The GLG Band Delivers Inspirational Country

Acoustic Meets Electric and Marries it with Country

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Hawick, Roxburghshire, United Kingdom – August 14, 2019Every band has their own unique origin story, and The GLG Band is no different. If an article wasn’t written about George L. Goodfellow after he joined the Tennessee Songwriters Association in America, then Jim McParland wouldn’t have noticed him and reached out. From there they worked with Steve Patrick, Garry Johnstone, and Kevin Jackson. Every step of the way for The GLG Band has been one chance encounter after another, but without each member, there wouldn’t be this beautiful, thought-provoking Country music for fans to take in and enjoy.

Together George Goodfellow and The GLG Band have written and recorded half a dozen albums to date, including their latest, A Handful of Diamonds. Released at thirteen years after their debu

Military Veteran Turned Country Singer Jimmy Loftis Drops Debut Release

Jimmy Loftis Covers Travis Tritt’s “Anymore”


Irmo, South Carolina – August 14, 2019 – Anyone who has served in the Army and done tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan isn’t afraid to take chances. That is why after receiving high praise following his singing of the National Anthem for the troops while serving, Jimmy Loftis decided to take another chance in his life and pursue music. Fast forward eight years to today and he’s coming out strong with his first release, a remake of Travis Tritt’s “Anymore.”

Sticking with a classic country sound, Jimmy Loftis’ vocals do all of the work. Strong enough to reign in the cattle yet tender enough to hold a newborn, Jimmy’s vocals sail through the air from the speakers to the ears of listeners both near and far. Overseas he found solace in the likes of Garth Brooks, Luke Combs, and Travis Tri

Country Music Veteran Stevie Lee Woods Releases New Hit Single “Go Home and Get Lonely Tonight”

Branson, Missouri, Taney County — Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019 — Country Music Veteran Stevie Lee Woods, does it again with his hit record, “Go Home and Get Lonely Tonight” now at Radio. A fun record that gives options to the listener of things
you Could do, but not necessarily what you Should do.

Krazytown Records Recording Artist Stevie Lee Woods gives a new meaning to the phrase High Energy with his new single release “Go Home and Get Lonely Tonight” from his EP California Girls have Gone Country. Over Stevie’s career, he has recorded 4 studio albums, charted 16 singles and topped the Cash Box Country charts with a Number 1. “Go Home and Get Lonely Tonight,” his new single written by famed Tunesmith Pat McManus, Rich Alves (Pirates of the Mississippi)  John Colgin, and Stevie are sure to be a winner.

“This record is so much fun

The Sins Country Release Third Studio Album ‘Nowhere Oklahoma’

On Tour Now

Nashville, Tennessee – May 2, 2019 – The Country world has been rocked before by husband and wife pairings in the past with Garth and Trisha, and even Faith and Tim, but The Sins Country are more than a couple of songs. Kristen Welch and Joe Sins are a bonafide duo working together through and through. Showcasing their beautiful Country partnership on their third studio release, Nowhere Oklahoma.

A new EP for Country fans near and far, Nowhere Oklahoma features half a dozen stellar tracks. To the striking title track to Kristen’s powerhouse performance in “You Own Me,” every track delivers more than the last. By the end, fans will be yearning for more. Which they can get with The Sins Country’s previous records, and out on tour. They’ll be playing in Tennessee and Montana from now throughout the fall. Check her

Jason Scot Delivers A Bonafide Country Hit With ‘Don’t Go’

New Album Out Now


Quartz Hill, California – July 25, 2019 – After some time spent in the heart of Country music, Jason Scot is back home in California and ready for the world to hear what he and a handful of other talented individuals worked on, his 2019 current release, Don’t Go.

Don’t Go is 10-tracks deep of well-made Country music fans can sink their teeth into. Songs like “Mama’s Got a Cowboy” definitely get the party started like Kenny Chesney, but it’s those heartfelt, tender moments found on “Don’t Go,” “Hope” and “Love of a Lifetime” that grab listeners in an instant. All of that said, his most endearing track comes in right at the end. “Me and My Brothers” was penned by Cliff Downs, Seven Williams of W


Independence, Louisiana, — Thursday, June 20th, 2019 — Independence, Louisiana (June 7, 2019) — Russell McLain may no longer be accepting bookings or touring the nightclub scene anymore but that hasn’t stopped the well-versed musician from recording and creating new music. The singer/songwriter/indie recording artist has released his latest single and title track from his upcoming album ‘My Turn to Cry

Penned by Kevin Reardon and Stanfield Major of Raghat Music Publishing jazz-pop ballad with country overtones and a complex melody. The lyrics describe the singer’s state of bemusement at the singer’s own helpless love for the object of his affection.

“At the point and time in my life when I discovered this song, I was going through a lot of heartaches.  I just lost the love of my life and I realized it was because of my selfish ways. It’s almost as if Kevin Reardon and Stanfield Maj

Nice Guy Johnny Present ‘A Is for America’

New EP Out Now


Andover, New Jersey – July 16, 2019 – The trio behind Nice Guy Johnny celebrated America’s birthday with the best possible homage, they dropped a new EP. A Is for America features a handful of tracks that deliver a darker take on Americana. Like the musical love child of the late, great Johnny Cash and Florida Georgia Line, Nice Guy Johnny brings their A-game with this release.

This record has been a long time coming. The lead single, “Highway 95” was released a year ago and in those 365 days, it has garnered over 70,000 streams on Spotify to date. Country fans out there must’ve been yearning for a little of the past when music was pure and the lyrics were as clever as Bob Hope. Which are exactly the elements to which A Is for America stand tall on; purity and cleverness. Each track brings those to the forefront as their title tra

New Country Artist Toni Clare Drops Debut Album

Country Home Out Now


Aroda, Virginia – July 11, 2019 – At 17-years-old Toni Clare has shown impressive strides in her career so far. Working with some of the best and most notable in the industry on her debut album, Country Home, she’s well on her way to being a Country music mainstay.

Country Home showcases not only Toni Clare’s pristine vocal abilities but her remarkable talent that shines when she has a guitar in her hand. Delivering Country with pop undertones, listeners who have Kacey Musgraves as well as Kelsea Ballerini playing on a loop will enjoy what Toni Clare is dishing out on Country Home. Toni Clare didn’t hide her age with this album. While 17-years-old, she showcases high school thematics with a maturity that will garner the attention of both people her age as well as older fans looking to recapture the nostalgia o