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YSN G Proves He’s In The Winner’s Circle With ‘No More Losses Vol. 1’

New Album Out February 2020


Bennettsville, South Carolina – January 17, 2020 – There’s no shortage of hard work when it comes to YSN G’s name. He’s been grinding for the past several years, pushing albums, making moves, and working on becoming more than an artist. Today he’s not only an emcee with a new album on the way but a new album from his own independent label, G3musix. Hip hop fans can catch G3musix’s debut release ‘No More Losses Vol. 1,’ out February 16, 2020.

Born and

AK 500 Florida’s Newest Rapper On The Rise

Daytona Beach, Florida USA — Friday, January 17th, 2020 — Coming from the Daytona Beach, FL area AK 500 is a recording artist, songwriter, and head of his beloved camp (newly indie Florida label) Trappas R Us Entertainment.

AK 500, released his debut single “Bossy” in May 2019 with great reviews. The single has been streamed and downloaded in many countries outside of the US as well as major and rural areas here in the US.
It became a regional radio hit staying consistent on the air for 6 months. He later in July of the same year dropped his debut mixtape “9 Piece” with a grand release party at PinUps of Daytona. The mixtape was released on DatPiff, YouTube, MyMixtapez, and Spinrilla with singles being included on all other major platforms.

“AK is the lifestyle, 500 is the movement”

He is hard at work on his new mixtape entitled “500” with a new single &#8220

My name is Bittah Dreamer, I’m 20 years old rocking with the current Hip Hop scene in Jefferson County, Tennessee and I’m here to say: I’m already the best and you know it.

Jefferson City, TN — Sunday, January 12th, 2020 — The name is Bittah Dreamer, currently from Jefferson City, TN. The 20-year-old rapper, told mom when music pops off that she doesn’t have to worry about how hard life is anymore.

Bittah Dreamer is a name that anyone should think of when they’ve lost hope. Or when they’re wanting to have a good time. The name should bring a certain individual out of any kind of slump they’re in. If you stand with Bittah Dreamer, you stand for hope.

Nathanael (cousin) passed away when he was 15. Not long after grandmother passed. Aiden (friend) committed suicide not long after Nathanael passed. Hope seemed like it was just a word. With no meaning, then one day it felt like everything was changed. Saw a pen, picked it up and started writing again.

It doesn’t matter what someone is going through. They’ll get through it. That’s what Bittah Dreamer and the music is for. It’s for anyone wanting to have fun,

Rod Maine Sees Things Clear With ’20/20 Vision’

New Hip Hop Album Out Now


Mobile, Alabama – January 16, 2020 – Rod Maine has been in the game for well over a decade and in that time he’s released over a dozen albums, played to crowds that have reached over 10,000, and garnered over 11 million – yes, million – streams and views across the board. Now he’

Your Search For Substance Stops Here With Lil’ Greg the Bastard’s Latest Visual In Two And A Hall Years Brings Back The Nostalgia Of Rap With Substance While Simultaneously Not Sounded Dated

Richmond, VA — Wednesday, January 8th, 2020 — G is short for “gram” if you weren’t aware and Lil’ Greg the Bastard makes this apparent on his latest visual from his 2019 release he brings his first visual in two and a half years with a new and improved sound he puts the listener in the head of a bored immobile weed dealer who’s binge-watching “The Walking Dead” and reminiscing on the old days.

Lil’ Greg the Bastard is a veteran emcee whose message has always been clear. Aligning himself with J. Cole’s, Kendrick’s, and Big K.R.I.T.’s Greg is serious about his craft. Today’s current rap climate seems like it’s in need of a hero and Lil’ Greg the Bastard is the savior. “G Is For Gram” official music video is streaming now.

In the first verse, Greg boosts “Pinch of pepper in your nasal wet your eyes made you sneeze, amongst several stars ident

S&R Records & Ditop Productions Presents 9Keyzz

New Single Out January 20, 2020 


Mount Vernon, New York – January 7, 2020 – S&R Records and Ditop Productions are proud to present their first drop of 2020, 9Keyzz. Their music athletic team not only has a new single coming in January but a debut album in May.

9Keyzz will deliver their new single, “Lit Life” to the world on January 20, 2020. It follows a cascade of other hits including “Let Me Love You,” “No Competition,” “Energy,” and “Lottery.” The Jamaican-international artists are excited to bring their fresh sound to the forefront not only with their banging new single but also with their debut album which is set to be released May 9, 2020. They are currently stateside, far from their home on the islands, putting the finishing touches on their debut.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without S&R Records and Ditop Productions’ Scean Gordon. He spent much of the earl

Native 1 Looks To Break World Records In 2020

New Album Out Now


Brooklyn, New York – January 2, 2020 – Born and raised in New York City, the infamous Lafayette Gardens projects to be exact, Native 1 has always had a drive larger than most. He worked his way up from nothing and eventually became the first rap artist to perform and win at the Apollo Theater. Not once but three times. Now he’s looking to add even more notoriety to his name with his Guinness World Record feat.<

SIYAH Puts It All On The Line For ‘8TEEN’

New Hip Hop Album Out Now


Brooklyn, New York – January 2, 2020 – SIYAH has put his blood, sweat, and tears into making his dreams a reality. Music is his reason for existing and he’s ready to make his presence known with his debut LP, ‘8TEEN.’

Eleven solid tracks from start to finish, ‘8TEEN’ comes at listeners with slick beats and sick rhymes. A true representation of what east coast rap is currently all about. Songs like “Belt (Win Win)” and “When I’m Gone” captivate while others such as “Light Years” and “Look at Me” elevate.

SIYAH has put his all into his music, literally. Making music for over five years, this West African-born emcee left all that behind to pour himself into his Brooklyn beats that cover all the bases of his reality thus far from the struggle of living below the poverty line to losing friends to h

John Bosco Presents New Single “Lie To Me”

New Music Out Now


Darien, Illinois – December 23, 2019 – Having lived around the world and then some, John Bosco came up with a varied love of music, in the end, it’s culminated in a sound that touches a multitude of bases – each resulting in a home run with his latest single, “Lie To Me.”