Chand K Nova Announces Release Of ‘Why Stop Now?’

New Instrumental Album Out Soon


Southall, United Kingdom – August 8, 2019 – Self-taught from day one, Chand K Nova has become a master of his craft when it comes to creating a myriad of arrangements. Now they’re all coming together on his upcoming release, Why Stop Now? The new album will feature five wonderfully done instrumental compositions. All of them written and performed by Chand K Nova.

Chand K Nova was only 12-years-old when he started tinkering around with playing music. With no one to teach him, he taught himself and sometime later in 2010, he was able to record and release his first set of tracks. Today plays a variety of instruments as he creates a multitude of musical styles that showcase his talented range but all around his music is experimental; unlike the norm.

Those interested in featuring Why Stop Now? on their playlists, reviewing the

Hawaii Mandolin Tour by The Danbury Lie: 11 Solo Improvisations Recorded at Parks and Beaches throughout The Aloha State

Seattle, WA — Friday, May 17th, 2019 — The Danbury Lie have released Hawaii Mandolin Tour, a full-length album of solo improvisations recorded in parks and beaches throughout The Aloha State. The album, which features a mix of psychedelic and classical vibes (along with some good ol’ shredding), can be heard on all the major streaming services including Spotify and Bandcamp.

Instrumentalist Rob Loncto (aka The Danbury Lie) traveled around the Hawaiian islands for two weeks in February/March 2019 with his mandolin, recording along the way while taking in some of the world’s greatest natural beauty. The result is a unique stripped-down sound that is perfectly suited for meditation sessions or perhaps as background music for a 420 dinner party.

“Hawaii is an amazing place, and it’s great to document my travels with this record,” Loncto said. “The beautiful scenery in places like Waikiki and Maui inspired my playing