I Have A Voice: Greatest Hits

Snohomish, WA — Monday, November 11th, 2019 — Artist/Composer, Gregory Kemmis, releases a two-part album series: “I Have A Voice: Greatest Hits” on November 11, 2019.

He had already released the first part of the album set, on October 11, 2019, with some of his most engaging hits according to SoundCloud, on the Radio Edit version of the track: “One By One, Two By Two.”

One By One, Two By Two was the first song Kemmis ever composed while he was still finishing High School in 2003; throughout his 15+ year career as an Independent Artist, Kemmis always had a passion for adding both personal touches and life experiences during his songs. Kemmis had composed over 35 songs between 2003/2004 alone, and about twelve years later, he released them in 3 full albums, 1 single album, and 1 compilation album with Tune Core Inc.

About a year and a half later, he became a signed Rec

R&B Singer-Songwriter Carlos Neal Presents ‘The Presentation’

New Album Out Now


Sauk Centre, Minnesota – November 3, 2019 – Every genre evokes a specific response. Rock makes audiences rage, pop makes them smile, and R&B fills listeners with not only thoughts of romance, but a sense of calm as the smooth vocals and emotive sentiments fill the soul. That’s always been the case and will continue to be true just so long as artists and songwriters like Carlos Neal are in the game. With his latest, The Presentation, he takes listeners under his musical wing and provides not only quality tunes but audible comfort.

The Presentation features 10 tracks of well crafted R&B done by none other than Carlos Neal himself. With over two decades as a producer and songwriter under his belt, he felt it was time to take center stage as an artist. Pushing himself into the spotlight, Carlos takes listeners on an exploration of human emotion with songs such as &#8

Chase Forever Announces New EP

New R&B Music On The Way


Brooklyn, New York – October 29, 2019 – It seems as if Chase Forever still had more to give after the release of his 2019 album, Broken Crayons Still Color, as he’s announced a new EP, is on the way.

It’s been five years since Chase Forever made his initial steps into the scene with the release of Unappreciated. Since then

“STAR” is the Newly Released Liberating Anthem from Parisian-born Estelle California

Oakland, CA. — Friday, October 4, 2019Award-winning producer Narada Michael Walden produces new EP “My Name Is Freedom” introducing new artist “Estelle California” to the entertainment community. 

Estelle California is a classically trained pianist, saxophonist, singer born and raised in Paris now calling California her home. The R&B/Neo-Soul artist released the new lead single “STAR” which was produced by Estelle and award-winning drummer and arranger Narada Michael Walden. The single is a positive compelling track that speaks of the singer’s declaration of independence and resounds the message of spirituality and empowerment.

“Star” is from her new EP “My Name is Freedom “which features “Narada Michael Walden” w

Sargent Tucker Delivers With ‘You Can’t Text Love Away’

New EP and Single Out Now


Las Vegas, Nevada – October 8, 2019 – “My life-long desire is to create music with a purpose, that inspires kind souls,” notes R&B singer Sargent Tucker. A man born with a song in his heart and a desire to share it with the world, Tucker is firing on all cylinders with his latest EP, You Can’t Text Love Away.

Five songs deep, You Can’t Text Love Away is for those who yearn for beautifully done R&B with a backbone. Already a hit overseas, his July 2019 single from the EP, “No One Can Replace You” broke the Top 10 on the United Kingdom’s Soul Chart this past summer, and he plans on being a repeat offender with the title track this Fall. Inspired by one’s attachment to their cell phone, “You Can’t Text Love Away” reminds listeners of genuine connection. A lost art as people continue to scroll throug

Jonathan Scott Drops New Single “Let Me Tell You”

New R&B Star On The Rise


Little Rock, Arkansas – September 17, 2019 – Jonathan Scott came into this world singing, his initial cries at birth in tune. So it was a surprise to no one when he started to work towards his dream of being an R&B singer. Now he’s strapped with his latest single “Let Me Tell You.”

“Let Me Tell You” falls into line with the likes of Bobby Brown and Keith Sweat in that it’s not afraid to get a little naughty with the lyrics. Trading the heartfelt for the more sensual romance, the lyrics are more for grown folks who’ve been there and done that in terms of love. Featuring Kamrion Cruz and Chris Chambers, Jonathan Scott put in the work on this track and it shows.

Performing since he was a child, he got his initial break when he and a friend were chosen to sing the National Anthem on a local radio station in elementary school. That&

International Recording Artist; Little Moses Jones Wows Audiences With His Explosive Original Music And High Energy Live Performances. It’s Like Watching A James Brown Show Mixed With Bruno Mars, Totally Unique.

Denver, Colorado — Monday, August 12th, 2019 — Little Moses Jones is back at it again with his new self titled album “Little Moses Jones”.  Little Moses Jones wanted to bring you fun but a real album that will have you going thru all kinds of different feelings such as dancing, love, your way of life and more. Little Moses Jones invites you to join this music ride with him as he prepares for the next step of his career.

Little Moses Jones is an artist for the people. His music relates to things that most everyone has been thru, situations that are hard to talk about. Denver Artist Little Moses Jones resides in Denver, Colorado. Look for Little Moses Jones In A City Near You.

Little Moses Jones first CD titled had a special meaning that we want everyone to think about.
What Did You Do Today To Be Great?
How Will People Remember You?
Most of us do not think about this. Live your life to the fullest and remember

Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind, Love Is Painful, But Love Is Necessary.

Harbor City, CA — Tuesday, March 19th, 2019 — Newcomer J. Jamal has released the Love Letter EP. This is his second project released under Exquisite Noise Records. Love Letter was released on Valentine’s Day 2019 and has already begun to garner positive reviews and reactions. Fans of true R&B and Soul crooners definitely need to hear this project. It is a modern day take on a throwback to the 80s and 90s.

“Love Letter’ contains a relatable storyline, lovely soul vocals, and groovy instrumentation flavored with ‘90s-inspired R&B, gospel, and reggae-soul elements.“ – Zangba Thomson, Bongmines Entertainment

“A glistening RnB single is taken from his new EP, J. Jamal’s ‘Good Guy’ sparks of vibrancy and pop brilliance.”- Broken 8 Records

“The song (Love Letter) is about a guy who’s looking for love, even if he gotta do something unconventional and ‘old school’ to find it. He’s looking for something

Tamar’s Class of Soul Presents Intellectual Soul

Being Me Out Now

Prince George County, Maryland – April 25, 2019 – At only 14-years-old Tammie Ingram had a dream. As she got older it shifted into a vision that she was ready to see become a reality. With that, she transformed into Tamar’s Class of Soul, a neo-soul artist with her latest album, Being Me.

Being Me comes after her 2012 debut, Textures of Emotions. Comparable to Sade and Jill Scott, her debut was her introduction into the world with an old-school feel. Over the years she’s had time to grow as a person, as an artist and really come into her own. Being Me is a musical representation of her growth over the past five years, and features more lively tracks rather than the ballads she started her career with.

The vocalist and lyricist of her music, Tamar’s Class of Soul also works alongside James Proctor (guitar), Antonio Brown (drums), Gary Smith (bass) and Ant