Keveen Baudouin Release New Solo Project SIDE DƟƟR

New Releases Promises A Unique Musical Experience

Los Angeles, CA – September 29, 2020 – Singer/songwriter Keveen Baudoin is excited for the releases under his solo project SIDE DƟƟR. With the release of his solo EP and an upcoming release in the works, Keveen is making his name shine in the music industry.

The first release under SIDE DƟƟR is an EP titled “Organized Mess” that was released on streaming platforms to great success. The catchy and well-written lyrics showcase Kevee

Mr. L Releasing Clean Version Of 2020’s ‘Drowsy’ 

New Version Out Now On All Major Streaming Platforms 


Brooklyn, New York – May 22, 2020 – Lenny Moore, known musically as Mr. L, dropped his independent debut album ‘Drowsy’ back in February of this year. Now he’s back with a clean version that is out now on all major streaming platforms for fans of all ages to enjoy. 

‘Drowsy’ was a year-long labor of love. The result being an album that is a play on the current woke climate. Mr. L explains that this album “captures the lifestyle of consciously living in the bliss of ignorance.” Within the confines of 11 tracks, ‘Drowsy’ presents an assembly of variety in songs that invigorate throughout. Songs like “Don’t Sit Next To Me” and “Drink The Drama” showcase a chilled vigor that displays the connection one has wh

Reina Mar Offers Up New Brand Of Latin Pop

New EP Promises English and Spanish Fusion

Little Ferry, NJ – September 29, 2020 – Latin pop artist Reina Mar is excited to announce the release of her EP. The self-titled EP offers a fun musical experience while promoting her culture.

The “Reina Mar” EP has four tracks with upbeat, Latin pop beats. The tracks are sung with a combination of Spanish and English lyrics and Reina’s voice delivers with power and clarity. Each song is an experience that Reina has experienced in her life and shares with her audience. The songs culminate in Reina becoming the queen in her life and inspiring others to do so. The EP will be released on October 9th and will be available on streaming platforms.

Reina states: “The whole EP takes listeners on a journey through the ups and downs in my life including love, heartbreak, and finding one’s self.”

Reina Mar grew up in a Cuban family who had a love for

The Paul Roberts Association Ushers In The Holiday Spirit

New Song Brings Christmas Joy

St. Clair Shores, MI – September 18, 2020 – The Paul Roberts Association wants fans to celebrate the spirit of Christmas each day of the year with the release of his latest song.  “Every Day is Christmas” is a heartwarming song needed for these troubled times.

“Every Day is Christmas” is a reminder to listeners to cherish the time with their loved ones, not just on holidays. Each day should be full of loving, caring, and giving. Paul Roberts conveys this message through his skillful, instrumental composition. The vocals on the song were provided by former Beach Boy Chris Farmer. The track is perfect for television and film productions.

Paul Roberts’s career began with playing saxophone in high school. Paul wrote his first song “I Don’t Think It’s Wrong” as the first track on his debut album, and would foster his passion for composing for his decades-long c