Bill Vivino is a talented singer, songwriter, and musician that has recently released an EP, Pretend

Riverdale, NJ— Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019Bill Vivino is a talented singer, songwriter, and musician that has recently released an EP, Pretend. Pretend deals with love lost, angst, and finding one’s way in the world. Vivino croons about love and loss in a surprisingly upbeat fashion. His style ranges from electronica to pop-rock.

He also released a couple of singles this year: “Demons,” which could be a club hit and “Flow” which has an excellent lyrical composition and an impressive bridge. 

Vivino is no stranger to music—a destined musician by nature and nurture. As a child, he spent time plucking out notes on the piano with hi

The New Generation of Music: Lauria Is On Her Way

Canada — Tuesday, February 12th, 2019 — Lauria is constantly releasing new music.  This month it’ll be “My Love” a sensual rhythm for late nights and spending time appreciating subtilities of music. In the style of The Weeknd, Lauria newest single is different from her first two pop-centered bops, but just as committed to Lauria personal style.

Fans of the recent trends of pop meet trap will appreciate Lauria’s latest single. Losing Me and I Got Me, Lauria’s first singles were soft pops songs, written for the average girl going through heartbreak. My Love is all about preventing the heartbreak: The sensuality in a woman’s confidence that can be heard in the instrumentality of the song: everything anyone’s looking for in a late night bop. My Love will be available everywhere, including all streaming platforms as well as YouTube. The date? Valentine’s Day. For the single ladies out there, happy and proud with themselves.

“When I write a so


LOS ANGELES, CA — Thursday, August 22nd, 2019 — Girls Like Me is the new single by bilingual singer, Giselle Torres. She found tremendous success on her YouTube channel, where she has 1 billion views on her covers and original music. This track is her first entry into a contemporary pop sound with a mix of nostalgic 80s inspired production. The song is also co-written by fellow Florida native Kat Dahlia. The song will be featured in Brat’s feature summer film ‘Intern In Chief’ along with a lyric video to premiere on Brat’s youtube channel.

Giselle just turned 17 and has over 50 music videos on Youtube. She started her music channel when she was 9 years old and has a worldwide audience.

At age 11, she was an X-Factor finalist and when she turned 13, Giselle began to write and compose her own songs and was invited to sing for Pope F

Jo-Ash Announces ‘Humble Heart of Mine’

Debut EP Out July 2019

London, Southwark – February 12, 2019 – For some, the life that Jo-Ash has led would’ve sent them down the wrong path but it was faith that kept him afloat. Faith and music. Now he wants to usher some light into the world with his debut release, Humble Heart of Mine.

Fans of heartfelt pop will soon get their hands and ears on the lead single from Jo-Ash’s debut EP, Humble Heart of Mine. Fans should expect the lead single to drop on March 1, 2019, followed by the second single in May. Then come July Humble Heart of Mine will make its long-awaited debut. This solo artist took on many hats but did have some help along the way in the studio thanks to producer Billy Foster. Together they made Humble Heart of Mine pop, in more ways than one.

Jo-Ash notes of his distinctive sound, “I have always been a versatile artist. My sound is a sort of hybrid borrowi

Andrea Desmond Heads In The Right Direction With “Other Way”

New Pop Single Out Now


Los Angeles, California – August 21, 2019 – While some pop artists like to keep fans waiting in the wings with games guessing when they’ll have a new single to take in, Andrea Desmond is on a roll. “Other Way” is this LA-based pop stars third single this year and it is far from her last.

Released at the end of July, “Other Way” beautifully builds up to an addicting wave of pop music laced between Andrea Desmond’s fine-tuned performance. Like those who came before her like Selena Gomez and Dua Lipa, Andrea Desmond knows how to grab listeners from the start with her pristine vocals and keep them until the end with the pulsating pop beats. “Other Way” comes right smack in the middle of Andrea’s 2019 takeover. “Won’t Give Up” and “Keep On Going (Remix)” kicked off her year in the spring, while “Nothin

Andy Stover Brings A Whole New Meaning To Solo Artist With His New Album My World.

Batesville IN — Monday, February 25th, 2019 — Andy Stover releases his latest album My World.  Andy not only did all his own recording, mixing, and mastering but also plays every note you hear on the album. He plays every instrument and sings all vocals you hear and recorded the whole album from his home studio Burning Bird Records.

Andy used all instruments you may expect to hear from a band. He used the guitar for both rhythm and lead parts as well as piano and organ on several tracks. He then wrapped it all together with his 90’s style vocals and driving bass and rhythm section. The album was released February 10th and is adored by indie and alternative music fans alike.

Fans describe the album as Andy’s best work yet and love that they can hear all of Andy’s influences spanning a wide range of genre’s. Andy says he enjoys Doing all aspects of his work because it gives him complete creative control over his work that he would ha

Singer Songwriter Jaeden Luke Is Changing The Sound Of Seattle With His New, Self-Produced Album, Free Of Me.

Seattle, Washington, United States — Friday, August 16th, 2019 — This self-taught 19-year-old artist reimagines independent music with his latest release. His fun, relatable pop songs will grab your heart (and your ears) within minutes of listening.

“One man show” is the best way to describe Jaeden Luke.  His newest album Free of Me is not only self-written but also self-recorded and produced from inside the walls of his bedroom.  From opening for Chris Isaak at Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery (Woodinville, WA) for 4000 people, to opening for Little Feat at the Triple Door (Seattle, WA), Jaeden Luke has independently built his career thus far without a record label or further help.

Free of Me is a 7 track acoustic/ pop album which lyrically reveals the journey of navigating life to discover true freedom, despite any hindrance or failed relationship along the way.  Although a 2019 record, fans are cal

Forrest Boulevard Is The New Powerhouse Retro Pop Love Song That Everyone Is Talking About.

Jacksonville, Florida — Tuesday, August 13th, 2019 — Pual Saint makes a triumphant return with his latest release “Forrest Boulevard.” This track features upcoming U.K pop sensation LIXM.

This powerhouse track filled with nostalgic chords, a lushes melody carried by melodic vocals singed by LIXM it’s the song we didn’t know we needed! Pual Saint never fails to deliver especially with his debut album reeling right around the corner! Forrest Boulevard tells a tale about finding your first love only to have that first love fall out of love with you because of your career. This song emotional loves is intoxicating which makes this song heaven to your ears, especially when you reach the chorus! The vocoders make the song complete, but don’t take my word! You can find Pual Saint’s latest release on all streaming platforms. Available worldwide!

When Pual Saint played this track for me I knew it woul

New Chilean Singer launches his First Single. A Proposal of Pop with electronic and synth bases, 100% in Spanish.

Chile — Thursday, March 28th, 2019 — The Chilean teacher who left aside his career to devote himself to his passion: music. Pop fan, since childhood he has participated in festivals and musicals, in 2019 he releases his first single “Perdamos el Aliento”, a pop song with electronic bases.

Born in Quito, Ecuador, this Chilean based in Santiago de Chile, has dedicated his professional life to helping humble people to develop their own businesses. Without ever leaving aside his passion for music, after reaching personal maturity to embark on a real project, he releases his first song, produced by the Chilean label Rimás de Balcón.

With his own Latin style but with vocal influences from American pop, he mixes electro and synth pop with Latin American sounds. In his lyrics he speaks of himself, reflecting the feelings of those who live in large cities and highly demanding societies, inviting them to live freely without neglecting personal desires.

New Singer/Songwriter Rises From The Ashes of Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, Arizona, Maricopa County — Friday, August 9th, 2019 — New singer/songwriter, Jeyne Doe has released a new poptastic, EDM/dance, a rock-infused track that was made for clubs and dancing. Her new song “Dig & Bury” will light up dance floors across the globe.

Fans of artists like Lady Gaga and Paramore will find something to rock out to; while lovers of other genres can find something in the track they admire. “Dig & Bury” is now available on all streaming platforms, including, but not limited to, Apple Music/iTunes, Spotify, and Tidal. The track gives listeners something to rave about on the dance floor or simply rock out to in the car.

“I wrote the track [Dig & Bury] six years ago and it was just a simple poem that I later turned into a song, along with one of my other songs, “Speechless”. When I composed the song in my head I wanted a rock-influenced pop track. I thought, what