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Vietnam Veteran Releasing Song Honoring His 74 Shipmates Lost On June 3, 1969 And Will Be Singing His Way Across America May 11 – June 28.

Norwich, CT — January 21, 2019 — Bill Thibeault is on a mission. He is a Vietnam Veteran and survivor of the worst naval disaster of the Vietnam War. He lost 74 of his shipmates when his ship USS Frank E. Evans collided with the Australian aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne on June 3, 1969. At about 3:15 am the Evans accidentally crossed the bow of the carrier and was sliced in two, with the front half sinking in 3 minutes.

This year will mark the 50th Anniversary of the sinking and Thibeault will be attending the 50th Anniversary Reunion and Memorial Ceremony in Long Beach, CA on May 31 – June 3. Even though they were in the Vietnam War, the 74 names are not on the Vietnam Wall because the collision happened outside the combat zone. In 2018 Congress passed an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act to get the names on the wall but it did not pass in the Senate.

Hearing this news frustrated Thibeault and being a singer/songwriter, he wrote a

Tshiamo Dube’s New Charitable Single “What About Us”

All Proceeds Donated to Local Orphanages

Summerveld, Shongweni – January 23, 2018 – Following the release of her smashing single, “Soar,” Tshiamo Dube is ready to make audiences fall in love all over again with her new single, “What About Us.” It’s not only a wonderful song but it is used for a wonderful cause. All proceeds will be donated and used towards local orphanages to benefit the children’s needs.

Penning her own music and skilled when it comes to the guitar, piano, and marimba Tshiamo Dube is a talented teen. Yes, only 14-years-old she has taken on the responsibilities people twice, even three times her age have yet to do in terms of crafting their own material and putting it out to better the world. While her last single, “Soar,” introduced her pop side, songs like “What About Us” and “What About Them” are here to raise awareness for those whose voice

Composer “Elias Thunder” Releases Piano Solo EP, “Etherea,” To Honor The Great Composers Of The Past, And Inspire Young Composers Today.

Salt Lake City, Utah — Friday, February 1st, 2019 — For Immediate Release:

Originally written and produced under his given name, Stephen Prins, Elias Thunder’s piano solos are now available for the enjoyment of students, teachers, and fans of the piano. He looks forward to arranging the rich melodic content of his piano solos into intimate pieces for small ensembles, and eventually ambitious symphonic compositions. Public support for “Etherea” will pave the way for his upcoming compositions to be heard and published.

The piano solo EP, “Etherea,” can be enjoyed by patrons and students of Classical music, as well as aspiring modern composers. Prins is currently composing solos and small ensemble pieces for cello, viola, violin, woodwinds, harp, and pitched percussion. His piano EP, “Etherea,&

Singer/songwriter Tommy Ocean releases strong self titled debut EP to build a worldwide audience and expand his professional career

Breisach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany — Monday, February 4th, 2019 — German singer/songwriter Tommy Ocean is proud to announce the release of his self-titled debut EP Tommy Ocean. 

Tommy is a 21st Century troubadour with a distinct 1960s flavor and vibe. He mostly performs with just his fingerstyle guitar and harmonica behind his lyrics, going for a vibe that’s natural rather than elaborate. The songs on Tommy Ocean display the Zen simplicity and deep emotions of iconic songwriters like Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Johnny Cash, and Paul Simon but never sound anything less than fully original. Standout tracks include “The Present,” “Another Day, Another Time,” and “Lonely Days.” 

Ocean has only been making original music seriously since 2017 but comes off as a studio veteran with excellent instincts. He loves the freedom of being a solo performer b

New Contemporary Christian Artist, Chaylyn, Using Her Past of Abuse and Fear to Inspire Thousands

Rockville, IN — Sunday, March 3rd, 2019 — Touring Contemporary Christian artist, songwriter, and multi-instrument musician, Chaylyn is driven to use her past of childhood abuse and trauma to inspire her listeners and make a positive impact in the world through music. Growing up with an abusive father, Chaylyn had intense struggles with depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts throughout her childhood and teen years.  In 2016, she encountered God in such a way that changed her life and inspired her to use her talent for music and her past experiences to begin writing songs with the goal of reaching and impacting the lost and hurting.

In September of 2018, Chaylyn released her debut EP, “Deep,”  which immediately began receiving national and global attention through many interviews, reviews, and write-ups in major blogs, online magazines (a few examples include: CCM Magazine, His Favor Teen Magazine, Jesus Freaks Hideout) and large social media outl

Find out How this Singer/Songwriter from Australia Captured the Feelings of music in his song “I WANT TO MAKE MUSIC”

Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia — Sunday, March 31st, 2019 — Find out how this Rocking, Singer/Songwriter from Australia Captured the feeling of music in his songI WANT TO MAKE MUSIC

This is every music lover and Performer theme song about how music makes you feel. Feeling it at a Deeper level, To live it, Breath it, Todo and Treat others better by been influenced by the power of music that created by God to be Shared & enjoy. Discover Rocking Rocco From Queensland Australia, Creating Songs with a personal spiritual touch to connect with others from Christianity to Love & Rock, Bringing Music to life with His Soulful Vocals & Unique Style & Original Sound.

Its a Great honor to be given the gift of music to share to stand up and have a voice for others, Music can help us reach higher taking what you love can inspire us to do better. giving back & helping others that a less fort

The James Reid Band saga continues with concerts, new CD in the works

Davidson, NC — Tuesday, July 25th, 2019 — The James Reid Band, fresh from a pair of highly acclaimed concerts on Orcas Island in Washington State, is returning to the studio to record its second CD, titled “Tales Tall and Tender.” Sparked by the reunion of singer/songwriters James “JP” Connell and Reid Spencer, the James Reid Band is recording an eclectic mix of rock, country-rock and “country jazz,” featuring a formidable roster of virtuoso musicians, keyboardist Martin Lund (former musical director for Isaac Hayes), guitarist Mat Kastner (Randy Burns and the Skydog band), drummer Brian Kirk (Pointer Sisters), bassist Dan O’Brien and saxophonist Brian “Boss” Hogg. The new CD follows the James Reid Band’s debut recording “Breakfast at Sunset,” which is available for sale or streaming at