Time To Hit Ctrl+S On Comess’ ‘Delete Everything’ 

Electronic Duo Djferum Delivers Something “Better” With New Single 

DJ Frankie French Takes The World “Just By Storm”

New Single Available Now


Chicago, Illinois – September 24, 2019 – DJ Frankie French is one of the leading entertainers in the Chicago area with performances nightly across the city he calls home. With fans flocking to see his sets, he’s going to have to increase capacity when people hear his latest single, “Just By Storm.”

“Just By Storm” is the latest from the dynamic Frankie French. With a heavy bass that sweeps in beats for days that will have audiences from the club to the festival scene moving all night long, “Just By Storm” is the ultimate house track that won’t quit. Even at last call, it’s still going strong until the wee hours.

Producing for 12 years, performing for 10, Frankie French delivers what the people want and that is why his name has become synonymous in the Chicago scene. So those looking to add the power of Frankie French to the

Introducing Andrew Beldy’s Morpheus Songs

Eclectic Sounds from Andrew Beldy’s Indie Label

Las Vegas, Nevada – January 11, 2019 – With music that spans decades and styles, Andrew Beldy isn’t putting himself or his label, Morpheus Songs, in a singular box. His half dozen singles available now are reminiscent of the ’80s, ’90s, and today as they deliver everything from alternative to electronic vibes.

Andrew Beldy spent many years in and out of various bands in New York City. In the past, he’s played and performed in Beldonleej, The Core, Singularity, Leadfoot, Syndy Jane, The Transplants, and more. Now he’s focusing on his own thing with his label. Morpheus Songs represents what Andrew is all about not only as an artist but as an innovator of sound. Why stick with one note when there are so many to play with? That’s what listeners get with Andrew Beldy at the helm.

“Underwater Symphony,” “Ameliorate,” &

Heart Race is a song to remember: new music video from Sophia Prize

Oakland, CA — January 26, 2019 — Sophia Prize announces the release of her second single and video in support of the upcoming album Double Dream. The song flutters with catchy vocal hooks in a moody electronic soundscape and features live cello performance by Cellista. The video was filmed during the longest drought in California history and asks the viewer to “make your wolf face, make your heart race.”

As we arrive upon the two-year anniversary of Donald Trump’s approval of the Dakota Access Pipeline, hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil have been spilled into the nearby waters and many protestors from the DAPL protests are still fighting hefty sentencing. “Dystopian pop” singer-producer Sophia Prize offers the single Heart Race as a passionate call to arms for all those who care about the future of the planet and more specifically, the safety of our water. Engineered by Emmy-winning producer David Earl, the track is impactful y

Antone Gets The Party Started In His Latest EDM Release

El Paso — February 1, 2019 — Antone is guaranteed to get your party started with his new EDM release ‘Party Starter’. His interesting track names like ‘Blueberry Kamikaze’ and ‘Lemon Drop’ will surely take you back to all your wild festive nights! With all those flavorful shots and wild beats your bound to have a great time!

Antone is an EDM producer here in the Sun City making music for people to enjoy. He describes the music he creates as something “people would dance to or even model cool clothing too. His album v2.5, as well as music video Vuelta’s have been his greatest accomplishment. His goal is to make music that facilitates fun and positivity. Dedicated to his craft, Antone spends as much time needed to get the sound right. As he describes, “being able to choose from so many different sounds and VST’s has been amazing.

If you’re into EDM this album is for you! It’s perfect for those awesome k

‘Star Wars’ Themed Song Gives Back

“Dare to Dream in a Galaxy Far Far Away” Out April 11th


West Hills, California – April 11, 2019 – “Dare to Dream in a Galaxy Far Far Away” by musician and composer Eric Walker and ACM is set to premiere in Chicago at Star Wars Celebration. Proceeds from the song will be donated to The Starlight Children’s Foundation and Make a Wish.

“Dare to Dream in a Galaxy Far Far Away,” an EDM style music video, is set to premiere April 11th at 4 pm (CT) during the four-day Star Wars Celebration convention, at the Bantha Tracks booth #1238 during a live podcast by the director of the music video and podcast founder Richard Woloski.  The podcast is titled Skywalking Through Neverland which boasts a following of over 40,000 Star Wars enthusiasts.

“Dare to Dream in a Galaxy Far Far Away,” was written and recorded by Eric Walker and AC

hedfog Reaches for the Top with ‘Race to the Bottom’

New Electropop Album Out Now

Brisbane, Australia – April 23, 2019 – hedfog has performed with everyone from Debbie Harry to The Sugarcubes and with good reason. His spin on electropop gives way to energetic blasts throughout not only his career but his latest album, 2019’s Race to the Bottom.

Out now, Race to the Bottom contains a handful of tracks that set the record straight on next level sounds. When it comes to electronic music, rarely are lyrics anything to compare and contrast. Typically it’s the beats listeners are tuning in for. And while hedfog’s beats are killer, fans will also appreciate that he has something to say on tracks like “Mine” and “Where’s the Fun?” For fans of LCD Soundsystem and Holy Ghost, hedfog brings wry humor and melancholy to the material, producing thoughtful soundscapes which reflect on the hard work of living well..

His fourth release, Race to the Bottom