An album exclusively by J. Addy himself and also produced by Aydro, Noise The Wizard, J-Dan, Dylan Ochsner, and Ouhboy. This is Addy’s 1st album as a young teenager. He is considered as another J. Cole, but instead brings RnB vibes and some Hip Hop vibes. If you haven’t heard of him, why not dive in.

McDonough, GA — Saturday, March 21st, 2020 — This press release is told to bring romantic and laid-back vibes. It is important to J. Addy to spread the love around the world.

If you are familiar with J. Cole and love RnB music, then you will love yourself some J. Addy. Time is everything and there is a time for everything; so whenever you consider yourself to feel good, feel free to listen to J. Addy. Addy’s album will surely make you feel good and bring positive energy. You can find his album, currently, on every major music platform like Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Google Play, (etc.).

Music is dear to J. Addy’s heart, which he does on a day-to-day basis. As an 18-year old, he doesn’t care about an estimated age, because of how he can inspire others out there in the world to be themselves, love themselves, and work hard. One quote he wants to leave off to boys, girls, men, women, and children is: “It doesn’t matte

So much potential in a young man with no one behind him

Columbia, S.C — Wednesday, February 19th, 2020 — With so much potential and growth from a persistent young man why isn’t his reality becoming real. Some may say popularity or like family has said talent. All which are not the case but surely marketing and exposure.

Tay Jay is a soulful multitalented Artist who not only sings but has given back to So many not expecting anything. It all trickled down from money to personal time. Although it makes sense that the universe would return the deed he still had and has all odds against him.

Tay Jay has faced hardships of homelessness, neglect, loss of family and no support. One of his favorite quotes is We Can Change The World Unless We Change Ourselves and Another his personal Stand in to stand out

Tay Jay has always remained positive although he has days of doubt about his calling. He has always shown care and love to those deserving and undeserving. He realizes

Koreyography Paves The Way For “Misguided Love”

New R&B Single Out Now 


March 3, 2020 – Koreyography has big plans to release a series of new material and he’s starting it off right with his latest single, “Misguided Love.” 

“Misguided Love” welcomes listeners in with a beautiful trickling of sounds as Koreyography’s voice comes in with like a warm blanket, providing comfort throughout. A soulful performance matched with a sound that screams Metropolitan chic thanks to the accompaniment of Adrian Crutchfield on the saxophone, “Misguided Love” is a modern take on the R&B genre. 

Lyrically, the singer-songwriter notes what this song is all about, “Connecting love that is misunderstood, feared, lost, beautiful, fleeting and damaged from now and the beginning of our time,” adding,

My Life Is A Song I Want To Share With The World

Nashville, TN, Davidson County — Friday, February 7th, 2020 — Throughout all the trials, tribulations, and emotional upbringing K.B. has never lost sight of his dreams to be on stage, pouring his heart out to the fans of his music. Starting with nothing and no one K.B. created his own company using it as a platform to release his music. Although he’s been doing music his entire life, it is only been in the past year that he has finally taken the steps necessary to reach his goals. In that short but seemingly long time, he has released 4 singles and is on his way to releasing his first E.P. with no plan of ever giving up on his dreams.

Despite being adopted by a loving Christian family K.B.’s dark past has always reared its ugly head throughout his entire life causing him quite a bit of heartbreak and despair. Music was his medicine and in his early songwriting days, he would write more love songs than anything to try and fill the void that he felt from th

has plans on releasing 2 independent projects in 2020. The Millenial R&B vioce is looking to market himself with big name brands as well as identfying potential label representatives in 2020

New York, NY — Friday, January 31, 2020 — Jchosen, the millennial R&B voice of Pop/Soul is set to take the music industry by storm with his “Rebirth” EP in collaboration with a new kid on the block, the F.L.A.G. Entertainment Group.  Look for a combination of catchy pop melodies similar to “Blown Away”, some soulful ballads as well some hip R&B/Hip-hop based club bangers to keep you dancing.

In an era where you can entertain people without being an actual entertainer, JChosen is a throwback to an entertainer with real musical talents.  This gifted performer wants to become an icon in the industry by simply utilizing, growing with it, and expounding on his singing and entertaining talents.

Continue loving what you do, not who you please (Jchosen Jchosenmusic/ Twitter Dec. 7, 2019).  Don’t ever let anyone discourage your dreams but at the same time, it always good to receive advice from others.

Joey Zazalino Stays True To Himself With Debut EP

New R&B Album Out Now


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – January 31, 2020 – Joey Zazalino is taking his career to new heights with the release of his debut EP, ‘True to Myself.’

Born into a musical family, Joey Zazalino got his start young but in another realm; radio. For years he’s been known on the airwaves as Joey Zaza, even hosting a few television events over the years. Now he’s ready to be on the other side of the mic as the

R&B Songstress And Powerhouse Rapper Rozetta Marie Makes Waves With “Geminii Juice”

Brooklyn NY — Wednesday, January 1, 2020 — Whether she’s weaving through catchy verses or the addicting hook, Rozetta Marie’s powerhouse vocals remain strong over top of the heavy backbeat.

R&B singer and songwriter, Rozetta Marie was born and raised in a mixed cultured, Panamanian/American home in Brooklyn NY. You can find her current singles Bounce and Geminii Juice on all major platforms, such as Spotify, Itunes, Pandora, and Google Play. They’ve also, both been in rotation on various stations on the east and west coasts, such as Desert Storm radio.

Rozetta Marie’s persona, music, and sound exude confidence, sex appeal, and determination. Her music is most inspired by Toni Braxton, Mary J Blige, Anita Baker, and Rihanna. According to Music Connection magazine, “she’s a born performer”. Her recent release of her single Geminii Juice has been a great experience as sh

The Hit That’s Worthy Of Song Of The Year for 2020

Little Rock, AR, Pulaski — Saturday, December 28th, 2019 — Little Rock-based R&B/Hip-Hop artist Monte Ray releases his new hit single which may be the top contender for song of the year in 2020.

Little Rock-based R&B/Hip-Hop artist Monte Ray dropped a new single called Change Your Life. This is a follow up to his first single Real One feat. Marely Marz. His new single lists heavy production such as multi-platinum producers The Martianz and was recorded in North Little Rock, AR at StarPower Music Group Studios. The idea behind this song was inspired by true life-changing events that the artist himself endured, with hopes of extending the message that you can change your walk of life by changing the outlook.

Monte Ray gains inspiration from everyday life and can turn the darkest day into sunshine through it all. The Change Your Life singer is no stranger to struggle as he details in some songs. The main objective is bridging the gap between what they

Ashan Grand Releases New Single “Don’t Lie”

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – December 30, 2019 – Having influences from the melting pot of South Florida and his Trinidadian and Dominican roots, Ashan Grand’s love for music is varied in a billion ways, this love, has enabled him to tap into the best elements of each culture – exemplified with his latest single, “Don’t Lie.”

“Don’t Lie” is catchy and makes you want to get up and dance. With R&B undertones that mesh with a heavy influence of Afrobeats and touches of Reggaeton, it’s a song meant for mainstream audiences. Fans who enjoy the styles of Chris Brown, Tory Lanez, Drake, along with Wizkid will really love the mix of styles embedded in Ashan Grand’s newest release.

Growing up in South Florida, Ashan’s influences really stemmed from a strong Rap and Hip-Hop culture. Due to his Caribbean heritage and his natural love for R&B he was able to tap into a bigger bank of genres. “I think I will always