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God Hates Rappers.

Russellville, Arkansas — Monday, October 28th, 2019 — Patient Zer0, an artist from a small town in Arkansas, has a dream of changing the rap game. He makes music based on real things that are taking place in his life or those around him. His goal is to transform how society views rap artists.

Born and raised in a town that doesn’t focus on hip-hop music, Patient Zer0 looks to make a difference and be heard in any way he can. He puts his music out on all streaming platforms including YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music to give his audience the easiest access to his art.

“My goal in music is to touch people like other artists have touched me. I’m building from the ground up to make a name for myself and my craft,” says Patient Zer0 regarding his passion for music. Joseph Smith, a longtime fan of the artist, says that Patient Zer0 is, “extremely talented, unlike anyone else out there.”

Patient Zer0 is currently working

Lukaijah Delivers Conscious Hip Hop With Empowering Debut

‘Rise’ Is Available Now


San Francisco, California – October 25, 2019 – Two passions make up Lukaijah’s life; empowering people through his speakings and music. Both of which he put together when it came time to release his debut conscious hip hop album, Rise.

Rise serves a baker’s dozen of tracks that allow Lukaijah to freely flow his wisdom from his heart to yours from the second “Rise Up” starts through the thought evoking ways of &

13irthmark Stays Humble With New Music

Fourth Album Out Soon


Greensboro, North Carolina – October 23, 2019 – Fans have already gotten to hear what’s coming on 13irthmark’s fourth solo album thanks to singles like “Halloween” and “Call It a Night,” but they’ll have to stay tuned for the rest.

Releasing music for over a decade now, 13irthmark has proven time and time again how he’s not just an emcee but rather a poetician with a soulful aesthetic. Coming from a strong, musical, farming, entrepreneurial background 13irthmark has always worked harder than most and strived to achieve all he sets out to do.

While life in America as an African American man has caused him to see many lows, including in the court systems – 13irthmark reflects on those injustices expressing his personal journey through his beats. An original artist with so much to say, 13irthmark takes hip hop to new levels.

Ben Realla Drops ‘Southern Hip-Hop’

New Album Out Now


Tampa, Florida – October 23, 2019 – When it comes to hustling for what they want, no one knows better than Ben Realla. With over a decade making music under his belt and then some, he’s urging everyone to get in tune with what the southern part of the US has to offer when it comes to hip hop thanks to his latest release rightfully titled, Southern Hip-Hop.

Southern Hip-Hop represents in thematics, sound and overall style from start to finish. Some may have never gotten to hear this record as Ben Realla had been taking a break from music since 2014 after losing his mother that fall to breast cancer. With the encouragement of both his loved ones and longtime fans, he decided to get back in the studio and finish this record.

His 2019 release, Southern Hip-Hop, is just the latest in a long line of mixtapes and records from this Tampa Bay emcee. His first, Hu

Freda Drops Debut Single “Mater”

New Hip Hop Music Available Now


Mankato, Minnesota – October 18, 2019 – If there’s something Freda cannot do, she has yet to find it. A talented queen among the masses, she’s not only a dancer, film producer, model, actress, dancer, and songwriter but also a hip hop artist who is setting the world ablaze with her latest single, “Mater.”

“Mater” comes out of the gate with pure heat. Like many of her peers, Freda is not playing nice when it comes to hard-hitt

LA Johnson Announces Debut ‘Overdue: Comin 4 Mine$’

New Single Out Now


Los Angeles, California – October 17, 2019 – Through what seemed to be an endless cascade of hardships, LA Johnson has come through the other side to pave the way for his long-awaited debut, Overdue: Comin 4 Mine$.

Overdue: Comin 4 Mine$ takes a lifetime of struggle and puts it into focus as LA Johnson delivers his heart and experiences on a plate for all to taste. Born the oldest of five to a single-parent household in the bad part of town, Johnson wound up falling victim to the streets eventually landed in the juvenile system. While some would’ve let it tear them down completely, he took his time locked up and discovered his passion for music. Once out he began to start anew.

In 2002 he and a childhood friend connected and became part of the group Boo Ridaz. They even released an album, but a myriad of issues led them to disband. Over the next 17 years, LA John

MAG Drops Three New Singles In Fall 2019

“Designer” Available Now, Two More To Come 


Lancaster, Pennsylvania – October 16, 2019 – MAG dropped his debut album in August 2019, and he’s already heading back out with new music as his next three singles are all fresh out the box and ready to be taken in. With “Designer” out now, and two more on the way. Things are heating up in the hip hop scene thanks to this rising young talent.

Earlier this year MAG hit the airwaves with his single, “My Last” off his debut, I Am MAG. Success right off the bat, MAG is not holding back or waiting around to see what happens next. He’s already on to the next with a cascade of new singles. The first, “Designer” dropped September 23, and come October he’ll have two more making their way through. “Standards” drops October 15, and “LANC” won’t be too far behind that out on October

Till The Death Of Me Records Presents J DA Prophet

New Single, “Felt Famous,” Out Now


Waynesboro, Virginia – October 3, 2019 – Till The Death Of Me Records’ owner and lead artist J DA Prophet is working with the best and presenting even better when it comes to his latest releases which include his Fall 2019 single, “Felt Famous.”

Produced by Fifteen, “Felt Famous” is the third single from J DA Prophet this year. It follows the stellar “Struggle” and “Dealing with Honor,” which made their debuts over the summer. What has made each song more captivating than the last has been not only the pristine delivery due to the high-level production but also J DA Prophet’s honesty and throughout each.

Honesty is just one of the things that come naturally to J DA Prophet as he’s been making music a long time now. He started messing around with writing rhymes and beats well before he was l

Blake Cartier ‘D.R.E.A.M.S’ Big With New Album

Debut Rap Album Out Now


Brooklyn, New York – October 3, 2019 – When it comes to hip hop and game-changers, New York is without a doubt one of the top places to look on the map. From Jay Z to Nas, NYC has been prominent in building and maintaining hip hop’s influence since the late ’70s. Now the city is adding another name to the list with the release of Blake Cartier’s D.R.E.A.M.S: Didn’t Realize Everything Actually Made Sense.

10-tracks deep, D.R.E.A.M.S presents the culmination of a lifetime of determination from the Brooklyn-based emcee. A witty lyricist with melodics for days, Blake Cartier has made a name for himself locally for the tasteful sound he leaves in his audience’s ears. Now he’s looking to spread that across not only the US, but the world with his debut album.

Blake Cartier didn’t go at this alone. His dreams are not just his own.

Davon Riley Announces New EP Due Early 2020

Two New Singles Out Now


Brooklyn, New York – October 7, 2019 – With the end of 2019 fast approaching, many are already making plans to enact big moves come 2020. One of those being Brooklyn-based rapper Davon Riley. He’s proud to announce his new EP will be making its debut early next year. And for those who want a taste of what’s to come, Davon has already dropped a pair of singles.

A rapper, singer, and songwriter, Davon Riley wears a multitude of hats when it comes to his craft. Which isn’t a surprise to those who know him as he’s been working on his rap game since he was 14-years-old. Once his talent was realized, he hit the studio for the first time at 16. Throughout his teens, he focused primarily on his rhymes and songwriting but learned to control his vocals more melodically in his early 20’s. Now he’s not just an emcee, but a bonafide singer as well. All which wil