Jonathan Cavier – Blue Room

Jonathan Cavier – Blue Room


Jonathan Cavier’s songwriting prowess continues to grow at an exponential rate and his latest single “Blue Room” attests to the significant strides he’s made since his most recent album release. His solo career thus far has been characterized by his talent for crafting and producing top shelf adult-oriented pop with genuine gravitas but “Blue Room” finds him moving in an unexpectedly rugged and guitar-oriented direction with tremendous success. Cavier’s voice finds its footing in this sort of environment with no apparent problems or fumbling and the performance resounds with natural gravitas that listeners of his solo work to this point may not expect. The increased focus on guitar doesn’t diminish or alter his songwriting in an appreciable way – there’s still the same sureness of construction and lyrical excellence that exceeds common expectations from this sort of material. He’s a long way from the pop musings of his earlier project EyeTalk and the superb performance he turns in with this song strongly hints Cavier is not content to rest in one spot but remains restless, exploring and testing the boundaries of his talent.

The power of this song doesn’t just come from its guitar and drums. Cavier’s vocal, working in concert with these instruments, complements them well and bristles with impassioned intensity. There’s a lot of musicality, as well, in his approach. Cavier lives every line of the song and takes a varied approach to the lyrics that makes this every bit as much of a journey for the listener as it is for him. He mixes up the approach in some interesting ways and, particularly during the choruses, approaches many of the repetitions with a different emotional tenor each time out. It helps his efforts immensely that he has such a high quality lyric to work with. The writing is on point throughout and Cavier wisely avoids ever laying it on too thick for his listeners. The use of imagery is pinpoint and appropriate, but there’s enough generality in the song that any listener will be able to arrive at their own meanings for the song.

The guitar definitely has a rugged disposition, but don’t mistake these words to mean that “Blue Room” is some sort of hard rock or heavy metal monolith in the offing.. It definitely has a rough and tumble feel however and excellent lead breaks that act as emotional high points and exclamation points emphasizing the emotion driving this song. Cavier’s singing more than keeps up with the guitar and makes an equally nice tandem with the muscular and viscerally recorded drumming that keeps a steady pulse for the track. Jonathan Cavier’s “Blue Room” is everything an album’s title song should be and more. It makes a definitive lyrical and musical statement while highlighting the vocalist’s commitment in the best possible light. This is an excellent introduction to his newest album and, for newcomers, a bracing glimpse into Jonathan Cavier’s passion and skill.


Lance Wright