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Sin Color Announces New Single “Cucurrucucú Paloma” 

New Latin Single Featuring Miguel Angel Out April 20, 2020 


San Pedro, California – April 14, 2020 –

Senior Gee Merges New Age & Hip Hop With His Latest Single “Oooohhh”

New Age Hip-Hop Music Available Now


New York, New York – March 31, 2020 – The beauty of hip hop is that what was once a term used to describe a singular style of music

Of Ash and Soot, the emotionally introspective album as Alex Wintersmith Lackey’s first official release.

Salt Lake City, UT, United States — Friday, March 13th, 2020 — Of Ash and Soot, Alex Wintersmith Lackey’s first official album release, is an introspective and emotional look at reminiscing over years of struggling with mental health and substance abuse. Abstract at times represents a variety of emotions and memories and ends with a direct recounting of rock bottom. As a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, this album was written and recorded by Alex across all instruments over roughly 12 hours in the studio.

“Of Ash and Soot” is a therapeutic release for Alex Wintersmith Lackey and has been an open journal experience to share with the world. Striking chords with music lovers and musicians alike, the work is melodic and haunting, lyrically enticing, and engaging on all levels. The album can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, all streaming platforms alike, along with hosted on Bandcamp and CD Baby for purchase. The album is available current

‘Lil Gardener’: 3 Valuable Seeds to Harvest Your Dream Life

Ocoee, Florida — Friday, March 27th, 2020 — Independent artist Xavier’s 2019 award-winning short film ‘lil gardener’ is an abstract display of life’s daily grind. The 10-minute short features Xavier as the lead gardener planting his dream ‘garden’, much like most of the audience in their daily lives. This experimental portrait presents the personal emotions Xavier faces on his journey towards success as an artist through the film’s musical and visual storytelling. Largely a metaphor, ‘lil gardener’ encapsulates the daily grind into the routine of Xavier’s gardener. However, 3 valuable elements stand out most.

1) Growth

The entire film is centered around harvesting seeds to grow into the garden Xavier desires, which is shown in a picture he keeps close to him. In a 2019 interview with Bluntiq, Xavier shared that growth presents challenges and obstacles the audience must push through in order to ‘grow’. Sometimes the grind is

Milwaukee been very quite , so let me introduce you to a banger I would like to talk about my solo song that’s dropping very soon.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin — Wednesday, March 18th, 2020 — Milwaukee been very slept on. But many don’t know we have a very good artist collection including myself. If you’re are sick of mumble artists and knockoffs. SainFrmSBG is here to prove what he got in his new solo song “Same Youngin”.

A reason why SainFrmSBG put himself out there in the music industry is that they are not many like him. He started from his family landing in the USA in 2004 to having a hard high school life. All the feelings and expressions going on his latest song.

SainFrmSBG came from a very poor village in Nairobi, Kenya, Where he & his family had to move to the United States so they can have a better lifestyle. SainFrmSBG grew up in the east side part of Milwaukee where it was a lot of Violence & police sirens.

SainFrmSBG is the 3rd oldest in his family. He has 6 other siblings. He has a friend since he was a youngin that’s gone by Rio. Rio has been wi

Yungaly Is up-and-coming

Los Angeles California — Friday, March 20th, 2020 — His performances up and down the East Coast people love his music the way he put words together interest everyone. When Taken some time to talk. Yungaly Told me he was working on a fourth studio album with a line of mixtapes. Yungaly Spoke on the world being able to find his music on the Internet, Spotify worldwide

People say to have new music every day is good for the soul they actually care about find a new artist like yungaly. You can find YUNGALY music in all popular stores online

You can hear people calling his lines( “I’m Killin the wave lines they said it I’m on my grind you sell me all the time press fast for homeless rewind”

Make sure to check out YUNGALY videos

Don’t miss out on one of the hardest artist coming from the tri State area

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New Album Release by Chloe Levaillant That Will Touch Your Heart With Breezy Vocals and Elegant Acoustic Soundscapes

London, England — Friday, April 10th, 2020 — Chloe Levaillant, up and coming French/British singer-songwriter recently released her second album; Skywalker. Through her poetic lyrics, crystalline vocals, and elegant arrangements she brings us something heartfelt that reflects her unique journey from girlhood to womanhood.

The Album as a whole embraces fear and the power that we all have within us to come to the edge of our fears and jump before we fall. It was released on platforms such as Bandcamp and SoundCloud in June 2019. It will be re-released to more mainstream media platforms such as Spotify, Napster, i-tunes, and youtube in April 2020.

“If you find yourself in the never-ending search for music from contemporary artists which hits you with weighty resonance, prepare to be enamored by French up and coming artist Chloe Levaillant’s single “You Look Up”.

All too often Acoustic Folk can register as fractured and whimsical, ye