Ron Whitemyer Brings A Spectrum of Sound To Listeners

Latest Single Will Wow Alternative Rock Fans

Grand Rapids, Michigan – October 1, 2020 – Musician Ron Whitemyer is drumming up excitement for the release of new music coming soon. “Color Blind” is gearing up to be the next alternative hit.

“Color Blind” will feature the edgy rock melodies skillfully composed by Ron. The music is backed up by the immense vocals of Ron Whitemyer. Ron’s hard work clearly pays off with this new single. “Color Blind” is set for release on October 9th on streaming platforms.

Ron Whitemyer has collaborated with Grammy Award-winning producer Dave Carlock (Pink, Eric Clapton, Blink 182). The experience has taught Ron Whitemyer the value of good talent and production. Whitemyer’s song “She Gives” was featured on WGRD’s Bootleg 2K2 CD alongside The Verve Pipe, 30 Seconds to Mars, Butch Walker Bowling for Soup, and Dishwalla.

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Don Fenimore Release High Quality Alternative Rock To Fans

Latest Single Is Authentic And Powerful

Toms River, NJ – September 28, 2020 – Recording artist Don Fenimore is showcasing his years of musical talent with the release of a new single. “Stepping Stones” is the next single to add to any playlist to rock on all day.

“Stepping Stones” features the epic guitar playing of Don Fenimore as well as the piano. The rocking melodies are supported by the lively vocals of Don. The music also features the talents of the co-producer/Musician John Mulrenan and Scott McMurray of Boothill Express on backing vocals. Fans of alternative music will be hitting repeat on “Stepping Stones.” The single is available on streaming platforms.

Don Fenimore is the musical genius of the Jersey Shore. Don learned to sing under the famous vocal coach Don Lawrence. He was also a co-founding member in several popular Tri-state area bands including, Chase Her, Gypsy Sun, and

Dany L Blackburn Is Breaking Barriers In Alternative Rock

New Singles Will Blow Away Audiences

Bellflower, California – September 25, 2020-  Dany L Blackburn is showing her power as a composer, producer, and musician with the release of the latest rocking singles. “Ride the Wave” and “Get You Through” showcase Dany’s amazing talents as an artist.

“Ride the Wave” and “Get You Through” draw from the depths of Dany’s talent and creativity. Each track is made from scratch, meaning all sound heard in production is original and not made from premade recordings. The songs feature hardcore alternative melodies with Dany’s emotional lyrics. These songs are breaking the barrier in a male-dominated music genre. Both songs are available on streaming platforms.

Dany L Blackburn comes from a strong musical background. Her father was a famed musician, and Dany began her musical path at a young age. She started playing the piano at age

A Ku Stik Roqucer Excites With Orchestral Alternative Rock

New Album Promises A Rock Symphony 

Norfolk, United Kingdom – September 11, 2020 – UK artist A Ku Stik Roqucer, aka Rowlie, is exciting fans with a global release of his latest alternative rock album.  “‘No Words No Title” is an extraordinary musical journey for listeners.

‘No Words No Title’ was recorded virtually by Rowlie, the lead musician. The tracks have the alternative edge that fans love with the blast of the symphony that will have fans hanging on to their seats. Each song contains powerful brass, lush strings, energetic rhythms, and Orchestral Arrangements. Rowlie’s talent is present in each note, taking listeners on a mind-bending musical journey.

Rowlie has played the  French Horn and Piano since his pre-teen years. At university, he studied French horn and tune percussion. Rowlie has an eclectic mix of musical influences, ranging from Tchaikovsky to David Bowie, that has i

Richard Halevy Releases An Alternative Masterpiece

New Album Will Have Fans Rocking Out

Sparta, New Jersey – August 10, 2020 – Alternative artist Richard Halevy is excited for fans to check out his new album. “Who I See” will have listeners experiencing a musical journey as they add it to their playlist.

“Who I See” is the perfect mix of edgy and indie-pop songs that will keep music lovers interested. The album was written, recorded, and produced over the course of five years in the singer’s dorm room. People will relate the lyrics, as they document the personal growth of the artist. The quarantine allowed Richard to finish the album and it was released on July 31, 2020. It is available on digital platforms. 

Richard Halevy graduated from Villanova University with a business degree, but his true love is music. He began teaching himse