Flint, Michigan Rapper Is On A Mission And Can’t Be Stopped!

Flint, MI — Saturday, November 30th, 2019 — Iziah Brown, more popularly known as “Zayy Marcel”, is grinding harder than ever. Sources state that he is preparing for the release of his next greatest project “More Than Just Music 2”. The first iteration of “More Than Just Music” has collected a total combined stream count of over 10,000!

Zayy Marcel, raised in Flint, MI, loves to challenge himself to become greater and every song and we can definitely see improvement since when he first started. He also likes to include positive messages in his music for those possibly in the same position as he once was. Zayy uses his lyrical powers to tell stories, making him a great asset to the rap game. As underrated as he is, there is no doubt that his time isn’t coming soon.

Zayy is inspired by a great total of other artists and public figures. These artists include Meek Mill, Eminem, Jay-Z, Michael Jackson, Joyner Lucas, Hopsin, J. Cole

Ace Of Spades Is A King With ‘Royalty’ EP

New Music Out Now


Pacific, Washington – November 5, 2019 – There is no shortage of music coming from the mind of Ace of Spades. With one album already out this year, the rising emcee decided to drop another. ‘Royalty’ EP is available now.

For those who thought Ace of Spades only had &#8

Orion, the dark rap artist reveals his new double single, “Entitlement // Ov The World”

St. George, Utah — Friday, November 1st, 2019Orion’s music is what happens when you take an artist who grew up in Seattle going to underground shows and playing in death metal & grind-core bands with his father, give him pop-punk and hip-hop influences, a pop sensibility, and top it off with master training in Reiki and a sense of spiritual consciousness. With a healthy appetite for esoteric teachings and a gnostic worldview, Orion views the process of making music as alchemical. To him, the ability to communicate ideas and emotions through the airwaves with vibrations and frequencies is akin to magic.

On September 23, 2019, Orion has unveiled his new double single, titled “Entitlement // Ov The World”. For fans of Ghostemane, Bones and City Morgue, both songs are now available to stream on major streaming platforms! The tracks are dark and energetic, with lyrics that are deep and esoteric joining th

My Name Is Travis Gilleland. My Artist Name Is MavWreck. I’m A Hip Hop Artist From Minneapolis, MN & I Love Music, All Genres. My Passion Is Making Music. I Would Love To Be Able To Get Noticed And Share My Music With The World.

Saint Cloud, MN, — Tuesday, October 1st, 2019 — MavWreck is a hip hop artist from Minneapolis, MN with a passion for music of all genres. MavWreck’s passion for music started when he was 12 and living in a rough neighborhood in Minneapolis, MN and which led him to start making his own music and he is even in the process of starting his own record label called -MavWreck Entertainment & Hustlers-

MavWreck started -MavWreck Entertainment & Hustlers- because he is a talented hip hop artist with a passion for music and wants to build something special that will inspire other artists and to let them know that it doesn’t matter where anyone comes from. If you put in the work then anything is possible.

Some of my favorite quotes are probably -Stay In Your Own Lane- -Some People Always Trying To Ice Skate Up Hill -I’m On My Top Gun Game-  Well that’s just a few. I’m a big fan of my own fan’s. They are th

G-Funk Meets Southern Crunk As New American Rap Artist Soco Fa Sho Bursts Onto The Scene With His Style Switching Lyrical Content And Unique Southern Draw, Get Ready…

San Diego, CA — Friday, October 11th, 2019 — Soco Fa Sho is that new artist everybody has been looking for! He’s an OG rapper from the south but living it up on the West Coast. This combination makes for a unique sound and style that the game is in need of Fa Sho. His no-nonsense approach combined with the lyrical content of his flow has these songs standing out not just for the beat, but the beast that’s on them.

Influenced by the late Pimp C, along with Bun B, E-40, Too $hort, Everlast, 8-Ball & MJG, and many more; Soco Fa Sho takes country rap tunes back to his Southern roots. His intelligent wordplay, lyrical content, and vocal individuality are on display in the variety of music released and available on all major music platforms. Soco Fa Sho makes music for every situation, from laid back stress relief songs like Not Caring and High to the hardcore in your face bangers like Prey on a Predator and Hard to Find<

7IFE with a 7 we aint takin’s L’s

Charlotte, NC — Monday, October 7th, 2019 — TONY 7 has released yet another project to follow up behind “SPRINGS” entitled “NORF SIDE (MIX)! This upbeat featured filled project is in stark contrast to the more personal “SPRINGS” released earlier this year. Highlight songs of “NORF SIDE (MIX)” include “FAKE” featuring ALIEN 704, “SCOTTIE PIPPEN” featuring $HO-G & LORG G, and “COOKOUT” featuring T-Solid. Both “NORF SIDE (MIX)” & “SPRINGS” are live on all platforms, links can be found at 7IFE.com

With Charlotte and the Carolinas gaining more spotlight in the music industry, the world is seeing an untapped market and talent base come to the forefront. TONY 7’s “NORF SIDE (MIX)” is a blend of the cultural melting pot which is North Carolina. There is something for everyone: whether you enjoy

New hot & upcoming rap artist Boss TJ releases his new hit single “Mobbin”.

Chicago Illinois — Friday, September 20th, 2019 — “Mobbin” is one of Boss TJ’s best single to date. He manages to please with his collaborative hits & hooks all while maintaining artistic integrity with his more introspective tracks. TJ is a gifted songwriter and vocalist, not just someone who’s singlehandedly dominating the sound of modern rap. But that’s the beauty of TJ as a complete artist; he puts out a surplus of varying sounds and vibes that merge all rap styles together seamlessly. TJ doesn’t waste any runtime and gets to the hits right away.

In his own words “I’m the coldest and hottest,” says Boss TJ, “I make real, authentic music that my fans can relate to .” Boss TJ (whose real name is Thomas Williams) 26-year-old Chicago native is an independent artist who spent majority of his life in Chicago. His signature sound is what captivated most supporters. He is making his way up to the top with his latest

Welcome To The World Of Endless Possibilties

Detroit, Michigan Thursday, September 5th, 2019 — This press release focuses on the release of the debut EP, “Endless Possibilities”, from AKAMRALLIN.  The great thing about this EP is that is being independently released by AKAMRALLIN.  NO sponsorship, no investors, no parent label.  A true story of David among a world of Goliaths.  A story from rags to riches, ashy to classy.

Everyone desires to be among the elite audience of new talent before they were a household name.  Here’s your chance.  To be able to among those who KNOW, while the world is trying to find out.  “Endless Possibilities”, by AKAMRALLIN, available on all major platforms, including Spotify, I-Tunes, Apple Music, GooglePlayMusic and Amazon Music.  GO FOLLOW ME on INSTAGRAM@AKAMRALLIN and click on the link in the bio.

My campaign is titled “ONE FAN AT A TIME”, where world-class talent meets the

7 Tha Great has just officially released his single “Caught a Vibe”, which is a hard-hitting southern trap anthem, that hip-hop enthusiasts the world-over can relate to.

Dallas, Texas — February 1, 2019 — Ladarrion Burton, known aptly by his stage name, 7 Tha Great, is a Dallas based rapper whose body of work includes two highly acclaimed studio albums and countless collaborative singles. His raw vocal presence, dynamic word-play, and one-punch delivery place him in a league of his own.

7 Tha Great has just officially released his single “Caught a Vibe”, off his album “Demigod”. The single’s heavy-808’s coupled with 7’s legendary word-play and lyrical prowess make the track ripe for radio. The album in its entirety, as well as the single, “Caught A Vibe”, can be purchased online at Tidal, Spotify and Apple iTunes.

7 Tha Great’s popularity is gaining momentum with every release with the last three projects being released independently and having orchestrated the greatest impact. 7 has been featured in many media publications: Dallas Weekly, The Dallas Observer, USA Music Review and Say Ch

New Artist Breaking through The Air wave by the name of “Darnell Mac” with an Outlandish style.

Detroit, Michigan, US — Wednesday, April 10th, 2019 — This New Release By “Darnell Mac” Has Versatility along with originality with his storytelling Type Rap/Hip-Hop Style, The Vibe Is Amazing, and the songs paint an image of reality from the life he lives, a perfect combination.

Lovers of Hip-Hop,R&b, and rap music would love the art of Darnell Mac for the fact that he expresses himself with an emotion that grabs listeners by the ear and also approaching everyday life struggles with not only trying to get by day to day financially but also relationship problems with family, Friends, and even past and present lovers which only makes it relatively substantial. You can Find Darnell Mac’s Latest singles and mixtape on platforms like Itunes, Google play, Sound Cloud, Deezer, ReverbNation, Amazon Music, Shazam, Tidal, Yandex Music, Zvooq, Saavn, and many More. I have a New release By the Name Of “Mr. Out spoke” releasing 4/10/2019