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Omari Releases New Music Video For “I Am Healed” 

New Gospel Video Out Now 


Tamarac, Florida – May 20, 2020 – Gospel dynamo Omari is proud to announce the release of his new video for his beautiful song, “I Am Healed.” 

In a time where our news feeds continue to be dismal, songs like “I Am Healed” are a welcome breath of fresh air. While the song is an inspiring tale sung wonderfully by Omari, the video takes it to new levels. Filmed in a picturesque wooded area, the colors pouring from the North Carolina foliage of Maggie Valley surrounding Omari jumps from the screen and invigorates those who watch just as much as the encouraging lyrical flow. “I Am Healed” is featured on 2019’s collaborative ‘Healing Project.’ The album features an array of gospel singers including Kevin Downswell, Alaine, Paul Scott, and more. 


KahmenCents P2DaJ The Club King

Dallas Texas — Tuesday, May 5th, 2020 — KahMenCents P2DaJ is the artist who is bringing fun back to the clubs and making life a big party scene.  With so much negativity KahMenCents brings back the old vibes of Lil Jon, Uncle Luke, James Brown, with a nice Future like tone to the music

Songwriter and rapper KahMenCents P2DaJ knows how to create a perfect vibe with his ability in hip hop music. This 32-year-old rapper born in Killen, Texas, and residing in Dallas is showing the music industry that is time for a new authentic high energy sound that can only be called the future of down South music genre. That time is arrived and brings his name. KahMenCents P2Daj’s latest release reveals the interesting creation of a sound that is powerful but well balanced with the conscious flux of rap particles. This is the kind of artist you’ll love to listen to if you are willing to discover a combination between Pimp C and Future Shy Glizzy. His music tra

Nigel 100 Drops Cascade Of New Music On YouTube

New Hip Hop Available Now 


Lafayette, Louisiana – May 12, 2020 – The reality of Nigel 100’s life hasn’t always been what you’d consider a best-case scenario. Coming up in a place like Franklin, LA caused the young emcee a fair share of setbacks but despite the hand, he was dealt, he’s looking to rise above and come out the othe

Jǝs Jāmz is The Remedy

Las Vegas — Friday, May 15th, posted an interview with independent artist Jəs Jāmz on May 12th at 7 am NYC time. The underground rapper just released his first single THIS.ONE.NIGHT. on April 27th on all music streaming platforms, and is currently working on his first album.

Music lovers and/or interested parties can find the interview atǝs-jamz/. In it, he details the thought process behind his work and his name, and the potential his music holds for himself as well as the community.

“I am ready to invest my time and skills into producing or writing for other

Songs Of Vion I Vox Of Various Genres

Kancheepuram, Tamilnadu, India — Monday, May 18th, 2020 — Vion I Vox is a person addicted to song making. He loves making songs feeling his soul and the vibes around him. He was born in India on 3rd November in the year 1993. He’s of English & Tamil descent. The special thing about him is that he produces songs of various genres.

People around him say that he’s a brilliant guy & so wishes to make a friendship with him. His family cares a lot about him. They and all are looking for his glorious future

Many feel that he’s a guy who creates completely different things. Some believe that he can make a difference in the music industry. The fans are the answers who would react soon

His songs “Dream love” & “Love Me Girl” released recently on Spotify and on more stores sound awesome to many ears. The vibe of his songs through headphones are melting and brings a change in the listener’s moo

J-Easy and Understanding His Mental War.

Phenix City AL — Thursday, May 14th, 2020J-Easy’s 2020 debut album “Mental War” is a deep dive into the rapper’s mind that blows any haters out of the battlefield with some lyrical Napalm. With killer beat selections and pure talent for writing lyrics straight from the heart, Justin manages to captivate with his wordplay and his lyrics on the deeper, darker cuts on this project.

There’s a great combination of rapid-fire flows (“The End” & “Hit the Ground Running”) and lyrics that can cut into your heart like a bayonet (“Talking to God”). There’s also an interlude (“Why I’m Here”) that is very sobering to hear, and just shows the brute strength Justin possesses to break down the barricades and share his stories with the world.

The handful of features on this album have great chemistry with Justin and they add a nice flair