Artist Payroll Introduces New Afrobeats

New Music Is A Journey Into Memory

Saint Albans, Queens – July 17, 2020 – Afrobeat artist Payroll is showing listeners that music is his best friend with the release of a new song. Payroll’s song “Jo” is a relatable beat, taking real life and putting it into song. They are an introduction to Payroll’s mind and heart.

“Jo” is the feature track on Payroll’s album release. The song “Jo” was inspired by Payroll’s friend that believed money is the only way to win love. The lyrics will strike a chord with the audience. The song’s beats are also perfect for dancing. Payroll wants listeners to turn it up, and start dancing. Each song is based on Payroll’s memory, taking experiences from his real life and channeling them into music.

Payroll, real name Adeleke Owolade, was

Cecils’ New Song Brings Unity And Love To Listeners

The Heart Of Black Lives Matter Is In This New Single

Spring City, PA – July 1, 2020 – Singer/Songwriter Cecils’ new musical release focuses on bringing love and unity to the Black Lives Matter movement. The song is named “Black Lives” and it is a powerful, emotional journey for listeners.

The smooth beats and hopeful lyrics are at the center of “Black Lives.” Cecils’ vocal and composing talents take listeners into the heart of this powerful movement. Cecils states his song is “challenging and channeling the world to unity and respect for one another, not minding the color of your skin or the language you speak. We Are One, We Are human, We All Need Love.”

Nigerian born Cecils began his music career as a choirmaster. Cecils released his firs

Sean Dampte Brings The Heat and “Energy” With New Single

Nigerian Afrobeat Artist Pops with New Release September 27, 2019


London, England – September 18, 2019 – Serving up Afrobeat on new levels, Sean Dampte has been repping his Nigerian roots since the start of his career with his African meets pop sounds that have sent waves through the industry. With more than a dozen releases in 2019 alone, he’s adding another to the cascade of hits with his latest single, “Energy,” out September 27, 2019.

“Energy” follows the longstanding tradition Sean Dampte has when it comes to going above and beyond what those around him are doing. His 13th single of 2019, “Energy” will help round out Sean Dampte’s stunning 2019 with the help of his last single of the year, “Happiness.” With this release fans and critics alike continue to rush towards Sean’s glowing light. The Nigerian Tribune noted of his “Energy”