Called To Serve Rock With Kindness On Their Latest Release ‘Angels And Miracles’

New EP Out Now


Phoenix, Arizona – March 28, 2020 – As we navigate through these difficult times, Jeff Senour and his band Called To Serve (otherwise known as CTS) wanted to help bring us all together with as much kindness and gratitude into the world the best way they knew how; music. So they set out to write and record a record that encompassed hope, love, compassion, spirituality and of course kindness. The result is half a dozen tracks that found a home on their 2020 EP ‘Angels And Miracles.’ 

‘Angels And Miracles’ is a melodic rock record filled with contagious hooks and lyrics that are both captivating and meaningful. Every song has some of Jeff’s life experiences sewn in and the music is the tool to plant a seed in the hearts and minds of our listeners to strive to make each day the

U-Turn Shine Brightest During The ‘Darkest Hour’ With New Release

The Lonely Dreamers “Break Through” With New Single

New Music Available Now 


Hastings, Minnesota – March, 18 – 2020 – Recently formed in January of this year, The Lonely Dreamers already have a half dozen songs under their belt including their latest single, “Break Through.” 

“Break Through” falls in line with the overall theme of The Lonely Dreamers. It’s a song based in reality that many can relate to. It showcases the somber every day of those stuck in a job that is heading nowhere. A job that is driving them closer to the edge with each passing day. Despite the negativity circling the situation, the song provides a sense of hope as it relays an important message; keep trying. There is a better life out there, waiting. 

The Lonely Dreamers was inspired by long time guitarist Chris Dittric

Brand New Folky-Bluesy-Rocky-Funky Artist is in TOWN

Terre Haute, IN — Friday, February 21st, 2020 — Chris Backfish Music is a brand new Rock/Funk/Folk/Blues mashup-artist from the Terre Haute, IN area who is working his way up the chain! Chris’s album “A Gathering of Friends” is out as of January of 2020. The seven-song track is a huge mashup of different genres that is easy to listen to while being fun and high-octane. Interested yet? Let’s continue!

Chris Backfish’s Music is working its way up, two singles are available on streaming services with the rest of the album purchasable on his website! The thing about Chris’s music is that it can be considered very unique while being relatable and calm.

Chris’s first album, “A Gathering of a Friends” was recorded in Nashville, TN. and had participating musicians such as Drummer Jim Thistle, Bassist Baron House,

Fighter Jet Pin-ups Rock It Out With Debut

‘Right Down in Flames’ Available Now


Peoria, Illinois – February 25, 2020 – Fighter Jet Pin-ups is proving rock and roll is still alive, well, and thriving. A vintage sound with an overall modern feel, their debut ‘Right Down in Flames’ is a must-have for true rock fans out there.

‘Right Down in Flames’ features seven powerful tracks, each one as energized as the last. This 3-piece band out of Illinois put everything out on the table and now it’s time to grab a plate and dig into the likes of “Sign of the Times” and “Lost the Fever.” Void of all the overprocessed rock currently on the airwaves, Fighter Jet Pin-ups takes us back to the days when rock stars stood tall and sang loud.

After giving their all to various cover bands and honing their craft in neon lit corner bars around central Illinois these skilled tradesmen decided to form F

The first Puke Rock band to ever rise from Albuquerque, New Mexico!

Albuquerque, New Mexico, Bernalillo County — Friday, February 7th, 2020 — Katarak Attack started out like two high school kids who sat together in Spanish 2 and had a dream. With the lead singer’s Smashing Pumpkins influence, and the drummer’s Porcupine Tree, The Raconteurs, Foo Fighters, and American Football influences, the two would go on to form the band.

Since the band dropped their debut EP in July of 2019, it garnered multiple listens over the course of that month and the following and became a hit among their high school community. As of now, their music sits on all forms of digital music like Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, etc.

Never give up. No matter how far south things can go, always look to the north, and you and your mind will be in a better place.

Katarak Attack is Albuquerque’s first Puke Rock band to come about. They formed in September of 2018 at Eldorado High School. The members currently include Riain McClanaha

Saint Sebastian Drops An All-Star Filled Debut

New Indie Rock Record Out Now 


Ashland, Oregon – February 4, 2020 – Representing the indie rock scene of the Pacific Northwest, Saint Sebastian is proud to present their debut EP ‘Melancholy Breakdown.’ Included in the handful of tracks are their newest single “Centipede Girl” and their film festival multi-award-winning single, “Down (Don’t Let the Bastards Grind You Down).”

Saint Sebastian is a debut solo project fronted by songwriter and vocalist, Greg Goebelt, with a sound that can be described as “melody with melancholy” backed by a “rock-solid beat,” and firmly in the alternative/indie rock genre. And while this is technically a solo project, Goebelt was not alone in bringing this EP to life. He collected an impressive group of guest musicians to create a memorable debut EP for 2020 including Guitar and bass by Jeff Pevar (David Crosby, Marc Cohn, Jefferson Starship);

Dini Dee Rocks Out ’80s Style With Island Rollin

New Album Out Now


Cranston, Rhode Island – January 29, 2020 – When it comes to the rock and roll of the ’80s, it’s hard to compare. The over the top antics, the leather, the rockstar mentality. Oh, how it’s been missed – but not anymore thanks to the rocking ways of Dini Dee’s Island Rollin. This rock band promises to transport fans near and far back to the ’80s with their party rock ways on their debut self-titled LP.


Is it ever to late to Rock, Hard Left Turn Says No with their Debut Album

Poplar Bluff, Mo. — Thursday, January 23rd, 2020 — Their Unique Perspective, Style and Approach for that “Next Great Song” Makes Hard Left Turn’s Music Something you Want to Hear Again & Again

The music is catchy, energetic, melodic, anthemic, and diverse with a southern edge, lots of character within the song structures, the musicianship is thrilling, a diverse record, a Solid vibe, great production, excellent songwriting. Definite classic rock feel. Weird Al Yankovich meets the Rolling Stones, Sometimes a feel of Michael Monroe and in some parts Poison, Junkyard, Shotgun Messiah or the Sex Pistols

Thanks for the rest of the album – great stuff! No Place For Me is still stuck in my head – they all rock!…. Randy Q108 Kingston

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