Vintage Gold: The Revival of Rock N Roll

Buffalo — Sunday, January 12th, 2020 — VINTAGE GOLD brings to you a new rock-fusion experience. With explosive and energetic performances, Vintage Gold’s union and dedication to the creative process continues to win the hearts and souls of music lovers everywhere. With a touch of nostalgia, Vintage Gold brings new original tunes while embracing the roots and soul of Rock N Roll’s golden years.

A new generation of music has erupted and Vintage Gold is at the top of the list for 2020 up and coming bands. Hailing from Buffalo NY, Vintage Gold music continues to travel the airwaves, exciting both older and younger generations, assuring them that the soul of Rock N Roll is not dead. Check Vintage Gold on all streaming platforms and join the new musical revolution!

“A new Golden Age of music is upon us. Let’s ride the wave.”

Vintage Gold will be releasing two full-length albums in 2020!


Vintage Gold Rocks

Jeff Carlson Band Deliver Hard Hitting Rock & Roll 


Las Vegas, Nevada – January 2, 2020 – Las Vegas, Nevada’s Scorchers Of Melodic Hard Rock, the Jeff Carlson Band, have announced that they have inked a worldwide deal with RFL Records. The band delivers a high dosage of hooks with their melodic hard rock style, that taps into the glory days of the late 80’s and early 90’s and pulls that energy into the new millennium. With heavy gui

Collo Rocks It Out With Debut ‘The Bluff’

New EP Out Now


Melbourne, Australia – December 11, 2019 – This time of year always reminds Collo of his the start of his musical journey. Many years ago, at only eight-years-old, he received an acoustic guitar under the Christmas tree. From there his love of music evolved into a fascination with songwriting. Today, after years of focusing his attention elsewhere, he’s finally ready to share his talents with the world on his debut EP, ‘The Bluff.’

Written and recorded in

Tom Beaulieu Drops Third Record Of 2019

‘Cool Blue Lightning’ Out Now


Taunton, Massachusetts – December 10, 2019 – The past year has been nonstop for Tom Beaulieu. After dropping ‘The Bird Houses’ and ‘Zombies On Zambonis,’ he’s gone and released his third record of 2019; ‘Cool Blue Lightning.’

‘Cool Blue Lightning’ blends the heart and soul of country and blues with the passion of rock to deliver music fans of everyone from Bob Dylan to Nei

Phoenix And The SilverVoodoos To Release Their Self Titled EP

Asquith, Saskatchewan Canada — Wednesday, November 20th, 2019 — Phoenix and the SilverVoodoos will be releasing their self titled EP in early 2020.  The band is gaining popularity and is excited to bring their hard and heavy rock music out of the basement onto the mainstream.

Phoenix and the SilverVoodoos is an independent rock band from small-town Saskatchewan.  You are going to want to listen to this rock’n female-fronted band.  The music is loud and powerful, full of grinding guitar licks, and rugged vocals and with lyrics that will touch your soul. Audience feedback declared Phoenix and The SilverVoodoos “a Rock and Roll Revival”!

Phoenix Christa is the creative genius behind the band.  Phoenix writes lyrics from her heart and soul.  She writes music about her life and her experiences as she navigates through her world.  Her creativity in both music and visual art gives the band a strong presence. Watch for Phoenix and

Mojow Ask ‘What You Gonna Do?’

New Rock Album Out Now


Château-Landon, France – November 7, 2019 – After some 20 years playing in various bands, three talented musicians came together to form Mojow. Just a few years later they’re rocking and rolling through France with a couple of records to their name including 2019’s ‘What You Gonna Do?’


Introducing Rock Singer/Producer Geromel

New Music Available Now


São Paulo, Brazil – October 18, 2019 – Geromel is a Brazilian-based rock singer who also doubles as a wildly skilled producer who works not only in the rock scene, but electronic rock realm as well with music that features cutting edge guitars, house beats, lounge textures, and pulsating atmospheres.

All of the above and more can be heard on Geromel’s Electric Lounge EP. Released in 2016, Electric Lounge features a handful of pulsating tracks for rock fans from all walks of life. As he wore multiple hats in the creation of the record, one can sense him in every facet of the record from the start of “Cool Down” to the very last se

Monjyoti Announces New Single “You Will Arrive” Out End Of 2019

Encouraging New Single Out Soon


Jersey City, New Jersey – October 17, 2019 – Experimental rocker Monjyoti’s debut single, “Hypnosis,” reached #1 on Global Rank, and now he plans on doing the same with the upcoming release of his new uplifting track, “You Will Arrive.”

Out later this year, “You Will Arrive” will both entertain and inspire as it was written with those facing the darkest of times in mind. With lyrics that will push people to pull through and keep going through the rough waters, Monjyoti worked with producer Papu Gogoi to layer wonderful sentiments on top of emotional and quirky musical elements that will leave audiences both delighted and surprised throughout the album.

“You Will Arrive” follows the release of June 2019’s “Neighbor Syndrome” and his debut single, “Hypnosis.” The lead single off his upcomi