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Geinos Hot New Album Is Guaranteed To Make Audiences Move

‘I Want To Do Your Hair’ Available Now 


Portland, Oregon – May 23, 2020 – Geinos is a hairstylist by day and a musician by night. Marrying his two passions, he set out to create a record that breathed life into the dancefloor. Now we’re proud to say he’s done just that with the release of his first studio single remix album ‘I Want To Do Your Hair.’ 

‘I Want To Do Your Hair’ opens with the original in all its glory. Pulsating beats from the press of play invite any and everyone onto the dancefloor as the Right Said Fred-esque vocals proclaim the sentiment, “I Want To Do Your Hair.” It’s one of those songs that you could hear anywhere from the club to the runway as the combination of the beat Geinos vocals give both nightlife and high fashion all at once. The rest of the record fe

Sonic Minds Make Major Moves With ‘Free Your Mind’

New Synthpop Record Available Now 


Lüdenscheid, Germany – April 24, 2020 – Sonic Minds is back and better than ever with their signature synthpop sound with ‘Free Your Mind.’ 

11-tracks deep, ‘Free Your Mind’ captures the essence in which the dynamic duo that make Sonic Minds. Raised on the electronic and dance music of the ‘80s and ‘90s, Sonic Minds takes us back to those times while adding a contemporary feel to tracks like “15 Minutes of Fame,” “Will You Be There,” and “Center Point Boy.” Current and catchy throughout, the hooks that come