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Joshua Cole Campbell’s Newest Song Brings Love Home

Lastest Single Is Country Gold

Cherryville, NC – August 12, 2020 – Country star Joshua Cole Campbell is revealing the whole of his heart the release of his new single. “I Think About Us” will resonate with listeners waiting for love to come home.

“I Think About Us” is a personal story of Joshua wanting to get home to his wife. Joshua spent time in the service and thought about the time away from his family. The emotional lyrics of the song focus on anyone doing what they must to support their families. The song’s music is powerful and will enter the hearts for listeners who are away from their loved ones.

Joshua Cole Campbell’s musical upbringing is rooted in his southern heritage and Christian upbringing. His love of music has been a life long passion and he began writing songs whe

TJ Miller Asks “Whatever Happened To Country Music” With Latest Release

New Country Album Available Now 


Las Vegas, Nevada – July 15, 2020 – It may have taken her a lifetime to make her presence known in Country music, but now that she is here – TJ Miller has no plans of going anywhere, anytime soon. Her latest release, ‘Living the Dream’ is available now on all major music and streaming sites. 

Her lead single, “Whatever Happened to Country Music” lets listeners know right away that this isn’t the mainstream pop-influenced Country that has come about in recent years. No, this is true blue, classic Country music that speaks to the soul. 10-tracks deep, TJ Miller presents a cascade of original material with songs such as “Kick Him to the Curb” and “You Can’t Make Someone Love You,” but also pays homage to the late Patsy Cline with a cover of “

Laura Bell-Jack Serves Country Grace On New EP

“Next Year” Out June 27, 2020


Coldstream, United Kingdom – June 23, 2020 – After a trip to Nashville, Laura Bell-Jack is ready to deliver her sophomore release, ‘A Year at a Time,’ due out on all major music and streaming sites soon.

The year was 2019 and UK-based country singer Laura Bell-Jack took the chance to head across the Atlantic to Nashville to work with Artist Service Nashville (ASN). While there she packed her schedule full of photoshoots, video shoots, writing sessions, recording sessions, as well as a performance for a private event during CMA week. All of that hard work resulted in her 2020 EP, ‘A Year at a Time.’ Laura Bell-Jack worked with Bill DiLuigi, Liz Anne Hill, and Bridgette Tatum while in Nashville on four tracks on her EP, but her single “Next Year,” was one she