Grandfather Risks Everything To Achieve Lifelong Dream For His Family

The Thomas Nat Project; a Lifetime In The Making


Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania – August 26, 2019 -.When it comes to The Thomas Nat Project, Thomas’ story is so unique that it tends to boggle the minds of those who catch wind of it. Though many can hear his tale in the songs he leaves at listeners’ doorsteps leaving it up to them if they want to let him into not only their homes, but hearts, minds, and souls.

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” The first time Thomas heard those words escape from George Harrison’s “Brainwashed,” he thought to himself, “That’s the story of my life.” So that was when, some 15 or so years ago, that Thomas threw his life into high gear and created The Thomas Nat Project.

Thomas had a message he needed to express and for so long wondered how he’d get it out. The Thomas Nat Project was the way and it didn’t matter

Musician Elias Thunder Pushes Onward And Upward As He Prepares To Record Commercial Album, “American Flag,” Which He Hopes Will Eclipse His Previous Recordings In Scope And Appeal.

Salt Lake City, Utah — January 24, 2019 — Elias Thunder seeks representation for recording his third album, “American Flag.” A multi-instrumentalist since his late teens, his melodic and visceral music crosses genres from metal to classical, to Americana, with increasingly thematic lyrics embodying American ideals of liberty and justice, spiritual principles like transformation, and our need for love and passion.

Audiences who seek stimulating harmonies should be excited as Thunder will be including intimately nuanced solo lines composed for live cellists/violinists to enhance both solemn rock riffs and bright chord progressions. This upcoming album should appeal to anybody chafing under societal complacency, oppression, or pressured conformity. “American Flag” is a serious endeavor to be backed by a serious record label.

While Thunder’s live performances always draw enthusiastic applause and have repeatedly been described as

Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions release Destiny Road

Park City, Utah — Tuesday, August 27th, 2019 — On his album Destiny Road Gary Dranow has written 10 songs where no two songs sound alike.  A master class in songwriting and storytelling, from Rock to Blues to Pop Dranow explores relationships, moods and emotional landscapes.  Something for everyone on this album.

Destiny Road, the title track, actually foretold Gary Dranow’s future, down to his moving to Park City, Utah (the emerald hills far away) from Los Angeles, finding the love of his life and his 16-year marriage.  All laid out in brilliant clarity and imagery.  Mellow Drama is a very candid view on what it was like to be in a relationship with Gary before he was diagnosed and treated for Bi-polar disorder. The rest of the songs delve into interpersonal relationships, both healthy and dysfunctional.

Chris Zoupa, noted Australian guitarist, touring musician and teacher ha

Good God Father Celebrate Successful West Coast Run Of eXtreme Tour

Debut LP Out Now


Sheridan, Oregon – August 23, 2019 –Good God Father is fresh off a wild ride that found them playing their debut LP, Chronicles, down the west coast from Oregon to Southern California. Now the one-man powerhouse is focusing on the video for “Baptismal Fount,” out September 22 on YouTube, and recording new music for 2020.

Good God Father comes from the mastermind of Xwan Solo. Working hard to write, arrange, manage, and produce every aspect of the brand that is Good God Father, Xwan Solo is a dynamic powerhouse responsible for the debut LP, Chronicles. Heavy doses of electric guitar pulsate throughout Chronicles as one can hear influences of Smashing Pumpkins and Alice in Chains explode out of the speakers with hints of industrial synth. Songs such as “Cool Kids and Short Kids,” “Feelings and Truth,” and “Bapti

Midnight Transit Co. Featuring Bob Russell Releases First Album

Tucson, Arizona — Sunday, February 10th, 2019 — Midnight Transit Co. brings CLASSIC back to the rock genre with their album “Rocking in the Rain”.  The album is set to be released World Wide on February 8, 2019, by Spectra Music Group and is currently available for pre-order on iTunes.

Midnight Transit Co. is an original band from Tucson Arizona and is made up of 5 extremely talented musicians.  Bob Russell (vocals, guitar); Rene Andreotta (vocals, guitar); Stefin Gordon (vocals, base); Les Merrihew (drums); and Rob Francis (keyboard).  Their music combines British and American artist influences with a taste of classic rock and a touch of the blues. Their music is influenced by some of the greatest rock bands of the ’60s and ’70s.

The title song Rocking In The Rain was featured in Classic Rock Magazine’s Louder sound- Tracks of the Week where 8 songs are nominated each week to be a new favorite.

“He (Bob Russell) grew up flit

harlequins enigma lets the big cats out with rock album raw tangent k

straume, hordaland — Saturday, August 17th, 2019 — Harlequins enigma & rock album “raw tangent k” this summer/fall is indeed a big cat that purrs, waiting to be cared for by rock n roll caretakers. this album is about extremities, rock ballads, & also easy listening. the fact that this album finally comes gives listeners the opportunity to fully explore the roar of the band in one place.

for the listeners who don’t like rock & grunge & Extreme electro, they are all adviced to check out Harlequins enigma’s summer singles instead, which are done in different genres. Harlequins enigma’s work over the years shows a strong side in rock/metal, Dance, classical, jazz & hip-hop. you might think they get ideas from a djinn, but it is all hard work & though åge did not get his genie wishes in this life, he had to make some of his own. On the microphone, it means a best of Collection from a period of 10

ReknRoad Will Hit the Stage with London Down

ReknRoad Self-Titled Album Out Now

San Jose, California – February 20, 2019 – ReknRoad is ready to rock it out alongside London Down at their record release show on March 9, 2019, at San Jose’s famed Art Boutiki. With how fast tickets are going, it’s going to be the must-see show of the week in town.

A few years back a group of four heavily experienced musicians found their way to one another and formed ReknRoad. Today they’re psyched to share their harmony-driven rock and roll with the world. On March 9 ReknRoad will share the bill with the recently reunited London Down for their record release of Gnashville.

Before they came together, the men of ReknRoad each had a very musical past playing in numerous bands, having their music spun around the world, and being interviewed on the likes of Rudmania Radio and Blue Mountain Radio KQBM. It’s no wonder they were able to connect with Grammy-nominated

The Violet Mindfield Announce Fifth Record 

Hello Darling Out September 28, 2019 

Ontario, California – August 9, 2019 – Together since late 2013, The Violet Mindfield have never failed to have new music brewing. With three EPs and four LPs to their name, they’re looking to add another record to their growing discography when Hello Darling drops September 28th.

John Duran (songwriter, lead vocalist, guitarist), Sean McBreen (bass guitarist, vocalist), Harry Parr ( drums, vocalist) and Victor Salazar (second guitarist, vocalist) pull together a myriad of influences from the lo-fi sounds of the modern alternative scene to the psych/surf craze of the ’60s to the folk of ’70s. All together it creates one undeniable sound heard throughout each of their releases including their upcoming, Hello Darling.

Hello Darling is the highly anticipated followup to 2018’s After Before and is also The Violet Mindfield’s fir

Do Space Probes Dream of Electric Guitars?

Detroit, MI — Tuesday, August 6th, 2019 — “The Daedalus 2 Mission”  brings its musical odyssey of the imagination to the Ghost Light in Hamtramck on Sept 6, 2019. The astrophysics-inspired rock concept album was developed by Jim Territo and Joe Territo and features some of the area’s finest musical and dramatic talent.. Songs embracing a colorful range of styles, including arena rock, punk, blues, and opera follow a team of robot space probes confronting life and death in the cosmos. 

The September 6th show marks an exciting return for “D2M”. Ant Hall (adjacent to Ghost Light on Caniff in Hamtramck) ran the show as a stage musical last summer to enthusiastic crowds. The band’s soaring instrumentals, dramatic vocals, and a techno-glam aesthetic create an exciting experience for sci-fi and rock-lovers. 

An Englishman, A Turk And A Sydney Wild Child Walk Into A Studio

Sydney, NSW, Australia — Tuesday, August 6th, 2019 — Announcing the latest single from Sydney Alt-Rock 3-piece Accidental President – ‘100 Days’ Anyone who needs their Alt-Rock fix laced with attitude & authenticity will be keen to hear Sydney based Accidental President’s latest single ‘100 days’.

A follow up to 2017’s debut ‘jiggery-pokery’ & 2018’s ‘The King is Dead’, this riff-driven, harmony infused, romper stomper, demonstrates just what can happen when multiculturalism brings together a Wild Child Aussie Orator, an English Guitar Punk & a Manic Drumming Turk.

A female-fronted rock 3 piece out of Sydney with a harmonically driven hard-hitting sound, Accidental President is earning plaudits for their dynamic LIVE show, artistic concepts & showmanship.

Available via ALL the usual Digital outlets, 100 Days is OUT NOW!

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