London, United Kingdom — Friday, November 15th, 2019 — Vorkay, the UK gospel artist and vocalist, cheerfully admits that her latest single, “He Saved Me” evolved over time from the original arrangement and lyrics that started about four years ago after taking a difficult decision to change her circumstance.

The song paints a masterpiece with salvation as its subject — a fusion of Western and African styles revealing a familiar Israel Houghton rhythm all produced by award-winning Evans Ogboi.

Recorded in London and vocally produced by Shaun Barrett (Hypertone), Vorkay found her groove, hitting a winner with “He Saved Me” lyrics:

When I think of the goodness of God/And all He has done for me/My very soul shall shout, Hallelujah/Praise the Lord/For saving me.”

The Top 10 UK Christian Charts artist aims to reach out to millions of listeners

Bible Verses Can Be Learned By Singing Catchy And Well-Crafted Tunes To Them.

Angwin, CA — Saturday, November 9th, 2019 — Any caring adult that has a child in their life, can now teach their children or students Bible verses that they will have in their minds forever. Now children can use the tool of memorizing Bible verses by singing them. These unforgettable tunes can be sampled and purchased as CDs through Andrieux House Music Company, or as singular tracks through Amazon, iTunes, or CDbaby.com. One of the albums, “Written in Stone, The Ten Commandments”, may be purchased at the Pacific Union College Bookstore in Angwin, California.

Christian parents, teachers and other adults in their life, should help the children learn Bible verses by using the tool of music. We all have experience memorization of some facts in elementary school using the tool of music; such as the ABC song. Go to www.andrieuxhousemusic.com to listen to the samples of God’s Word and purchase the m

Spectacular Gospel Hip Hop & Rap Artist Kenn Farr Released His Debut Single, “Walk Wit Em”

Dallas, Texas — Saturday, October 19th, 2019 — Prepare yourself for a scintillating new talent on the path to redefine what is original music with fluent eclectic music with a Gospel, Bass Shaking, New Sound.

Spectacular Gospel Hip Hop & Rap Contemporary Artist Kenn Farr released his debut single, “Walk Wit Em” on October 03, 2019 on CDBABY, iTunes and all other streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music, as well as Amazon and Google Play. The lyrical hard-hitting and bass-thumping Gospel song was written by Kenn Farr and produced by Kenn Farr of The Kenn Farr Company and Gospel Hottest Music Moderator.

Ken’s musical background stems from his growing up in the church and hearing some of the best gospel singers on radio, church and on television shows including movies.  Kenn Farr is anticipating a platinum Gospel album, a Grammy (Win) Nomination, countless awards, Stellar Awards, Gospel appearances, autograph signing, BET Award.

Impactfull Inspiration

Cleveland, Ohio — Tuesday, September 17th, 2019 — A powerful voice and artist, Gavin White, returns with an uplifting, soothing, and powerful single “Who’s Gonna Love You’”Both Impactful and Inspiring in a way not usually done. Finds a way to locate the keys to your heart. His Music does exactly what music should do. Reach into your soul and make you feel good. Listeners have said that this music moves them. Some say it heals the broken heart. They say it simply makes them feel good. Feel it for yourself.

A powerful voice and artist, Gavin White, returns with an uplifting, soothing, and powerful single ‘Who’s Gonna Love You’. The Minister and Chaplain turned artist delivers an inspiring Gospel/R&B single that features a slow soothing beat, uplifting vocals, a melancholic chord progression, and an anthemic vocal performance by Gavin White. The groovy bassline paired with the slow beat adds vibrant energy. ‘Who’s Gonna

Sam Martey Drops “The Prince of Peace is Born 2”

New Single Out Now

Edmonton Alberta, Canada – January 2, 2019 – Tis the season to pay one’s respect to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and gospel artist Sam Martey is doing that through song with the release of his new single, “The Prince of Peace is Born 2.”

With a love of the Lord in his heart, Sam Martey is spreading the good word this holiday season with the release of his latest single, “The Prince of Peace is Born 2.” A beautiful gospel song that would be a blessing to any playlist, it’s an enlightening song that will have listeners feeling that higher spirit within them as they drink in every note that Sam Martey’s soothing voice delivers.

“The Prince of Peace is Born 2” is the perfect addition this holiday season, but that is not all fans can expect from the gospel singer. Sam Martey is currently working on his new album, Everlasting Victory. Fans can ex

Brother H Sets Spring Release for ‘Declare His Glory’

New Album Out Spring 2019

Nairobi, Kenya – January 9, 2019 – Brother H has been actively servicing his community as a worship leader for many years. Now he’s ready to share his gifts with the world with the release of his new album in Spring 2019; Declare His Glory.

Declare His Glory will showcase all of what Brother H is capable of and more. While rooted in gospel, Brother H’s sound spans various genres. Each on allowing his talents to shine brighter than the next. Declare His Glory is a wonderful blend of contemporary pop, R&B, as well as traditional African and Caribbean rhythms. Truly something on it for every type of music fan around the world. He’s already been featured on several radio programs and local stations in Kenya and has plans to take things international with the release of Declare His Glory come Spring 2019.

Gifted not only in song but on the guitar

J-Unity Choir is a Community Outreach Choir that goes beyond the church walls to share the gospel of Jesus Christ flash mob singing on buses, trains, restaurants, malls or anywhere in communities.

Richmond, Virginia — Monday, August 19th, 2019 — J-Unity Choir is a community outreach organization based in Richmond, Virginia for over 6 years under the leadership of Casper C. Coleman, Jr.

J-Unity In Communities Outreach Ministry is non-profit with a mission to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ beyond the church walls flash mob singing on buses, subways, grocery stores, and malls. J-Unity Choir’s first single, “ So Glad I Found You” is available now on all online outlets, Spotify, SoundCloud, ReverbNation, iTunes, and Amazon.

J-Unity choir is the little choir with a big heart for people. J-Unity Choir is known for it’s smooth & anointed vocals blended in mainstream music genres from R&b, pop, and hip hop.

J-Unity Choir’s Single “So Glad I Found You” is an urban inspirational song with an R&B & Hip hop flavor currently playing on mainstream and gospel radio stations in the US and UK. The bass drum bou

Beatrice Nneamaka Allen Delivers Inspirational Tunes For All Ages

New Gospel Music Out Now


Alberta, Canada – August 8, 2019 – When Beatrice Nneamaka Allen first started down her career path, it was as a registered nurse. A job that is appreciated on all levels, it’s about giving back to those in need and having a heart. With that already ingrained into her, her next step into the world of gospel music was not a surprise. Now she’s celebrating her latest single, “A Million Praise.”

“A Million Praise” is the newest single from Beatrice Nneamaka Allen. It follows her 2017 release, Wherever You Go. Like “A Million Praise,” Wherever You Go is chocked full of inspiration. With songs such as the title track, “Beauty for Ashes,” and “Open the Gates” bringing both life and entertainment to the table, it’s a nonstop inspirational train that listeners will not want to get off of. The same ca

Dr. KK Showcases Undeniable Devotion with New Music

Six Albums Available Now

Sandy Springs, Georgia – April 16, 2019 – When God called, Dr. KK answered. Newly solo, he’s ready to spread the gospel with his six 2019 releases; Spirituality, Spirituality 2, You Alone, Fire!, Sound of Rain, and Money!

Each album’s purpose is clear; God is good, present, and a gift. Dr. KK explores the ins and outs of the Lord through a multitude of songs across all six albums, all released in 2019. Songs such as “Thank You, Lord,” “Living My Life for You,” “The Storm Is Over,” and “Revival” bring listeners closer to a higher power and their Lord and savior.

Dr. KK was born in Kayode Zacchaeus Adebiyi in Nigeria. Music was introduced into his life at an early age but it wasn’t until he found himself in the band, Christ Ambassadors that he pursued it on a professional level. When the band came to an end, he stepped away fro