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Almaden Pens Anthemic Pop Song ‘LA’

Laid Back, California Cool Pop Song


Alhambra, California – August 21, 2019 – Cities like New York have had anthems come from the days of Sinatra to the current ones owned by Jay Z and Alicia Keys, but out west – where’s the love for Los Angeles? Well, it’s coming by way of Almaden’s latest pop single, “LA.” The perfect homage to the City of Angels, it’s as chill as a day on the sand that lines the Golden State.

A family affair, brothers Luis, Ramon, Fili, Javier, their sister Maria, and their father Salvador Reynosa started making music together in 1974 as Almaden. After creating some wonderful sounds together, they decided to embark on other ventures in the late ’80s. In recent years Luis, Ramon, and Fili decided to get the band back together and pen a song for the city that has always been home, Los Angeles.

With a ’70s sing

Tommy Homonym Releases ‘Two Waltzes’ EP

AC Pop EP Out Now

New Jersey – March 1, 2019 – They say it’s never too late to achieve one’s goals. Which is the sentiment Tommy Homonym has taken on as his own mantra as he continues to strive towards excellence with his 2019 EP release, Two Waltzes.

Mixed and mastered by David Darlington at Bass Hit Recording in New York City, Two Waltzes takes listeners back to the old days of Hollywood. John Allen Watts’ arrangement paired with Tommy Homonym lyrics give off a pop noir meets relaxed metropolitan vibe within the confines of a pair of songs that are true delights. Also helping urge Tommy’s double dose EP along are; Paul Nowinski (acoustic bass), Luiz Ebert (drums), Klaus Mueller (piano), Dan Urness (flugelhorn), and Jorge Continentino (flute). Together, the whole team was able to bring “Like a Ghost” and “Love is Fun” to life with wonderful pop-jazz elements that le

Bryce Fairweather Announces ‘It’s A Fine Line’ 

New Album Out September 1, 2019 


Woodstock, Australia – August 8, 2019 – Bryce Fairweather is bringing together older tracks and plenty of new originals on his upcoming release, It’s A Fine Line, out September 1, 2019.

It’s been many years since Bryce Fairweather stepped into the music scene and since then he’s been a whirlwind of entertainment for listeners both near and far. His ability to instantly grab the attention of audiences and connect is his gift and he’s spreading that with one surefire release after another; from 2018’s Feel the Need to his upcoming September 2019 album It’s A Fine Line.

It’s A Fine Line will continue Bryce Fairweather’s string of versatility as not only a member of the adult contemporary scene but also as a talented singer-songwriter. The album promises to be candid,

John T Kares Proves His Songwriting Abilities with ‘Gravity’

New Album Out Soon

Calistoga, California – March 28, 2019 – Much like the Allman Brothers and Crosby, Stills, and Nash before him, John T Kares is looking to bring heart back into songwriting with the follow up to his 2018 release, Gravity.

More than a dozen songs made their way onto John T Kares’ 2018 release, Gravity. Each one of them showcasing the California songwriter’s ability to captivate audiences while elevating what it means to deliver a well-crafted song; from “Small Towns” to “Another Man’s Soul” to “Just In Time.” Which is what John T Kares prides himself on. He notes of his drive, “I believe the differentiation in my music from others begins is simply that I write not to sell but to tell,” adding, “If I reach one listener on a very personal level I consider my efforts a grand success.”

Reaching people won’t eve

Multi-Genre Artist Gilbert Engle Delivers Four New Albums in 2019

New Music Out Now

Reston, Virginia – April 17, 2019 – Some of the biggest names in music don’t have as many albums to their name as Gilbert Engle. With almost six dozen records to date, he’s gone and added four more to his discography in 2019 with the releases of Arabic Collage, Major Scale Collage, ASMR Collage, ASMR Collage Two.

Each album brings to life a separate part of who Gilbert Engle is as an artist. A composer who doesn’t stick with one style for too long, his compositions breathe new life into listeners with each press of the play button. From Arabic inspirations to jazz to classical and big band, Gilbert’s wide range has cast a fine-tuned umbrella over the industry.

To list the talents Gilbert Engle has stepped into the studio with over the years would be like opening the Yellow Pages. Some of his heavy hitters include Peter Fraize, Sean Peck, Thad Wilson, Mike Pryor, C

Brian Vetter Faces Love And Loss With Debut ‘Facing The River’


Chicago, Illinois – July 29, 2019 Music has always been a part of Brian Vetter’s life, but after years of wondering what he could do he took the leap and decided to show the world what he was capable of with the release of his 2019 debut, Facing the River.

“I tried to convey musically and poetically some of the emotions and experiences of life. I’m sure everyone can relate to at least one of the songs.” – Brian Vetter

After spending hours upon hours writing this album, Brian is happy to share it with the world. Knowing just how crazy the world is, he decided to capture the twists and turns of reality in the title of the record as one never knows what a river may hold for them ahead. It’s more than a great title though, Facing the River is a well-written and performed record throughout.

Facing the River kicks off with a


The year was 1989. Tim Burton had just released his version of Batman, the reality of Cops on Fox was taking the world by storm, and groups such as En Vogue, The Rembrandts, and West Bromwich’s WOUNDEDSPiRiT formed. For the next six years, WOUNDEDSPiRiT played everywhere they could and impressed the likes of Steve Wright at Radio 1. While they had a run in Spain in 2000, the band seemed to come to an end after that. That is until 2016. They got back together for a Judgestock show and by the following year were back in the studio working on the first song for their debut album, 2018’s FOREVER young.

With a sound that falls under a variety of umbrellas, WOUNDEDSPiRiT could fit in a multitude of places. FOREVER young not only incorporates various styles but topics as well. From songs about love like “Love is By My Side” and “She Knows” to more political tunes such as “Fake News” and “STANDUP,” it’s clear that the

Chellcy Reitsma Rises Above with  ‘Black Water’

Creativity was always a part of Chellcy Reitsma’s narrative. As a child, she sang and danced alongside her family to a variety of styles. It was then she discovered one doesn’t have to pick just one lane as all music is precious. With time she put music on the back burner and focused on art and dance throughout college. However, injuries sustained via dance left her unable to perform in that respect. While some would’ve wallowed in the loss, Chellcy took it as an opportunity to get back to music and explore the opportunities it held. That was in 2015. Four years later she’s riding high on finding her voice and using it to captivate listeners around the world with her latest release, Black Water.

Times of Malta has noted of Black Water, “…communication is perfectly expressed through her strong deep voice, which, backed by the haunting sound of the harmonica keening a sad lullaby, forms the backbone of her latest…&#822