Ian Skavdahl: The R​.​N​.​K. Sessions

Ian Skavdahl ReviewIan Skavdahl’s “The R​.​N​.​K. Sessions” EP takes you from a folk world into one that’s unrecognizable in a second and then back again. “Rooted” is very settled in its roots and is an alternative take on folk music. It’s not as demure as some folk can be and that’s because it packs a punch. Then things calm down a bit with “Tomorrow,” but not too much. When “Bipolar” started, I thought it was a completely different artist. The vocals were different somehow and this one started to inch its way towards the best of the record spot. The same goes for “Not But Pride.” This one got a little funky in the delivery. “These Endless Fields” had one of the most musically intriguing sounds on the EP. The arrangement was where it was at. Rounding things out, “Cast Your Stones” gives you that alternative folk we started the album off with and makes things come full circle. If you like your folk with a hint of indie and alternative, then Ian Skavdahl’s “The R​.​N​.​K. Sessions” is right up your alley, so check it out today. (https://ianskavdahl.bandcamp.com/)