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Andy Michaels Delivers Melodic Depth On ‘Incendiary Heart’

New Adult Contemporary Album Out Now


Perth, Australia – November 5, 2019 – Singer-songwriter Andy Michaels has wasted no time since his 2018 release, Revisited, as he’s already dropped the follow-up, Incendiary Heart.

This 14-track album comes with high praise as everyone from The Weekly Spoon to Eat Sleep Breathe Music has been raving comparing Michaels not only to the legendary Cat Stevens but also noting Incendiary Heart has “killer sound that will make you take notice.”

And notice fans and critics alike have thanks to a myriad of songs that showcase not only Michaels’ infectious, melodic ways but also his pristine songwriting abilities on tracks such as “Only Change Stays the Same,” “Fireflies,” and “Darling It Hurts.” Of course, Michaels isn’t alone in this journey, he worked alongside and shared the mic with other talent

Rio Glacier Prepares For Second 2019 Release

Love Is Home Out November 22, 2019


St. Gallen, Switzerland – October 29, 2019 – Rio Glacier spent much of his 2019 working and releasing new music. With his first EP, Out of Tune, out in August he’s already got another on the way with November’s Love is Home.

Influenced by the melodies of Counting Crows and the escapism of Pink Floyd, Rio Glacier was able to pour his heart out lyrically on not one, but two EPs this year. The first being Out of Tune. Released back in August, Out of Tune features wonderfully constructed indie folk with hints of the blues and some rock sewn into the fabric. With more to say, he didn’t stray far from his signature sound when it came time to record Love is Home. Due out November 22, 2019.

Currently, Rio Glacier is working on the vinyl master for his 2019 releases that will feature Out of Tune on Side A, and

Phil Loft Drops New Single “Chill Against The Shore”

New Soul Music Available Now


Bayshore, New York – October 22, 2019 – Phil Loft is serving audible tranquility with his latest release, “C.A.T.S. (Chill Against The shore.”

Much like artists such as Sade and Seal, Phil Loft presents music that takes soulful vocals and pairs them with serenity to bring about a sense of calm in their listeners. It’s what Loft has done since his debut single, “Think B4 Sound,” dropped back in September 2015. Fast forward to today and Loft has been steadily captivating audiences with each new release, including “Believe” from earlier this year.

Born into a supportive family, he notes how his loved ones granted him a place where he could allow his creative uniqueness to shine through all of his work. As he continued to hear music and be driven to create his own, he finally did in 2015. Now he has a pair of EPs and several singles to

Shannon Ell Brings It With Solid Debut Album

Running From Crazy Available Now


Willows, California – October 10, 2019 – Singer-songwriter Shannon Ell has been giving his all to audiences for over four decades. After so much time on stages here and there, he decided it was time to make his mark with his official debut. 2019’s Running From Crazy hits the mark as an intense, emotive ride.

“It has been said that life has a funny way of sneaking up on you just when you think everything is ok. This has certainly been the case many times in my life! The songs on Running From Crazy reflect some of the most powerful and intense moments in my life. Recording this CD has certainly been musical therapy for me. I hope my music touches your soul in some small way!” – Shannon Ell

Honest in his words and delivery, Running From Crazy is a solid record from start to finish. From the opening chords o

The Silvers Announce Second 2019 Release ‘Change Of Seasons’

Rushmore Out Now


Novato, California – August 29, 2019 – The Silvers aren’t getting much rest in 2019. They’ve already got one record out and another on the way. Fans of upbeat rock reminiscent of the ’60s and ’70s have their latest, Rushmore, to hold them over until the release of their second 2019 release, Change Of Seasons.

Change Of Seasons comes five months after the release of Rushmore, an album that features their hit single “Blame It On Love.” In May and June of 2019 “Blame It On Love” hit the top 20 on iTunes not only in the US but in Canada and Mexico as well. Fans and critics alike couldn’t get enough of with Stargaze calling them ” thoughtful, multi-talented and confident,” The Silvers are well prepared to repeat the success of Rushmore all over again when their new EP, <

Sally Crosby Proves She’s “Good Enough” With Latest Single

New Music Out Now


Welshpool, United Kingdom August 26, 2019 – It’s been two years since Sally Crosby dropped her EP,  All I Seem to Know How to Do Is Write Songs About You. Now she’s back with her latest single, “Good Enough.”

Simple yet endearing, Sally Crosby pairs her delicate pop vocals with light and airy folk to create a serene atmosphere that packs a punch with its lyrical content. A storyteller in the form of a songbird not afraid to wear her heart in her music, Sally Crosby brings the experiences of those in her songs to life time and time again. This time with “Good Enough.”

Growing up Sally Crosby found herself immersed in music playing the violin, clarinet, and the piano. Once she picked up the guitar at 16, that solidified what her future would consist of. Five years later she had a degree in not only Creative Writing but Music as well. Pairing those

Almaden Pens Anthemic Pop Song ‘LA’

Laid Back, California Cool Pop Song


Alhambra, California – August 21, 2019 – Cities like New York have had anthems come from the days of Sinatra to the current ones owned by Jay Z and Alicia Keys, but out west – where’s the love for Los Angeles? Well, it’s coming by way of Almaden’s latest pop single, “LA.” The perfect homage to the City of Angels, it’s as chill as a day on the sand that lines the Golden State.

A family affair, brothers Luis, Ramon, Fili, Javier, their sister Maria, and their father Salvador Reynosa started making music together in 1974 as Almaden. After creating some wonderful sounds together, they decided to embark on other ventures in the late ’80s. In recent years Luis, Ramon, and Fili decided to get the band back together and pen a song for the city that has always been home, Los Angeles.

With a ’70s sing

Tommy Homonym Releases ‘Two Waltzes’ EP

AC Pop EP Out Now

New Jersey – March 1, 2019 – They say it’s never too late to achieve one’s goals. Which is the sentiment Tommy Homonym has taken on as his own mantra as he continues to strive towards excellence with his 2019 EP release, Two Waltzes.

Mixed and mastered by David Darlington at Bass Hit Recording in New York City, Two Waltzes takes listeners back to the old days of Hollywood. John Allen Watts’ arrangement paired with Tommy Homonym lyrics give off a pop noir meets relaxed metropolitan vibe within the confines of a pair of songs that are true delights. Also helping urge Tommy’s double dose EP along are; Paul Nowinski (acoustic bass), Luiz Ebert (drums), Klaus Mueller (piano), Dan Urness (flugelhorn), and Jorge Continentino (flute). Together, the whole team was able to bring “Like a Ghost” and “Love is Fun” to life with wonderful pop-jazz elements that le

Bryce Fairweather Announces ‘It’s A Fine Line’ 

New Album Out September 1, 2019 


Woodstock, Australia – August 8, 2019 – Bryce Fairweather is bringing together older tracks and plenty of new originals on his upcoming release, It’s A Fine Line, out September 1, 2019.

It’s been many years since Bryce Fairweather stepped into the music scene and since then he’s been a whirlwind of entertainment for listeners both near and far. His ability to instantly grab the attention of audiences and connect is his gift and he’s spreading that with one surefire release after another; from 2018’s Feel the Need to his upcoming September 2019 album It’s A Fine Line.

It’s A Fine Line will continue Bryce Fairweather’s string of versatility as not only a member of the adult contemporary scene but also as a talented singer-songwriter. The album promises to be candid,

John T Kares Proves His Songwriting Abilities with ‘Gravity’

New Album Out Soon

Calistoga, California – March 28, 2019 – Much like the Allman Brothers and Crosby, Stills, and Nash before him, John T Kares is looking to bring heart back into songwriting with the follow up to his 2018 release, Gravity.

More than a dozen songs made their way onto John T Kares’ 2018 release, Gravity. Each one of them showcasing the California songwriter’s ability to captivate audiences while elevating what it means to deliver a well-crafted song; from “Small Towns” to “Another Man’s Soul” to “Just In Time.” Which is what John T Kares prides himself on. He notes of his drive, “I believe the differentiation in my music from others begins is simply that I write not to sell but to tell,” adding, “If I reach one listener on a very personal level I consider my efforts a grand success.”

Reaching people won’t eve