Introducing The Eclectic Sounds Of Cowboy 

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Newport Beach, California – June 12, 2020 – If there was a cornucopia of sound, Cowboy would be the creator. With styles that range from pop to country to rock and roll, there isn’t anything this Southern California music maker can’t do. With a handful of songs out now and two albums worth waiting to be released, there is no shortage of entertainment coming from Cowboy’s direction. 

While Cowboy dives deep into other genres be it pop or rock, there always seems to be a baseline of Country at the heart of his music. As a storyteller, that is not surprising. It’s also something many of his fans around the world have come to love as four of his singles have been celebrated around the globe thanks to the wonderful world of internet radio. “Show Me You Love Me,” “No F

Average Joe The Only Artist Telling A Real True Country/Hip Hop Story About Everything That Is Going On in Today’s World 1st To Diss 6ix9ine On A Actual Track, Calls Out The Government, And Runs Biden Over With A Bus All While Conveying 2nd Amendment Rights. .

Glendale, AZ, Maricopa — Thursday, May 28th, 2020 — Average Joe is telling it how it is for sure. Most music nowadays is lacking in substance and has no real message. He comes right out and says that he used to be a drug addict. Talks about how the quarantine has effected him “Posted up watching Tiger King on dat dem der Netflix!” This artist has a sense of humor, and also speaks the truth. This is also a very unique sound with a slamming hip hop beat, and a country artist rapping over the top of it! When did country music get Bars, and did a country artist just call out 6ix9ine, and throw the Democratic Party under the bus? People are asking.

This song is an American Anthem and truly promotes the 2nd amendment. Wouldn’t get on this artist’s bad side because he will put it in a song, and tell the world!  He is bringing the truth to light in a very creative way through music with substance. You can immediately listen to Middle Fing

Introducing Country’s Golden Boy Ray Hopper

Two Country Albums Available Now 


Knoxville, Tennessee – April 24, 2020 – Ray Hopper has been a creative soul for as long back as he can remember. Making rock music right before the rise of the Beatles, transitioning into country, and even recording a holiday tune. He’s done it all and then some but the fear of fame and fortune kept him from going on in. Today, he’s two albums deep and while the fame and fo