Chance Gardener Creates An Election Day Hit

Latest Song Inspires Patriotism

Daytona Beach, FL – October 8, 2020 – Country artist Chance Gardener is hoping to encourage voters to hit the polls and inspire patriotism with his latest song. “AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” is a heartfelt plea to remember to be active in changing this nation.

“AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”  features Kurt Mcgilton sharing the vocals with Chance with Sam Collins on bass and James Krembs on drums. Thre is a military drum solo by Jason Castro and Jimmi Soldo on slide guitar. There are backing vocals from Ralph Williams (original singer for The Esquires), Cap’n Andy Seymour, Sam, and Jason. Chance Gardner is also on lead and rhythm guitar. Chance is hoping to encourage listeners to get out and vote to help rebuild America. The song is available on streaming platforms worldwide.

Chance Gardener is a singer-songwriter in Folk/Americana and Blues who performs along or in a band. Chance

Ralph Comfort Brings Back The Soul Of Country With New Single

Artist Releases Music With Old Style Music Feel

Hensley, Arkansas – October 6, 2020 – With a cowboy style, Ralph Comfort brings home old country feelings with his recent single. “It’s My Song For You” taps into the sound that made famous artists such as George Jones and Garth Brooks great.

“It’s My Song For You” was entirely written and composed by Ralph Comfort. His songwriting skills are superb, making his feelings come through clearly on the song. The song is backed by the country music sounds of the piano. The song is available on iTunes and other streaming platforms.

Ralph Comfort is not only an accomplished musician, but he is also an awarded poet. He hopes to make people feel inspired and feel better by listening to his music. Ralph is a registered songwriter with BMI Music and has 13 different tracks on Soundcloud, seven single release on Tunecore, and five videos on youtube.

Singer Songwriter Eileen Carey Gives You Something To Think About With Her New Single


Los Angeles, CA – September 29, 2020 

Sometimes you just have to slam on the brakes in a relationship and choose yourself. On Monday, July 27th, crossover singer-songwriter Eileen Carey will release her highly awaited tenth single “Keep Your Love To Yourself”. The forthcoming indie-pop track depicts a woman moving on from a toxic relationship, explaining she would rather be by herself and happy than to stay.

Carey collaborated with Songwriter Meesha Black and Producer Travis Allen, who co-created her previous single “Finally” that has exceeded 100,00 views on Youtube. “Keep Your Love To Yourself” will be available for streaming on all platforms on July 27th.

At the 2020 New Music Awards, Carey was nominated and won the AC/Hot AC Female Artist of the Year award. She has also won Los Angeles Music Awards Live Country Music Performer in 2017, L

M.Clarice Miller’s Album Is Full of Country Heart

Self-Produced Album Is A Must-Have For Music Lovers

Winston-Salem, NC – September 8, 2020 – Country and R&B music artist M.Clarice Miller is offering fans a genuine, soulful country experience with the release of her latest album. “Looking Glass” is a unique combination of country and R&B sounds that will delight listeners.

“Looking Glass” is a self-produced album instilled with the talents of M.Clarice Miller. Her powerful voice and heartfelt lyrics appeal to the heart of listeners. The album crosses genres to create a unique musical experience. M.Clarice gives something to fans of both country and R&B music. The album is set for release on September 30, 2020. It will be available on streaming platforms.

M.Clarice Miller is a talented artist who loves to experiment with crossing genres. M.Clarice has been singing for most of her life. She has lifted her voice in the church choir, the cho

Nashville Songwriter Releases Country Self-Help Digital Single

-Nashville, TN- July 30, 2020- “Change Your Thinking,” a country/rock “self-help” record, has been released by Nashville songwriter Raleigh Squires, who describes it as an effort to deliver a positive spiritual message to people struggling with life issues like alcohol/drug addictions and mental health problems like anxiety and depression.

Squires believes the song, an up-tempo, rocking music track with country instrumentation from some of Nashville’s best country players and “very positive, hopefully, mind- changing” lyrics, could help people suffering from any cause of anxiety or depression turn their lives around.”

“I’ve had close family members dealing with serious drug and alcohol addictions–and all of us deal with anxiety and depression at some point,” Squires said, “I believe we get caught up in life and spend most of our thinking reacting in a negative way to what we see as negative events in our lives not realizing how much power

Introducing The Eclectic Sounds Of Cowboy 

New Music Available Now


Newport Beach, California – June 12, 2020 – If there was a cornucopia of sound, Cowboy would be the creator. With styles that range from pop to country to rock and roll, there isn’t anything this Southern California music maker can’t do. With a handful of songs out now and two albums worth waiting to be released, there is no shortage of entertainment coming from Cowboy’s direction. 

While Cowboy dives deep into other genres be it pop or rock, there always seems to be a baseline of Country at the heart of his music. As a storyteller, that is not surprising. It’s also something many of his fans around the world have come to love as four of his singles have been celebrated around the globe thanks to the wonderful world of internet radio. “Show Me You Love Me,” “No F

Average Joe The Only Artist Telling A Real True Country/Hip Hop Story About Everything That Is Going On in Today’s World 1st To Diss 6ix9ine On A Actual Track, Calls Out The Government, And Runs Biden Over With A Bus All While Conveying 2nd Amendment Rights. .

Glendale, AZ, Maricopa — Thursday, May 28th, 2020 — Average Joe is telling it how it is for sure. Most music nowadays is lacking in substance and has no real message. He comes right out and says that he used to be a drug addict. Talks about how the quarantine has effected him “Posted up watching Tiger King on dat dem der Netflix!” This artist has a sense of humor, and also speaks the truth. This is also a very unique sound with a slamming hip hop beat, and a country artist rapping over the top of it! When did country music get Bars, and did a country artist just call out 6ix9ine, and throw the Democratic Party under the bus? People are asking.

This song is an American Anthem and truly promotes the 2nd amendment. Wouldn’t get on this artist’s bad side because he will put it in a song, and tell the world!  He is bringing the truth to light in a very creative way through music with substance. You can immediately listen to Middle Fing