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Igloo Crew Records Now Available For Streaming

Diverse Hip-Hop Group Let’s It All Out

Miami, Florida – May 8, 2019 – Igloo Crew Records is proud to announce that their diverse discography is all available online now.

Igloo Crew Records isn’t like the typical hip-hop ensemble. Mo Dog Chill, Myke Smoov, Steve Young, Stephanie  A-1 Scrill, Choppa Capone, Mr. Strategic make up this unique ensemble. Ranging from talented emcees in their 30’s to seasoned vets in their 60’s, this group has some members who have been writing, recording and performing for almost a quarter of a century at this point in their career. With that much talent under one roof, Igloo Crew Records ranges in not only age but style as well. From hardcore hip-hop to funk to R&B, it’s all there with this crew.

As a whole, Igloo Crew Records have performed throughout Cleveland, but it’s their own Mo Dog Chill that has been recognized on a national level. He made headlines fo

A creative genre of music classified as its own, and is defined as Game Spit.

Arlington, TX — Friday, May 10th, 2019 — Frankie Da GameSpitta is an artist from an overlooked state filled with talent. Frankie is currently working on a project set to be released in 2020. The new single titled “Dedicated” featuring Kennedy available for immediate release, is the first single from the upcoming album “Natural State My Birthplace”.

Since the music industry is oversaturated with artists that have the same style, Frankie created a genre of his own and categorized it as; “Game Spit”. Frankie classifies Game Spit as club/conscience hip-hop music which gives the listeners an original sound from a new upcoming artist. Once the media gets a taste of this new genre created by Frankie, Arkansas will be recognized as a state with an original talent.

Frankie always likes to let listeners know, that no matter how hard your life is you have “Just Keep Moving Forward”. The new song “Dedicated”

A New Style For The New Age

Dallas, Texas — Monday, July 22nd, 2019 — The music scene has a newcomer in its ranks, and he’s breaking all of the rules. Sykle, a metal rapper, and singer from Dallas, Texas, is turning music over on its head with punchy Hip Hop beats, piercing screams, and heavily distorted guitars, but also taking an opposing approach with relaxed piano riffs, chilled rapping, and flares of psychedelic music. As he prepares to make a huge splash with his upcoming record Blood And Water nobody is prepared for this slap in the face to the new wave in either Rap or Metal. Taking hold of traditional stylings from both he has certainly created a uniquely original sound.

If Hip Hop, Metal, or even Indie music is your taste then Sykle’s Blood And Water is what you need to be watching for. The record touches a broad range of music styles that allows for such a diverse sound that can only be created with a stroke of genius to merge them together properly.

I am a Middle Eastern hip-hop artist born and raised in Southern California. I made feel good music, and something you can dance to and enjoy. Find out for yourself by checking out my music now.

Laverne, CA. — Saturday, July 20th, 2019 — Nile Rivers is a hip-hop artist from Southern California that releases a new song every month. He does so legitimately through Tunecore and protecting his music through ASCAP. His music is released to all major platforms to gain maximum exposure. He started releasing his music on April 2nd of 2019 and now has 4 songs in his catalog, which will grow every month.

Nile Rivers has a fanbase located in Pomona, CA that supports his work by allowing him to perform at local bars and venues. He brings much more to the table than just music. His charm, kindness, and ability to create conceptual music separates him from the rest. His music is found on all major platforms including and not limited to Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Youtube, and Tidal. He creates and releases a new song every month to have a consistent fan base.

Nile Rivers not only creates music but brings music lovers together. His ability to

Artist Noels Drops ‘Cool Vibes N 16s’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Brooklyn, New York – July 25, 2019 Fresh out of Brooklyn, Artist Noels is representing east coast hip hop with R&B flare on his latest release, Cool Vibes N 16s, out now.

Nine tracks deep, Cool Vibes N 16s is an album that works on multiple levels. It’s one listener can get down to on their own, but also one that plays well when it’s time to go out and have a night out with the crew. Songs like “That’s a Bop” and “Wild Out” have sick beats that fans of the likes of Chris Brown and Tory Lanes will appreciate.

What’s also special about Cool Vibes N 16s is that Artist Noels just doesn’t lay down rhymes, but also sings throughout the record. Much like Drake, he intertwines his skills successfully but also touches a lot on recovering from heartbreak.

Never afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve and sing or rap about it, Artist Noels

Dumi Right Releases “Liberation Music” Video

New Single From Doing It The Right Way

Washington, DC – May 16, 2019 – As a member of Zimbabwe Legit, Dumi Right made history by being part of one of the first African hip hop groups to release an album in the United States. Now he’s focused on continuing to make more big moves on his own with the release of his hard hitting video for “Liberation Music,” the latest single from his most recent album, Doing It The Right Way.

Insomniac Magazine commented that the song “both motivates and enlightens” and they were spot on. Staying in tune with the themes of Doing It The Right Way, the video for “Liberation Music” explores social justice, artistic independence, free thought, self-determination and other critical issues of the day. The v

Introducing Hawaii’s Michael Nove’lll

New Hip Hop Music Out Now


Waianae, Hawaii – July 25, 2019 – Born in Savannah, Georgia, Michael C. Crawford took an early interest in the arts. From music to acting, he knew his name would be in lights one way or another. Known in music as Michael Nove’lll, he’s relocated to the islands of Hawaii and is currently focusing on his fantastic hip-hop music.

As soon as Michael Nove’lll realized he had a way with words, he teamed that with his instilled love of hip hop and started to create his music. That was decades ago. Over the years he’s only evolved with each passing day. In the past month he’s released half a dozen tracks that include bangers such as “We Gotta Let It Go,” “Sweat It Out” and his l

Stf Chef Delivers on Lit New Single

“Make It Make Sense” Out Now


Detroit, Michigan – July 16, 2019 – Fans have spoken and the consensus is “Make It Make Sense” is straight fire. Which comes to no surprise to those who’ve been keen to the talent of Detroit’s own Stf Chef.

Coming up in the Detroit scene, Stf Chef has managed to make a solid name for himself. He dropped his first album, Who That Nigga in the Kitchen, in Fall 2018. With his engine still revving, he didn’t settle down for long. By February 2019 he was back with another record. This time the Thoughts and Experiences EP. Now he’s riding high on the release of his lit new single “Make It Make Sense.”

Stf Chef has only been putting his name out there since 2018 and already he has two records to his name, and a handful of fire singles including his latest, “Make It Make Sense”

You may have seen a lot of rappers and singers, but you have never witness a Gothic Hip Hop & Rnbass artist.

Davenport, Iowa, US — Friday, June 28th, 2019 — Indie Award Winning Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, and Blogger.  Richie Uchiha is Multi-Talented in several genres from R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, and even Rock. Cornelius Shaw Aka Richie Uchiha was Born in Dallas Tx where he first started doing music with a group called 1x. At Age 18 Rich went solo and made his first 2 singles which were Rider Chick and I don’t know, it sold over 500,000 copies that are very good for an independent artist.

This Artist (Richie Uchiha) is a once in a lifetime artist. Witness as this artist delivers a great message.  He has a unique look that’s out of this world.  His music is magic with his voice manipulation.

“Don’t waste your time looking back on what you’ve lost Move on, for life is not meant to be traveled backward.”
“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.”

Quad Cities-based buzzed-about hip-hop artist Richie

Montaz Reps Philly Down South with a Pair of Solid Mixtapes

Da Underground and Behind Enemy Lines Out Now


Suwanee, Georgia – July 16, 2019 – While he may live in the south now, Montaz comes through with a sound that represents not only his Philly roots but his wide array of influences growing up from Big L to Smooth Da Hustle to Wutang to Eminem. All of that and then some went into making not one, but two new mixtapes available now; Da Underground and Behind Enemy Lines.

Da Underground and Behind Enemy Lines boast confidence and charisma on a cascade of tracks that showcase exactly the type of emcee Montaz is. Songs like “Fuck Ya’ll” and “Fuck Everyone” off Da Underground reflect Montaz’s anguish while Behind Enemy Lines“Bandwagon” and “Lyrical Exhibition” explore his way with words and artistry.

A fan of hip hop since he was in diapers,