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A Musical Journey Awaits With James Gruft

New Single, “Love Me Now” Ready For Playlists Everywhere


Chicago, Illinois – October 6, 2020 – Those in need of a musical house call, never fear because James Gruft is here with his 2020 release, ‘It Is the Journey,’ and the newest single, “Love Me Now.”

Backed by The Giving Tree Band, James Gruft put his best foot forward when it came time to write and record ‘It Is the Journey.’ Released right as the world was shifting earlier this year, this album is 10-tracks deep and recommended for fans of rock music that is more on par with fans of Bob Dylan and the Eagles. Songs like “Away With Me” deliver liveliness while “Toss Your Dreams” showcases the lyrical prowess found within the confines of this record. It’s a song that has a high level of heart, much like Gruft’s lead sing

David Jackson Proves “It’s A Wonderful Life (At Christmas Time)” With New Single 

New Holiday Music Available Now 


Leicester, England – October 8, 2020 – If there is one thing many can agree on it is that the holidays never fail to lift one’s spirits. Togetherness, kindness, and joyous occasions around the globe are how the world ends every year, and the icing on the cake is Christmas. That is why audiences can’t seem to get enough of holiday music. So to celebrate all things that coincide with December 25th, singer-songwriter David Jackson has penned what is sure to be the next great holiday classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life (at Christmas Time).” 

The UK-based singer-songwriter wanted to capture a myriad of elements in his latest single, “It’s a Wonderful Life (at Christmas Time).” He notes, “I wrote and recorded about the things we most associate with Christmas;

Ramon “Ray” Claveria Teams Up With Old Friend For Texas Louisiana Border

‘Full Circle’ Out Now, Christmas Album Out Soon 


Corpus Christi, Texas – September 25, 2020 – Some say when a friendship has a solid enough foundation, that time is never an issue when it comes to keeping their connection. Just ask Ramon “Ray” Claveria and his friend of 50 years, Tim Weller. Teaming up after 35 years apart, they have one album out now and another expected out around the holidays. 

Claveria and Weller met just as disco was starting to take over the world. It was 1970 and the pair performed together for a handful of years and even started the band A Bright Tomorrow. However, they decided to part ways but always kept in touch. 15 years after their initial meeting, Weller was busy rounding out his new band, Moe Betta, and reached out to Claveria to take part. That time the ride

Singer-Songwriter Delivers Two Distinct Styles Spartacus Jones 

New Music Available Now 


Ithaca, New York – September 25, 2020 – Everyone has multiple sides to who they are. For example, singer-songwriter Spartacus Jones isn’t just someone who specializes in Jazz Noir. Oh no, with this talented musician, fans also get a large dose of Renegade Country music. While his styles fall on opposite sides of the spectrum, he finds a way to make them each work in their own way. 

Spartacus Jones compares the two styles to being one-jacks; the Jack of Spades being the Jazz Noir, and the Jack of Hearts representing his Renegade Country style. With songs like “Old School” there is an untouched level of class, while “Chansons de geste” advocates for liberty and justice. This Chicago-born artist isn’t just about writing about making a difference in this world, he’

Larry Greene Lightens His Rock With Latin Flavors 

New Single Available Now 


Los Angeles, California – September 23, 2020 – Our heritage shapes how we move through life, whether we notice it or not. For Larry Greene, being part Dominican has meant a lot to him and it is something he wanted to incorporate into his art, his music. Which he has done with his latest love song release, “Back To When You Loved Me.” 

“Back To When You Loved Me” has pure energy throughout. From the press of play Larry Greene’s voice travels over the uptempo arrangement as he implements his Latin flavor into every nook and cranny of his latest single. We often think of love songs as slow ballads with boisterous, booming deliveries – which are great – but it’s nice to hear something stray from the expected; the norm. 


Tara Kye Pushes Towards The Future With New Music 

Two New Pop Singles Available Now 


Chilliwack, Canada – July 7, 2020 – Being boxed in has never suited Tara Kye, she’s always been driven to think outside of the norm but with a larger than life approach to the world – she often found herself needing a tether to the real world. That’s where John Dean comes into play. They’ve been friends well over 20 years and when it comes to creating music, they are the ultimate yin and yang. With one album out now, Tara Kye came into 2020 ready to create more, and with John Dean by her side, the two worked on and released two new singles, available now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

“Beth” showcases a heartfelt vocal performance from Tara Kye, while “Put Down Your Phone” delivers pop sass like no other. In a world where we are all glued to the rectangular communication devi

Robert McKay Delivers Variety With ‘Brand New Old School’

New Adult Contemporary Album Available Now 


Victoria, Texas – July 1, 2020 – When it comes to packing all one can into an album, Robert McKay did just that. Writing every song on ‘Brand New Old School’ but the wonderful cover of “You Are My Sunshine,” he brings about a myriad of genres to the table. ‘Brand New Old School’ is available now on all major music and streaming sites. 

As soon as one hits play on ‘Brand New Old School’ they’re welcomed by the warm embrace of “Would That Love.” Starting with a beautiful Americana feel fans of bands like The Avett Brothers would find themselves attached to. While songs like that offer an upbeat vibe, “One More Conversation” gives way to a more heartfelt performance. There is a lot of balance found within the confines of this record th