Music Artist Markpain Returns By Fan Request

Las Vegas — Friday, August 23rd, 2019 — Mark Pain Wilson is a Hip Hop producer/Rapper who has been around for over 2 decades and has co-produced and produced with many known musicians in the music business. Considered the music business secret weapon he has played the background and has ghostwritten for legendary Bell Biv Devoe as well as Motown Records. Mark has been rewarded Gold by The Recording Industry Of America and is still active in music promoting and releasing new music.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Mark chose to leave the music industry and live a normal life with his family in Atlanta, Georgia where he resided keeping his ears to the streets and still producing music. Recently Mark started receiving notices via his inboxes on social media pertaining to why he left the music business and did not release any more music. Inspired by the messages that receive,  Mark decided that he would once return to a business that he held so clos

Mike Mckendry’s 6th Indie Album, Secrets Will be Revealed.

Christchurch, New Zealand — Monday, August 12th, 2019 — New Zealand Folk Singer/Songwriter, Mike Mckendry, has revealed that his 6th album, will give some insights into his sporadically turbulent journey in life. There have been rumors around, in the Christchurch music scene, that he’ll even record the making, of this new and ambitious project.

Details about the release date have been revealed, the full album will be out before the end of 2019, also video coverage of the pre-production and recording stages will start to appear on social media very soon. Mike is already performing the songs for this new album, regularly in bars and other venues around Christchurch.

Mike has stated previously, that the lyrics for the 6th album were written for him. One of the songs “The Jigsaw Song”, has become popular with a group of musicians, that play at the “Moon Under Water”, every Sunday afternoon. Mike has appeared there

This DMV Artist is Making What? A Guide to the DMV’s New Creative Renaissance

Wheaton, Maryland — Friday, June 21st, 2019 — EDYE (pronounced EDDIE) is among the new wave of young DMV artists in Maryland creating the next generation of DMV sound and art. Raised in Silver Spring, Maryland, he’s begun to quickly prove himself as a heavy hitter in lyrical rap.

What is DMV rap? One might think of Shabazz, Q da Fool or a number of other artists that made a way for the DMV to be heard, but the next generation is far past that. With focus’ on lyricism and the finer artistic aspects of music and physical arts like clothing, painting, and editing,  it could be said that the DMV is close to experiencing a renaissance of new talent and hope.

As for EDYE, growing up younger, he was inspired by the likes Indie bands and early 90s and 2000s rap. He grew up writing poetry, which later pushed him into making songs, seeing music as easier to portray emotions and feelings.

EDYE plans on releasing more music as time passes by and di