Bobby Miles

Let the past be the past or it will hold you back

Garden Grove California — Tuesday, April 7th, 2020 — Beating the odds, and overcoming are obstacles, Wild Kin embraces his true personality, discovering his identity leaving his past behind into creatinine is first released single Jet Life. [Umbrella Boyz]The new upcoming indie artist made it out the projects to explore talent and options

“Jet Life” he explains “never was a kid in the first place, I was just a kid in my worse days”  pointing out that you never had it good or the silver spoon life. Coming from a rough path to change his life. I got to grow better because I know better.

You don’t want to be a slave to society then work to be a boss because you have to start somewhere

The only wish is never showing up when you are prepared for the opportunity

Wildkin is on a journey to pin his debt back to his family. The best way he can accomplish that was through his greatest tale

Patrick Lavigne Invites Everyone To Patlang’s Experience 

Multigenre Artist Making Major Movies


Montreal, Canada – April 16, 2020 – When it comes to music, Patrick Lavigne does not have any particular genre that he favors. That is because he is a lover of all sounds, styles, and genres that come his way. From rock to reggae, Patrick Lavigne covers them all and then some. Which is why he is inviting e

Sometimes we must travel to some of the darkest places to discover the light behind the darkest faces, My journey from tragedy to triumph can be recognized in two words Beautiful Darkness

Woodstock, Ga — Monday, April 20th, 2020 — From addition and abandonment, dishonesty and disloyalty. One man chased his childhood dream to the brink of destruction with one goal in mind; Redemption.

Music was his soul lifeline in a world where money was power, and pain developed character. Stuck between the crossroads of giving up, and pushing forward, Whit3 E Capone dedicated his life, in hopes of one day saving yours. 2020 he is making his return for vengeance on an industry where all odds were against him.

“Sometimes the purest souls lie behind the darkest faces ” Whit3 E Capone

“It’s your choice to discover the beauty inside the darkest places” Whit3 E Capone

“Beautiful Darkness” will give fans insight into the mind torn between good and evil. It is 2 part 24 track album bringing new life to a once lost soul.

Traveling a highway to hell, he found his stairway to heaven. Broken homes