Gianluca Fronda Offers Fans A Lovely Piano Experience

Latest Album Showcases Amazing Compositions

London, England – October 2, 2020 – Pianist and composer Gianluca Fronda is releasing a new classical album full of good vibes. “Back to Life” offers a unique take on the piano and an in-depth exploration of classical and modern music.

“Back to Life” features seven tracks with original piano compositions. Each song not only features Gianluca’s talented playing but showcases new musical harmonies to create something completely different. Gianluca connects the chords and melodies to create uplifting music that touches the soul, making a conceptual artist as well as a composer. The entire album is an unforgettable experience. The album was just released and is available on streaming platforms.

Gianluca Fronda is based in London and states his love for music began at age nine. He learned to play piano by ear and had his first public performance when he w

Gisele A. Costa releases a new solo piece for relaxed listening

Gisele A. Costa releases a new solo piece for relaxed listening

 New classical musical piece available online


 Los Angeles, California – June 27, 2020 – Since her early musical beginning, singing in the choir at St. Dominic’s, Gisele A. Costa knew her path was in creating and sharing music. Gisele’s newest classical piece is the perfect addition to anyone’s playlist. It’s perfect for studying or relaxation.

Gisele’s newest composition is titled “Intertwining the Heart & the Mind.” The song features an uplifting piano melody that will bring peace and joy to both the mind and heart. When Gisele wrote this piece, she was answering the question, “When do you follow your heart? Or do you follow your mind?” The song is available for listening on her YouTube chan

Humnos Logos Music Cures Classical Cravings With Debut 

‘Instrumental Verses 1’ Out Now 


Houston, Texas – June 3, 2020 – On the surface, one may think Humnos Logos Music is all about classical, instrumental sounds but they encompass so much more. Inspired by Scriptures, Humnos Logos Music’s debut, ‘Instrumental Verses 1,’ finds new ways to deliver Christian music by evoking emotion without the use of lyrical content. This classical meets Christian debut features several songs. Five are classical in nature, and the other two are a pair of pop-rock tracks that give this album a modern edge. 

With Humnos meaning song, and Logos meaning “word of God,” Humnos Logos Music has cleverly crafted each song based on a word of God from the Bible throughout this debut. Some songs touch on the famous “Hall of Faith” chapter like “Not Worthy o

Presenting Classical Composer & Pianist Sara Leoncini

New Music Available Now 


Bagnacavallo, Italy – June 3, 2020 – Sara Leoncini was born to play music, literally. She was a child prodigy of sorts as her legs dangled from the piano bench. Over time she eventually stopped playing what was placed in front of her and started to compose her own classical pieces that were reminiscent of Bach with slow melodies, and no useless virtuosity. To date Sara has released three albums, including 2018’s ‘Esercizi Spirituali: Libro II Dell’ombra La Neve, Cantilene,’ and a handful of singles. All of her releases can be found on major music and streaming services including Amazon and Spotify. 

Being completely reliant on the purity of the music, Sara Leoncini evokes so much emotion within her compositions that one could easily place them on a film’s score