Jǝs Jāmz is The Remedy

Las Vegas — Friday, May 15th, 2020IndieBandGuru.com posted an interview with independent artist Jəs Jāmz on May 12th at 7 am NYC time. The underground rapper just released his first single THIS.ONE.NIGHT. on April 27th on all music streaming platforms, and is currently working on his first album.

Music lovers and/or interested parties can find the interview at https://indiebandguru.com/interview-jǝs-jamz/. In it, he details the thought process behind his work and his name, and the potential his music holds for himself as well as the community.

“I am ready to invest my time and skills into producing or writing for other artists or just being on a team to help someone write if need be. I will always make my own music, regardless, but ultimately I just want to take part in something where I can promote achievement, mindfulness, and awareness.”

IndieBandGuru is currently ranked 38th on Musicaroo’s Top 100 Independent Music Blogs of 2020 and received an award for being in the top 50 in 2018.

Jəs Jāmz talks about his passion, influences, and more in the interview posted on the blog on May 12th, giving readers and listeners insight into who he is and what he is doing in the music community.

I was denied entry into a few very selective music services and I’m wondering if it’s my music, genre, or just not enough press, so please help me out by listening, liking, and following at https://soundcloud.com/jesjamz_theremedy to really show me that you feel it and let me know if it’s #fire.





He has a tendency to be lyrical but also balances that approach with more stylistic songs that would appeal to listeners who use music to fit their swag. He refers to himself as his alias, The Remedy, and every bar is designed to be that concept. His bars sometimes come off on the rougher side, but in truth, experience in life’s struggles has made it so he could probably never take the battle out of his words.



Jǝs Jāmz
Jǝs Jāmz
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