Lightning Hall is proud to announce the release of Gasoline, a ten song collection of original rock, rhythm and blues.

Albuquerque, NM — Wednesday, April 17th, 2019 — Lightning Hall is folk, blues and rock artist in New Mexico. Gasoline is his third release of all original music. Fans of Deguello-era ZZ Top and the Fabulous Thunderbirds will like it, but these aren’t reenvisioned versions of classic songs, they are truly original.

It’s like a cruise downtown on a hot summer night. From the roadhouse blues of “Lost In The Shuffle” and “Double Talking Blues” to the funky R&B of “That Joker’s Wild” to the blues-rock slide work of the title track and points in between, Gasoline delivers a bluesy punch. Currently, the release can be streamed, and purchased, at

An album highlight, “These Ain’t the Blues” comes off like classic R&B played by an all-star Southern rock band. But the lyrics, t

Forever To The Moon Preps New EP for Release

New Pop Rock EP Out Soon

San Jose, California – April 17, 2019 – Pop rock with elements of alternative rock and pop punk make up the skeleton of Forever To The Moon’s upcoming Ep, but it’s the story of heartbreak that holds up its core.

Forever To To Moon was born Violet Moreno. At only three-years-old, she declared to the world she was going to be a singer. Modeling and acting rounded out her talents by age seven, and by the time she was 14 she wrote and recorded her debut EP in the confines of her bedroom alongside a friend.  Few short months after that she began to work on the follow-up and has since been almost three years in the making.

Her first EP dealt with depression, death, and love. Forever To The Moon’s upcoming release explores a seven-year relationship coming to an end. Recorded at Fireside Studios, the final touches are being added now to the untitled release.

Those interested in reviewing Foreve

Kids Make a Sound Deliver Experiment with Styles and Sound

Jam Rock with an Avant-Garde Twist with Latest Release KMS

Moscow, Russia – April 23, 2019 – Russian rockers Kids Make a Sound are doing things their own way with an improvisational style that has led to a fantastic, experimental sound that is both avant-garde and jam rock all in one on their latest 2019 release, KMS.

As with their past releases, KMS was a brought to live by Dmitriy Fedotov (vocals, bass), Natalia Ivanova (guitar, vocals), and Ira Tsarman (drums). Kids Make a Sound has been able to showcase their own unique stamp on the music scene since the release of their debut in 2014. Five years later and two albums behind them they’re back in 2019 with KMS. Their second studio album has taken their signature jam rock meets avant-garde style and turned up the volume on the creativity on songs such as “Unspeakable Words,” “Play the Strangest Music in the World,” an

Snowman releases new EP

Lisbon, Portugal — Saturday, April 27th, 2019 — Snowman releases new EP “Inner Light”. A journey about life, people and hope. They’ll kick things off with a record release show for their new EP and spend the next months on the road promoting the album.

In addition, Prog Magazine is currently streaming “Leave it all behind” the new single from Snowman. This new release is also available for purchase and stream on all major online platforms.

“We have tried to create something new, not by moving away from the influences of each one (Riverside, Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree) and exploring the musical side of the songs, […] Betting clearly on the melodies and avoiding the complexity of progressive themes but with the delicious and magical touch that only the progressive have” the band state on Prog Magazine’s website.

Snowman releases new EP “Inner Light” available for purchase and stream on all major online platforms

Good God Father, Living on a Prayer at The Midway

Salem, OR — Wednesday, May 1st, 2019 — Stealing the stage in a fearsome frenzy, Good God Father aligns the stars to take the stage at The Midway in Salem, OR, June 1st, 2019 for an all-ages crowd, starting at 7:30 pm to put in to practice the long hours of planning spent to present a deliberate act of musical conviction. Fronted by Sean Lewis (alias, Swan Solo), and teamed by fellow musical monastics, this American rock act fuses the folksy archaic deliberation of storytelling, with the ever-progressing advent of modern music arrangements to summon out of deep sleep, giants of old with clever hooky riffs, droning and somber guitar and synth arrangements for an evening of fully stimulated senses.

Midway Music with an agenda against socks, has invited the world to join in their campaign to Rock Your Socks Off!
From their Facebook bio:
We want to bring musicians together and build a co-op and reference community of all kinds of musicians and bands. We wi

May the Sky Releases Fresh Debut EP

Dayton, OH — Tuesday, July 30th, 2019 — Ohio’s, May the Sky, have released a powerful and inspirational new EP titled, “discoveries.”  The band’s musical influences shine through in each song, making them sound and feel familiar, but they are completely different then what you’ve heard before. One minute you’ll think it sounds like David Bowie, and the next you think it’s the Deftones. “discoveries” released on July 20th and is available on all major online stores for download and streaming.

May the Sky, an alt/rock 5 piece from Dayton, Ohio have just released their debut effort titled, “discoveries.” The new EP consists of 5 songs that take you on a powerful but uplifting ride that you don’t see coming initially. Each song seems to leave you inspired and wanting more, but the songs also have a feeling of familiarity. The band’s influences shine in each song. On one so

Uforia Storm Back With A Much Anticipated New Rock Single ‘Crawl’

Toronto, Ontario, Canada — Tuesday, July 30th, 2019 — Following widespread rock media support, Toronto hard rock band Uforia return with a brand-new single. Crawl is out now on all streaming/download platforms and offers up metallic riffs alongside driving pop-punk melodies and an anthemic chorus.

‘Crawl’ is for fans of Foo Fighters, Green Day, and Billy Talent. It will give you the surge of energy you’re looking for before a workout or sports game. You can find ‘Crawl’ on any streaming or download platform now.

“This was the easiest lyric to write,” says Uforia frontman Michael Ursini about the new single. “Crawl is a song about perseverance. The struggle of fighting through all of life’s obstacles can take a toll on the human body and mind. It reminds people to have faith in themselves -it’s pretty much how I feel every day, trying to get ahead in the music industry.”

What began as a s

SLUKA Prove They’re “Ready To Connect” with New Single

Band of Pilots Deliver New Alternative Rock Single

San Diego, California – May 20, 2019 – SLUKA is giving fans not only a new video for “Ready to Connect, but” they’re also sharing an important update on what they’ve been up to the past 365 days here.

SLUKA is a fearsome foursome consisting of Lis Viega (drums, vocals), Alexandra Holt (street can, theremin, vocals), Anna Eppink (bass, vocals), and singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Christopher Sluka. SLUKA is a female-heavy band and crew with their entire band and team being women, except for Sluka. He’s a man who’s been making music since the late ’80s. In fact, his debut, Emotional Battlefield, just turned 30-years-old.

Three decades and a dozen albums later, and Christopher Sluka is dropping SLUKA’s 2019 release, Ready to Connect soon. The lead s


Rock’s Iconic Musicians

Billy Sheehan (David Lee Roth, Mister Big & Winery Dogs) & Rod Morgenstein (Winger & Dixie Dregs)  Offer Their Time and Combined Talent to Support a Different Kind of Rock!


Mineola, New York – May 20, 2019 – Road Crew has taken a Tragedy and turned it around by ultimately giving back all they can With The Baby Rocco Foundation.

Don Chaffin (vocals), Billy Sheehan (bass), Joey Jem Cangemi (guitar), Rod Morgenstein (drums) & Nick Troiani (keys)  recorded Road Crew‘s debut album to feature great music as well as showing their support for a beloved child that was lost in a horrific tragedy. Guitarist Joey Jem  Cangemi’s son, Baby Rocco was only two-and-a-half-years-old when he was hit and killed on Long Island, New York in early September 2017 by a distracted driver that was speeding in a posted children at play 5 MPH zone

Roxy Redstone and the Shore Brings Rockabilly to the Forefront with Debut

A Passion for Pin-UP Out Now

Fort Worth, Texas – June 25, 2019 – Roxy Redstone and the Shore is amped and ready to go with the debut album, A Passion for Pin-UP, out now.

When it comes to wearing multiple hats with ease, no one makes it look better than Roxy Redstone. The talented artist mixed the new album herself. With no training to her name, the singing bassist is a self-taught studio wiz who managed to hit all the right notes when tackling the task at hand. The end result, an album that features the likes of Rockabilly greatness such as lead single “Successful,” “True Thing,” and “Rioting.”

In the past, Roxy charted as Juliet Silver on DRT Americana charts. So this isn’t her first time out, just her first time really taking the reins. Roxy Redstone has been the better side of the industry and she’s seen the nightmares come to life. Right now she’s all about taking control of her music,