to the Rage.” There’s definitely range in the emotions delivered on this record, but at after one hits the eleventh song, all they’ll want to do is hit repeat and start all over again.

Always a gentleman, King Kalenga is nothing but pure on Eyes Closed, Eye Open

Craig Morrison Delivers A Wide Variety Of Jazz With Two 2019 Releases

Therapy & Inspiration Both Out Now


Philadelphia, PA – August 14, 2019 – Handling every element of his latest release, Craig Morrison is a force on his 2019 albums, Therapy and Inspiration.

With an original take on the genre, Craig Morrison didn’t just release one jazz record this year but two. Inspiration represents a more avant-garde sound for the Philly-based musician. Creating the songs as he went along, he allowed his talents to shine on “Armor Attacked” and “Short Sale.” He did the same thing all over again, but with a more contemporary take on Therapy. Letting his guitar shine the whole way through, tracks like “Memorable Monday,” “Lighthouse Time,” and “Dinnertime” are for fans of Pat Methany and Kenny Burell.

Utilizing his skills to take control of t

No Name N Proudly Presents His Double-LP Release ‘Revelationz’

Out Now on Bentley Records


Houston, Texas – August 15, 2019 – No Name N worked around the clock to drop one of the hottest hip hop records of the year, Revelationz. Out now via Bentley Records, it tackles everything No Name N has gone through from racism to having cultural pride.

Originally from Indianapolis, No Name N came up with his little brother by his side. Raised by a single mother with help from his maternal grandparents, life wasn’t always the easiest but they got through. Once it was time for college, he headed off to Ball State University where he not only earned a BS in Industrial Technology Management but also kept busy on the field as a captain of the football team. Once college was over and done with, a friend from Notre Dame made the initial introduction to music. While No Name N had always been a hip hop fan, this was the first time he recognized himself

Singer Songwriter Jaeden Luke Is Changing The Sound Of Seattle With His New, Self-Produced Album, Free Of Me.

Seattle, Washington, United States — Friday, August 16th, 2019 — This self-taught 19-year-old artist reimagines independent music with his latest release. His fun, relatable pop songs will grab your heart (and your ears) within minutes of listening.

“One man show” is the best way to describe Jaeden Luke.  His newest album Free of Me is not only self-written but also self-recorded and produced from inside the walls of his bedroom.  From opening for Chris Isaak at Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery (Woodinville, WA) for 4000 people, to opening for Little Feat at the Triple Door (Seattle, WA), Jaeden Luke has independently built his career thus far without a record label or further help.

Free of Me is a 7 track acoustic/ pop album which lyrically reveals the journey of navigating life to discover true freedom, despite any hindrance or failed relationship along the way.  Although a 2019 record, fans are cal

The New Wave- Music Fusion

Chicago, IL — Monday, August 12th, 2019 — Music is in itself a universal language conveying emotion through tones and inflection. Kirko the scientist (KS for short) prides itself on fusing genres creating new and innovative sounds to convey his own message and emotions.

Kirko the Scientist makes music for the people who’d rather not speak on issues to prevent more trouble. He makes music for the misunderstood who look for a connection. People find not only related but ideas they can take forth in their own lives as they progress of self if a key message Kirko the Scientist brings to the world. Kirko the Scientist releases music at whim as he prefers the organic nature of music creation as well as releasing, which releases can be found on all major streaming platforms.

“Closed eyes can’t see how bright a star shines” – Kirko The Scientist

I believe this quote perfectly describes KS not only as an artist