Jupiter Cannons: Nobody Cages Me Presents​- ​Jupiter Cannons Vol. 1

jupiter-cannons-reviewJupiter Cannons is a rock artist who puts his hands to work creating pieces that let the guitar has a voice all its own on “Nobody Cages Me Presents​-​Jupiter Cannons Vol. 1.” “Plain Talk” starts things off and the monologue makes you feel like you’re about to go on a theme park ride. It’s kind of scary just because rides with warning always are. The rest of the album plays like a trip through the ’70s with rock and roll at the helm of your boat. From the groove of “Stroll of Soul” to the beat of “Little Miss Payback,” Jupiter Cannons covers all the bases and hits things out of the park for instrumentalists out there. “The Godfather Suite” gets a little sensual while “Procession of Pharaohs” keeps things moving nice and slow. If you’re a fan of music that’s pure rock and has none of those distracting things like lyrical content, then Jupiter Cannons is for you. So check out. “Nobody Cages Me Presents​-​Jupiter Cannons Vol. 1.” (http://jupitercannons.bandcamp.com/album/nobody-cages-me-presents-jupiter-cannons-vol-1)

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