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Andy Michaels Delivers Melodic Depth On ‘Incendiary Heart’

New Adult Contemporary Album Out Now


Perth, Australia – November 5, 2019 – Singer-songwriter Andy Michaels has wasted no time since his 2018 release, Revisited, as he’s already dropped the follow-up, Incendiary Heart.

This 14-track album comes with high praise as everyone from The Weekly Spoon to Eat Sleep Breathe Music has been raving comparing Michaels not only to the legendary Cat Stevens but also noting Incendiary Heart has “killer sound that will make you take notice.”

And notice fans and critics alike have thanks to a myriad of songs that showcase not only Michaels’ infectious, melodic ways but also his pristine songwriting abilities on tracks such as “Only Change Stays the Same,” “Fireflies,” and “Darling It Hurts.” Of course, Michaels isn’t alone in this journey, he worked alongside and shared the mic with other talent

Ace Of Spades Is A King With ‘Royalty’ EP

New Music Out Now


Pacific, Washington – November 5, 2019 – There is no shortage of music coming from the mind of Ace of Spades. With one album already out this year, the rising emcee decided to drop another. ‘Royalty’ EP is available now.

For those who thought Ace of Spades only had &#8

Retro-Jazz Vocalist Laura Ainsworth Wraps Award-Winning Year With Japan Distribution Deal

Dallas, Texas – November 4, 2019 – Retro-jazz vocalist Laura Ainsworth has made it her mission to revitalize and reshape 20th-century cocktail/lounge jazz for the 21st century, and this was the year when her efforts began bearing fruit worldwide.

Her third album, “New Vintage,” scored her multiple indie music awards and nominations, “Year’s Best” honors from top

R&B Singer-Songwriter Carlos Neal Presents ‘The Presentation’

New Album Out Now


Sauk Centre, Minnesota – November 3, 2019 – Every genre evokes a specific response. Rock makes audiences rage, pop makes them smile, and R&B fills listeners with not only thoughts of romance, but a sense of calm as the smooth vocals and emotive sentiments fill the soul. That’s always been the case and will continue to be true just so long as artists and songwriters like Carlos Neal are in the game. With his latest, The Presentation, he takes listeners under his musical wing and provides not only quality tunes but audible comfort.

The Presentation features 10 tracks of well crafted R&B done by none other than Carlos Neal himself. With over two decades as a producer and songwriter under his belt, he felt it was time to take center stage as an artist. Pushing himself into the spotlight, Carlos takes listeners on an exploration of human emotion with songs such as &#8

Orion, the dark rap artist reveals his new double single, “Entitlement // Ov The World”

St. George, Utah — Friday, November 1st, 2019Orion’s music is what happens when you take an artist who grew up in Seattle going to underground shows and playing in death metal & grind-core bands with his father, give him pop-punk and hip-hop influences, a pop sensibility, and top it off with master training in Reiki and a sense of spiritual consciousness. With a healthy appetite for esoteric teachings and a gnostic worldview, Orion views the process of making music as alchemical. To him, the ability to communicate ideas and emotions through the airwaves with vibrations and frequencies is akin to magic.

On September 23, 2019, Orion has unveiled his new double single, titled “Entitlement // Ov The World”. For fans of Ghostemane, Bones and City Morgue, both songs are now available to stream on major streaming platforms! The tracks are dark and energetic, with lyrics that are deep and esoteric joining th

Artist Mark Konye, Is Changing The World With His Music.

Buffalo, New York — Thursday, October 31st, 2019 — Musical Artist Mark Konye is rapidly taking over the underground hip/hop scene with tracks such as “Feugo” “Shut it Down” and “Nobody Knows” as listeners have repeatedly said “He adds a new dimension of listening to hip hop”. Konye’s career started less than a year and a half ago and he’s already altered the hearts of hundreds of thousands of fans with his “Heart Tugging” lyrics and overwhelming charisma resulting with him working with big names as the likes of “Goodmorning America” and “The Breakfast Club”. The young star is projected to be one of “hip hop’s greatest” proclaimed by many and compared to the greats from the likes of “Kendrick Lamar, Drake and Tupac”. The most stunning characteristic of the young artists’ music is his depths of emotion put into his variety of

Shockingly unique and versatile

Dallas, Texas — Thursday, October 31st, 2019 — Watermac’s unique collaboration with two of Dallas up and coming artists will be nothing short of astonishing! “Ink in my body stained on my flesh, like a painted picture on a canvas, depicting all the harsh memories life did to me scarred mentally” from song “Baccwards” describes how even through pressuring times, with the ability to hustle hard and stay focus, you can choose better for life and make leaps forward not backward.

The collaboration mixtape is a project for a wide variety of the public. From trippy spaced out tunes to make you feel you are out of space “Extraordinary” to club songs that make you want to throw money and celebrate “Rubber Bandzz” to songs about the streets and the struggle it takes to make it out  “Late Nights” 

Chase Forever Announces New EP

New R&B Music On The Way


Brooklyn, New York – October 29, 2019 – It seems as if Chase Forever still had more to give after the release of his 2019 album, Broken Crayons Still Color, as he’s announced a new EP, is on the way.

It’s been five years since Chase Forever made his initial steps into the scene with the release of Unappreciated. Since then