Tersia Rian Brings The American Spirit Home To Fans

Latest Song Is A Unique Blend Of Americana Folk, Country, And Christianity

Utica, NY – October 5, 2020 – Talented artist xenia williams dba Tersia Rian is releasing a hit new song that taps into her feelings about America. “American Spirit Song” explores the theme of redemption and hope for the USA.

This “American Spirit Song “, not to be confused with Thomas Rhett’s heartfelt song of a similar name, offers listeners powerful lyrics that tell a story of America’s trials, but also its hope for redeeming itself. xenia williams dba Tersa Rian’s outstanding lyrics will have listeners feeling the impact of the song. Throughout the track, the audience can hear xenia williams dba Tersa Rian’s skillful guitar playing. Her style of music can be described as ByzanFolk and Americana Christianity. This “American Spirit Song” will soon be available online through CD Baby, but is currently available fo

Introducing Musical Poet Patti Rain

Critical | Meaningful | Transformative.


Chicago, Illinois – Tuesday, October 7, 2019 – Patti Rain is a conjugated artist working across poetics. Rain’s album Six Days At The Mouse House grabs and delights the listener with its bright and authentic demeanor that speaks truth to power.

Chicago’s Patti Rain is an award winning artist and art educator working across poetics creating work that is fresh and genuine. As a teaching artist, she moves center stage to teach the world through music. She was educated in the arts at the University of California Berkeley and holds two advanced degrees from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a Master in Art Education and a Master of Fine Arts.

“Patti was the perfect complement to Leon Russell, her music, her message, and her style.” – The Mayne Stage concert promoter after Patti Rain opened for Leon Russell at two sold out nights at Chicago’s

G.B. Lamb Presents His Debut Album ‘Beyond Repair’

New Americana-Folk Album Out Now


Valley Glen, CA – August 14, 2019 – Driven by lyrics, G.B. Lamb is an original singer-songwriter from California who may’ve dropped his debut album, Beyond Repair, later in life but he’s ready to make every second of it count from here on out.

Beyond Repair features 10 jam-packed songs that showcase what a telling lyricist and storyteller G.B. Lamb is. From “Gentleman Jack” kicking it off to “Last Safe Place (I Called Home)” keeping things going in the middle to “(Just Enough) Perfect Moments” acting as the anchor, every track does its part to keep the momentum going. As does his way with words. G.B. Lamb pulled from all facets of his life to construct this album. Whether it was his childhood in Illinois or finding solace in the bottle after a heartbreak. His honesty is what grounds the album and i

Jack Woodson Presents ‘Here And Now’

Soul Moving Americana Rock Album Out Now


Opelousas, Louisiana – August 13, 2019 – Honest storytelling at its best, Jack Woodson’s Here and Now is reminiscent to the days when singer-songwriters painted a myriad of pictures with their words that allowed listeners to feel moved in ways that only music could make them feel.

Released in 2018, Here and Now is a record fans of the Beatles and Eagles alike would enjoy. Jack Woodson’s vocals throughout each song are both emotive and captivating as he titulates with everything from the title track to the more edgier tracks like “Old Man Jones” and the toe-tapping ways of “Way Up Here.” What elevates Here and Now is how Jack’s vocals come together with the captivating and beautiful arrangements that bring together both Americana, rock, and heart.

With songs like “You’l