Ted Parks and the Busted Bones Deliver A True Treat With “Halloween Monster Blues”

The Perfect Song for Halloween Playlists Available Now


Denver, Colorado – November 13, 2019 – When it comes to signature holiday music, winter holidays have a variety to choose from…but Halloween? It’s the same few songs we all hear every year on a loop from September through the end of October. Not anymore though, thanks to Ted Parks and the Busted Bones and their new release: “Halloween Monster Blues.”

“Halloween Monster Blues” marries humor and the twang of Country music to create a fun song perfect for a time of year when we’re all in the mood to dress up, cut loose and get into a little mischief! A time of year when the leaves have changed, the parties are aplenty, and now, with Ted Parks and the Busted Bones, the playlists are more well-rounded. It made some waves with a handful of independent and college radio stations in 2019, and the ‘Bones are hoping to have more

Bryan Worth Announces New EP ‘Finders Keepers’

New Album Out November 2019


Plano, Texas – October 10, 2019 – Bryan Worth and his band The Under Dogs promise a dose of raw Country energy when it comes to the new EP, due out in early November.

With Country music always evolving, it’s easy for an artist to stick with one in particular but not Bryan Worth. A singer-songwriter with over two decades of music running through him, he came up with a love of Southern Rock and lives to intertwine that with the traditional sounds Country fans are used to. Always intentional with what he does, Bryan Worth delivered a wonderfully crafted album in 2018. Zero Miles to Empty helped set the foundation but he plans on erecting the walls with November 2019’s Finders Keepers.

Alongside Bryan Worth in all this is his band, The Under Dogs. With a variety of musicians at the helm, it was always clear that the overall sound an aesthetic of their signatu

“Welcome Mat” by Roger Brantley is an awesome track; it streams with smooth and calm acoustics but delivers a powerful punch with an intense message.

Shreveport, Louisiana — Saturday, October 5th, 2019 — Roger Brantley is a songwriter from Shreveport, Louisiana who has used his passion and creativity to write a song inspired by his hate for all the unnecessary violence in America.  “Welcome Mat’ has calm, smooth acoustics but packs a powerful message that will touch the hearts of all the listeners.

Disturbed by the concept that someone has to turn to violence and bloodshed because of not being satisfied with their present circumstances,  Roger has used his artistry to get his own thought-provoking message out to the public. ‘Welcome Mat’ is now available on all platforms such as Itunes, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

Thousands have listened and enjoyed Roger’s new song. Teachers have especially appreciated the attention that this song gives towards the dangers the students and teachers face daily just by attending school. The words in this song are written with

Introducing Talented Country Songwriter and Composer Michael Hutsell

New Music Out Now


Prairie Grove, Arkansas – August 21, 2019 – Playing since he was just a kid, Michael Hutsell has always been a songbird. Writing and recording in his home studio, this DIY country dynamo is ready for the world to see what he can do.

Taking pieces of his life, Michael Hutsell writes not only from the heart but from his experiences, past relationships, and his hopes for the future when it comes to love. Listeners can hear the passion and skill he puts into his music in songs such as “I Don’t Need You Anyway,” “When I Said Goodbye,” “Been Here Before.” Those are just a few of the 15 or so songs that Michael Hutsell has written and composed over the past three years in his home studio down in Arkansas.

Along with writing every word, Michael also prides himself on his way around an instrument. He plays several and can handle ev

New Jeff Paladino Album Out Soon

New Single, “Break to a Breakup,” Out February 15th

Columbus, Ohio – February 12, 2019 – 2018 marked Jeff Paladino’s return to music with the release of Back in the Fight. Both the album and the single set out to not only as his comeback, but also a very grand good deed. Now he’s back to announce the relea

Small Town Male Vocalist Headed For Higher Ground!

Canton, Texas — Tuesday, August 20th, 2019 — As young children, one is often told that dreams do come true and to never give up. Well, that’s exactly what male vocalist, Landon Broyles is doing, not giving up and chasing his dreams!

Born and raised in East Texas, Landon Broyles is someone you want to pay attention to. He started out as an early age learning what the music business was all about from his Grandfather, who was signed with the multi-talented Mr. Bart Barton, or as many referred to him as, “The General”. Landon has worked hard acting not just as an artist, but also a self-promoter. He is currently releasing his first-ever single, “Broken Hearted Memory”, that is sure to capture the hearts of country music fans nationwide bringing the old country music style back to life!

“I love the feeling I get from a crowd and knowing that it was my music that puts a smile on their faces, I cannot wait to see what the future hold